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Snailpaw rates some novellas – what do you think?

I’m going to rank the novellas. If you haven’t read them, spoiler alert, I guess.

Hollyleaf’s Story 8/10
I enjoyed this novella, but it was a little too slow, and some of the chapters felt the same, but definitely the best out of the three in that book.
Mistystar’s Omen 4/10
I like Mistystar and Riverclan, but this novella was boring. For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s pretty much Mistystar being annoyed at Mothwing for 83 pages.
Cloudstar’s Journey 7/10
This was good, I enjoyed reading about why Skyclan was kicked out. Cloudstar was a really interesting character.
Tigerclaw’s Fury 8/10
Don’t have much to say about it, just a good read.
Leafpool’s Wish 10/10
This is probably my favorite novella, and one of my favorite books in the series. It was really well written, and I loved it. Maybe I’m biased though, since it was the first novella I read.
Dovewing’s Silence 9/10
Also really good, felt like the true ending to Omen of the Stars.
Mapleshade’s Vengeance 5/10
Mapleshade scares me. She is a serial killer, and, to me, her actions will never be justified.
Goosefeather’s Curse 6/10
Goosefeather is a really well made character, but his novella is slow. Sorry.
Ravenpaw’s Farewell 10/10
This one was sad, but it was well written. Nothing more to say.
Spottedleaf’s Heart 6/10
I thought this novella was weird, but ok. Then I found out what it was really about! Wow! I won’t go over it, just look up Spottedleaf’s Heart and you’ll understand what I’m talking about
Pinestar’s Choice 8/10
I liked it, a lot of people don’t. Not much else to say.
Thunderstar’s Echo 8/10
This one was sad, but I really enjoyed it. I need more Dawn of the Clans.
Redtail’s Debt 8/10
I definitely could have given this a lower score, but I find it really funny how inaccurate it is.
Tawnypelt’s Clan 7/10
It’s about the tribe… so I don’t think I need to tell you it was slow. There were some good parts though.
Shadowstar’s Life 9/10
More DotC, plus a murder mystery! This one was better than the Thunderstar one, but only by a little bit.
Pebbleshine’s Kits 7/10
This one was slow, but in a good way.
Tree’s Roots 9/10
I liked this, because it’s the only Warriors book (that I can think of) that doesn’t have the clans in it.
Mothwing’s Secret 8/10
Like her father’s, not much to say about it, just a good read.
Blackfoot’s Reckoning 9/10
I loved this background information based novella, it was fun reading about his life in a different way than usual
Daisy’s Kin 8/10
Kind of slow, but overall pretty good
Spotfur’s Rebellion 10/10
I like Spotfur. I also like her novella. Change my mind.

That was easy, I should do this more often. Snailpaw out.

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  • I respect your opinion, but I feel like you could have given Mapleshade’s Vengeance a higher score. Even though Mapleshade supposedly scares you, everyone knows that her actions weren’t necessary. To add to that, Mapleshade’s Vengeance is good and interesting. I really liked it.

    I ALSO disagree that Leafpool’s Wish is THAT good. I mean, it showed how Leafpool kitted and everything, but it was literally only like, 50 pages long. Really short. I didn’t like that. And the last time I read it was a year ago, so in my defence, I don’t really remember the good parts, if there were any. 😛 Anyway, I just feel like this novella deserved a lower rating.

    So that’s it!!!! :DDD (First comment???) I enjoyed your article and stuff!

    • I agree Frostkit, but let me and on, you (Snailpaw) say “Mapleshade scares me. She is a serial killer,-” ok let’s stop there. Those 8 words (yes I counted ;-;) are about half of the rating for Mapleshade’s Vengeance. You only have 2 reasons to give Mapleshade’s Vengeance 5/10. And the other is “her actions will never be justified” and that is it. Both of these are reasons you don’t like Mapleshade alone, you didn’t say a thing about her book. Which leaves me questioning “was it interesting to you?” and “Should I read it?” (I have read Mapleshade’s book this is just what I would say before I read it) but everything else is a realistic rating. Nice job Snailpaw!

    • I reread the Mapleshade novella after writing this article, and it was better than I remember. 7/10.

  • ❄🌊🎄🧑‍🎄🎄🌊❄ Hooray for stickers, tape, markers, and paper, it's time for Christmas-card making! (Streampaw, she/her) says:

    Yes! A lot of the novellas you liked were good. But I just wanted to point out why I don’t like some parts of Leafpool’s Wish, and what I do like.

    1. Hollykit’s relationship with Leafpool is adorable! I don’t ship LeafXCrow, I actually dislike them, but their kits were beautiful.
    2. The stress Leafpool feels to help her kits and Clan at the same time. I don’t like Leafpool that much in tNP, but her concern is cute.
    3. Leafpool and Squirrelflight’s loyalty and love towards one another.

    1. Feathertail and Yellowfang seemed to be like lying, horrible hypocrites pressuring “poor” Leafpool and Squirrelflight. And in Feathertail’s warrior ceremony, one of her named virtues was compassion, and both Feather and Yellow would never do something as mean as that.
    2. The LeafXCrow moments. It’s just not a good ship.
    3. Squirrelflight would be more worried about her sister, and ask to take care of Leafpool’s kits, not be pressured.

  • My favorite novela is daisy’s kin and dovewing’s silence. I like daisy’s character in her book, and dovewing’s silence is a good epilog to omen of the stars. Also, when purdy has to decide where to put mousefur’s grave and talks about how she loved the sunset made me cry.

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