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My favorite and least favorite warriors by Drizzlepaw

Art by Marshcold

Drizzlepaw lists their favourite and least favourite characters – do you agree?

Hi! I’m Drizzlepaw/Drizz
WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS (not big ones but still)

Let’s start with my least favorite cats!
5. Hawkfrost: He’s really not that nice to Mothwing, (By using her so he can try and be leader) and he’s too clingy to Tigerstar (claw). He always would follow him over lets say Bramblestar or Leopardstar. He tried to help Mudclaw (or was it Mudfur? lol) to become the leader. He tried to replace Mistystar, and probably convinced Leopardstar so he could be deputy, but he ended up losing it when Mistystar returned.
4. Tigerstar (claw): He hated Firestar the moment he set eyes on him. Some say he hated him because he was a kittypet but I think Tigerstar saw him as a challenge. He became the leader of ShadowClan, even though I believe he didn’t really care for them. I think he only wanted nine lives to destroy Firestar.
3. Stormfur: I don’t like how he went off with Brook (Brook Were Small Fish Swim), he is not that interesting, I don’t think he should have came back to the clans at all.
2. Leafpool: I think Leafpool is annoying and boring, but besides that, she had kits with Crowfeather FROM WINDCLAN. (I know one of her kits is my favorite cat but still), She’s a medicine cat, she and Crowfeather should have never happened.
And some honorable mentions before I get to the first one:
Tigerstar (heart)
Clear Sky
Star Flower
And for the final one:
1. Jayfeather: Why? He’s a grump. He’s mean. He’s disrespectful. He’s overrated. The only time I liked him was in Leafpool’s Wish, where he was actually cute.

Now for my favorites:
5. Ravenpaw: He is so sweet and I love how shy he is. I feel so bad for him for having Tigerstar as a mentor but he turned out to be a fine cat. I think he should’ve accepted a warrior name when he was dying. (See Ravenpaw’s Farewell)
4. Needletail: Needletail sacrificed herself to save her against Darktail, Sleekwhisker, and Roach, who ended up drowning her. She became a ghost, leading Violetshine to Tree, which is so sweet. (even though I don’t like Tree)
3. Spottedleaf: I loved how sweet she was, her name, her pelt color, just everything about her.
2. Moth Flight: I loved Moth Flight soooo much. I loved how she always would follow the moth (lol) and how she ran away from WindClan and found Micah! I love how she did things AGAINST what her mother said! Her book was my favorite in the whole warrior series!
Honorable Mentions:
Half Moon
Turtle Tail
1. Hollyleaf: My favorite cat! I love how she honors the warrior code and was going to defend it by her life. I feel bad that she had such a big secret she had to keep, knowing it’s hard for her to keep it. I hated that she wasn’t one of the three and that she ended up in the tunnels for a while. But she risked her life a lot (fine not too much but still). I love her


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  • AA THIS IS MINE! (ignore the mixed names… and saying Hollyleaf risked her life a lot…. its not always toooooo great!) MY FIRST ARTICLE! (i promise, better articles are coming… well-developed ones!)

  • I hate Spottedleaf and Ravenpaw!!! But Jayfeather is my favorite cat!!!! :0

    Jayfeather may be overrated, yes, and he is a grump, true, but you know WHY he’s a grump? Because he’s blind, and he hates how all of the other cats are like “oh are you blind?” “Do you need me to guide you?” It must be very annoying for Jayfeather. And as a kit, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf sort of gave him a hard time. Jayfeather is a character I can relate to (not that I’m blind or anything. :P) But he is a good medicine cat, and he’s loyal to his Clan.

    Now, for why I hate Ravenpaw and Spottedleaf

    I hate Ravenpaw because he’s just so cowardly and whiny. Sure, Tigerstar was treating him unfairly, and he gives off the cute effect a bit since he’s shy, but a shy cat is one that I don’t like. I mean, why did Ravenpaw have to go to the barn anyway? All he had to do was inform Bluestar about it, and maybe she could have given him a new mentor. It was just as easy as that! He didn’t have to back off like a coward and go live in the barn! What also makes me upset is that he gets to laze off in the barn with Barley while the Clans starve in leaf-bare! It’s so stupid, and Ravenpaw’s a coward.

