Cadvent Day 5

Have you seen the Holiday Countdown at Behind each cat picture, you can find a mix of articles, quizzes, merchandise reveals, exclusive chapters from the Erins, and more.

Most importantly, behind one of the pictures, there is an awkward video greeting from me. I thought it would be fun to wish our readers Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Day 5 of Cadvent. I hope you’re enjoying the season. I haven’t yet had my first mince pie and, in the UK, that’s practically a crime. I may have one this afternoon, before I’m labelled a social outcast and asked to move to Sweden (which I’d rather enjoy since my son lives there now.) Which reminds me, Slothie shared a picture of Swedish saffron buns.

Saffron buns seem to be a staple in Sweden at this time of year. Josh (my son. a.k.a Hazelburrow) has talked of little else since November. (The rest of the year, he talks about cinnamon buns. Buns seem to be big in Sweden. Another reason to go there.)

Let’s get on with the pics.

Todays’ Cadvent art is Frogstorm’s festive purrsona by Frogpaw/storm. Isn’t it wonderful? It encapsulates most beautifully BlogClan’s spirit of the holidays. Thanks, Frogstorm. ☃️🥳

And here is another BlogClan pet! Lilybreeze’s kitty, Cocoa. She’s so sweet. 💖 Thank you, Lilybreeze!

And here are two cute kitty pics found by Vanillapaw/spark and Summercloud. I love holiday art, especially kitty holiday art! Thanks for finding these and sharing them, Vanilla and Summer!

And here is a beautiful photo of a holiday cat, found by Dovestream. 💖🌟 I love it. Thank you so much.

See you tomorrow! ☃️🎄❄️


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