Cadvent Day 6

Hurray! Another day closer to the Holidays. 🌟❄️💖

Look! Mosskit has drawn the cutest picture of a festive kitty. Thank you, Mossikit. It is the loveliest of lovely drawings. ☃️🥳

And Sunny has sent in a picture of her cat, Tilly, searching for holiday decorations. Thanks, Sunny. Tilly looks like a Very Helpful Pet. 💖

Slothscale found a seasonal picture of a kittypet that makes me want to buy a tree tomorrow and go hunting through my Holiday cupboard for twinkly lights and baubles.

Slothscale also found this very unusual festive picture. I think it should win a prize for originality. I don’t think we’ve had a holiday Sloth on BlogClan before. Or is it a loris? Do you know?

Thank you, Slothscale. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of the pictures you’ve found for Cadvent this year. You’ve found some beautifully sparkly and cosy one. 🌟🎄☃️

See you tomorrow! 💖


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