Why I Love Blackstar by Speckledpaw

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Speckledpaw explains why they like Blackstar so much

Blackstar is definitely one of my favorite leaders, and shadowclan cats. I feel like Blackstar does not get the popularity he deserved, which is kind of because even though we get a novella, we still don’t get that much about Blackstar. First of all, his novella Blackstar’s Reckoning (I think) is relatively new. If you’re judging Blackstar without reading his novella…Bruh. That’s wrong. Warriors Choice offered us so many good stories, Daisy (A better look at her awesome character) Spotfur (A cat we barely knew, became my fave she-cat) and lastly, Blackstar. Of all the cats I think he had to make some of the toughest choices. Blackstar’s timeline starts before Rusty becomes Firepaw. He was born in the forest near Brokenstar’s childhood. When first introduced, (A full grown warrior) during TPB he was classic strong, big, bad and kind of evil. He was depicted as evil because the Shadowclan at the time was like the evil clan. It’s wrong to assume he stayed evil. A little hostile maybe, but not evil. His novella definelly proves that. He made some bad choices, like killing Stonefur, and stealing those ThunderClan kits. But… I can’t help but feel for him, you know? I liked how he was kind to Brokenkit. The whole clan knew that he was a little odd and treated him like dirt. I mean this was before he even left the nursery. I know from analyzing that Brokenstar was one bad seed, and there might have been nothing to change that. But treating someone badly isn’t gonna help them. Yelling and scolding Brokenkit wasn’t going to make him better. But offering kindness might. Again, he didn’t change, but Blackstar felt sympathy for the kit which changed a whole lot. He was constantly feeling remorse throughout the book, for every mistake he made he felt an overwhelming amount of shame. There is good in his heart, I know it. Personally I felt it very stupid that Blackstar had to particpate in these trial like memory refreshers to recive his nine lives. You might say that Blackstar was kind of a bad cat and deserved a bit of punishment to remind him to make better choices. Get this, why did starclan practically touture Blackstar by forcing him to relive his worst memories, and allow Tigerstar Senior and Brokenstar receive there free of charges? At the point Tigerstar senior had already committed murder, as did Brokenstar. I hate Starclan so much because of that. They forced him to shame and to think that he was a horrible cat. Lastly, If Blackstar hadn’t killed Stonefur some other cat would have, and Tigerstar probably would have killed Blackstar. Same thing with Badgerkit, I feel like he would have killed Blackstar (Brokenstar would). Would Blackstar’s sacrifices be worth it? Brokenstar would probably kill badgerkit somehow in battle. In the end, I still love Blackstar. Blackstar was the only option and the best option for Shadowclan. What about Sol? Afterall Blackstar got tortured by StarClan, if that had all been a lie, then no more guilt, and no more shame. I’d probably ignore StarClan if they did that to me. That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading! I hope this changes your perspective on Blackstar.

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  • Although BlackStar didn’t deserve to be reminded by StarClan, I still see it as fair. Like you said, he has good in him so it was a reminder not to. However, TigerStar and BrokenStar would never care, and refuse to not murder where BlackStar wouldn’t.

  • I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BLACKSTAR AND I DON’T KNOW WHY THOUGH, AT lEAST I KNOW SOMEBODY ELSE DOES! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT LIKES HIM. (Sorry if you think I shouted. I go like that when I am excited) Another thing is that he has six claws in one of his paws, somethings you could see in A shadow in RiverClan where he kills Stonefur.

  • Totally agree with EVERYTHING that you said. He is my favourite character by far and my oc’s dad. Thank you ☺️ I shall show this to my warriors friends and make them regret ever criticising my boy.

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