My Top 10 Favorite Least Favorite Warriors by Cloudsplash

Art by DrakynWyrm

Cloudsplash lists their favourite and least favourite characters

Here’s my list of my favorite characters…

1: Mapleshade.
I just love her fierceness and her revenge! She’s an awesome evil cat.
2: Hollyleaf.
That bad girl! She’s so bad she’s great.
3: Goosefeather.
I know a lot of people hate him for being so weird, but I feel really bad for him! He was bullied by his own sister and most of his Clan, and just the curse on him is horrible!
4: Ivypool.
I just love her SO much. She’s so brave, and I would feel jealous too if my sister got all the attention.
5: Yellowfang.
She’s been through so much! Her mate abandoned her once she gave birth to Brokenstar, and she was kicked out of her Clan by her own kit!
6: Squirrelflight.
How can I forget her? She’s been so brave after all the things she’s been through! And she’s so smart.
7: Crookedstar.
Poor Crookedstar! His mother hated him after he broke his jaw, the Clan didn’t really treasure him anymore!
8: Feathertail.
I love Feathertail. She’s really brave, smart, and pretty like her mom. She really showed her kindness when she helped the Tribe get rid of Sharptooth when the other cats were too scared to go and fight off the mountain lion.
9: Scourge.
Many people hate Scourge, but I really like him! He had a real sad life. Everyone hated him for just being small! But he showed everyone that you can’t judge someone by their size. Honestly, if I were Scourge, I would’ve done the same!
10: Breezepelt.
Literally everyone I see, they say they hate Breezepelt. But he did get beaten by his Clan only because he was obeying his mother! I mean, I think he kinda did the right thing when he went to the Dark Forest after being beaten…

Now my least favorites!

1: Graystripe.
I just hate Graystripe. He changed Clans, took a mate from a different Clan, and abandoned his Clan when they needed him most just to go on that ‘Wander’!
2: Firestar.
He got a little too perfect at the end. So many prophecies for one cat! And plus, he’s the Fourth! His beginning was pretty good.
3: Thistleclaw.
No need to explain! Such a fox-heart.
4: Bluestar.
I kinda don’t like Bluestar. I don’t know why, but she just isn’t a cat I like.
5: Skystar.
He’s so obsessed with his boundaries! He even kills if a cat is near them! Kinda a bloodthirsty cat.
6: Jayfeather.
I don’t really know what to say about him! I mean, I like that he’s kinda mean, but I also don’t really like how he’s so snappy.
7: Darkstripe.
He’s such a coward! Sure, he follows Tigerstar 1 like EVERYWHERE, but he rarely kills!
8: Darktail.
That rogue! He’s so evil. He betrayed Hawkwing and most of SkyClan!
9: Ashfur.
He’s really evil, I mean just from his revenge on Squirrelflight and ThunderClan! I know he’s angry, but I think what he’s doing might be a little too much.
10: Rainflower.
I don’t know who’s worse: Rainflower or Reedshine. Reedshine is really a pain in the tail, and Rainflower is so mean.

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