Onestar defence (A look into his life) by Indie

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

Indie examines Onestar’s life

TW/CW : This contains a lot of death mentions so if you are sensitive to that please be careful!
I also put Su Susanns things as canon (as I seem most of them as canon)
He is shown once as a kit and never apprentice but we know that his parents are Wrenflight and Stagleap and his older sisters are Ashfoot and Morningflower.

The first time he is shown in the books it is when Windclan had been forced out of their territory. His older sisters had both lost their kits (apart from Gorsekit) and his clan was starving. Some time before this had taken place his mate Whitetail had, had her first litter consisting of Emberfoot and Willowclaw who were both currently apprentices. He befriended both Fireheart and Greystripe on the journey back to Windclan camp.

He is next shown showing Gorsepaw to Fireheart and later helps Fireheart to convince Tallstar to reason with Bluestar to stop her from attacking Windclan without reason. His last full appearance in the first series was him mourning his nephews death along side his sister Morningflower.

Just before Firestar’s Quest he and Whitetail had Drizzlepaw and Rustlepaw. During FQ Ashfoot had her second litter of kits, two of them being stillborn leaving Crowfeather as his only surviving niece/nephew. Soon after his second litter died when the rabbit they shared turned out to be sick.

Just after FQ both his parents end up passing away.

In The New Prophecy his nephew leaves to go on the journey to the sun drown place while his family and clan where becoming thin due to twolegs poisoning rabbits, no cat knew where he went until he came back. Firestar sacrifices his second life to protect him and an unnamed Shadowclan kit. During the jounrey to the lake he is constantly next to Tallstar making sure he is okay. When Tallstar dies and makes him leader he tries to refuse as didn’t think he could be a good leader. He makes Ashfoot his deputy as he doesn’t know who else to appoint. His clan becomes divided and he needs the help of all three of the other clans to show that he is the rightful leader of Windclan.

After that he cuts ties with Thunderclan to prove to his clan he is a strong leader and to all the other clans that Windclan is strong enough to survive alone. Then Crowfeather runs off with Leafpool and returns around half a moon later when Thunderclan is attacked by badgers. Onestar leads Windclan to help Thunderclan survive and to collect Crowfeather.

Some time after this he and Whitetail have their third and final litter consisting of Heathertail, Harespring and Krestrelflight. Nightcloud has Crowfeathers kits, Breezepelt and two unnamed ones and Leafpool has Crowfeathers secret kits Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf.

In Power of three his only main appearance is when Gorsetail’s kits go missing and he accuses Thunderclan of taking them and prepares to attack when Lionpaw, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, Breezepaw and Heatherpaw find them in the tunnels.

In Omen of the Stars he sends his mate along with Sedgewhisker on the journey to find the water. His clan later uses the tunnels to try and drive Sol out of Thunderclan. When Crowfeather is revealed to be the father of the three it causes a lot of distrust in his clan. Later he is shown battling against the Dark Forest. In that battle both of his sisters ended up dying.

In Crowfeather’s Trial he allows the Dark Forest trainees to stay and builds a memorial for the fallen warriors. To try and prove that Windclan could move on from the battle he appoints Harespring as his new deputy showing that if Harespring could prove himself as a loyal deputy that all the other Dark Forest trainees could prove themselves as loyal warriors. He temporarily exiles Crowfeather after he does nothing but fight with him about his beliefs. He was too prideful to accept Bramblestars offer of helping them get rid of the stoats but after some urging from Crowfeather he finally accepts Bramblestar’s offer of help.

In A Vision of Shadows when his secret son Darktail begins tearing down the clans and battling Windclan many times he ends up closing off Windclan from the other clans and refusing to help them. He finally confesses that Darktail is his son to the other clans and apologised for his actions. When his clan participate in another battle against the kin, he and Darktail end up drowning each other. His last appearance is when Alderheart sees him young and strong again in Starclan.

I’ve always liked Onestar as a character so I don’t see where all his hate comes from as to me hes always just tried to prove himself to his clan as well as the other ones. People like to just say that he randomly changed but don’t think about why he had to become so stern.

Half his clan and lots of cats from the other clans tried to kill him so Mudclaw could become leader even though he was the rightful leader. After the battle finished he still had to prove himself so he cut ties with Firestar as he believed it made him look weak to continue needing help from him.

Also Crowfeathers rivalry with him had helped him become stern due to the fact that he had just regained the trust of his clan and then it was divided due to him being the father of the three.

Then after gaining their trust again it was ripped away when Darktail became a threat. Only after his death did Windclan realise he was a good leader that was just doing what he thought was the best for his clanmates.

He also had so many family members die around the same time (Both his brother in laws, his four nephews and two nieces, his son and daughter, and his parents) (They all died in the first series)

I feel like he is greatly misunderstood because people don’t look deeper into his life.

What are your thoughts on him?

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  • If I only read the first series I love Onewhisker, and I can get he had to have a big front like a old west town on a saloon. Doesn’t mean I don’t think he was a mouse-brain. For rejecting Firestar, but honestly he learned that Behavior from Tallstar, Tallstar was like “Firestar my adopted son!” Then windclan got all offended cuz Thunderclan had Brokentail. So I’m content to find both Tallstar & Onewhisker as friends who are your friends as long as you have coins to hand over. And forget you as soon as you don’t hand over your coins.

    I’d like to see how they all hang out in starclan in depth, then I could be more forgiving. But of what little I remember seeing, they weren’t buddies.

    I can get going through grief, but legit everyone in the clans sees cats die left in right.

    I enjoyed seeing the information you collected almost convinced me!

    • Traumatic events can change a person, and I know it because I have my own life’s experiences that traumatized me to the point that I changed.

  • I absolutely DESPISED Onestar, but your article sees him through a whole new light, and now I just think of him as misunderstood. Awesome job!

  • I still hate him… (your opinion matters though)

    He didn’t give the herbs for Yellowcough, innocent cats DIED because of his selfishness. Shadowclan almost went EXTINCT. He attacked Thunderclan for no good reason and all four of the clans resulted with wounded and possibly dead cats. Darktail was helped created by him, but instead of fixing the problem, he avoids it. Riverclan and Shadowclan pay the price. Sure it’s fine with trying to prove independence, but he went way too far. I honestly believe that he deserves to temporarily be in the Dark Forest for a year or something. Or at least be shunned by Tallstar.

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