    Now for Spottedleaf:

    First off, Spottedleaf only survives one book, then she dies. And she’s so bland too. Basically, all the Erins had time for is to have her look pretty and have a “sweet scent”. I mean, why would anyone like a character with no action to them? Writing Spottedleaf’s Heart was a good move, but I haven’t read it, so I have no proof that she’s any good anyway. Spottedleaf is just a character who comes in Firestar’s dreams, flirts with him, and tries to steal him from Sandstorm. Evil!!!!!!

    Anyway, that was a good article, even though I disagreed with some of your cat placings. I agree that Hollyleaf is a good character. (Finally, someone who didn’t actually put Ivypool on the list!!! :0)

    • Oddly, I like Spottedleaf for her Mary Sue personality… thats just it. I agree with all your points on her, but… she’s awesome.

    • If you’re looking for the anwser as to why ravenpaw never went to bluestar, here are some.

      1. Bluestar probably wouldn’t have believed him anyway. He’s a young apprentice and Tigerclaw is a respected warrior. When Firepaw went to confront her about it, she did not believe him and believed that Ravenpaw was probably just making things up. It would not have worked anyway.

      2. Tigerclaw was threatening him and spreading rumors about him that he was a traitor. And example could be when Tigerclaw sent Ravenpaw on a mission to kill an adder, he was trying to get Ravenpaw killed or seriously hurt. Ravenpaw was still a very young apprentice at the time, so it would’ve been pretty terrifying.

      Anyway, those are the reasons I believe he never told anyone and left the clans.
      I do admit he more on the sensitive and emotional side, and while I love that I understand he’s not for everyone.

  • Great article! Yeah, I LOVE Needletail, Ivypool, and a lot of the others on your list. Totally with you on your opinions of Mothwing, Clear Sky, Star Flower, Storm, Darktail, and a couple other cats – I just don’t like them!
    Good job on this! Please make more articles 🙂

    • THANKS! This one was by far the worst… I HAVE WELLDEVELOPED ARTICLES COMIN! LIKE, A LOT!!! also… Mothwing is like a rlly boring and nonbeliever, and its like annoying. I’m not a fan of most medicine cats, though… the only ones I like are Moth Flight, Yellowfang, Spottedleaf, and umm Pebble Heart was good. All the others tho…. annoying. rude. grumpy, boring, too nice
      Thank ysm thO!

      • Another of my LEAST FAVORITE CATS EVER is Harestar. He’s just… boring. Not much personality. Think about it: all the leaders of a Clan other than ThunderClan have had some impact on a ThunderClan pov cat. The pov cats from each arc had several interactions with either Mistystar, Onewhisker (later Onestar), Tallstar, Leafstar, Blackstar, or a bunch of other leaders. But all the ThunderClan pov cats have hardly ANY close acquaintances with Harestar. He’s…. a boring background character. I don’t like him

  • 💥ᠻꪶꪖ᥅ꫀꫝꫀꪖ᥅ꪻ❤𝕗Lᗩя𝒆𝕡άW💥𝕱𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖊❤𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕪💥Belugasong💦 Oreo's are cool says:

    Why on earth is everyone hating on Graystripe 🙁 good job drizz

    • I don’t anymore… he’s funny. But IMA MAKE AN UPDATED FAVORITES!! (snek peek…. leopardstar.. half moon… shhhh)

  • Please don’t take this as hate

    STORMFUR? STORMFUR is one of the best cats in the books, he decided to go back, risking his LIFE for a bunch of cats who kept him prisoner! Seriously? What is so bad about STORMFUR? Also StormXBrook is one of the best ships, so well-thought-out and cute! What is so BAD?!

    Please don’t take this as hate

    • (i won’t)
      I really got annoyed at them. I didn’t like his series at ALL anyways. I just found him boring. Him and Brook. But, doesn’t mean I think he was bad, or he was a rude cat. I just personally found him rlly boring.

    • No. But mix some cats you hate, and put them in love is just ew. I don’t like Crowfeather that much. NO ONE desreved that grump… thats probably why Jayfeather is grumpy. He inherited it. But then I also dislike Leafpool… and it makes me hate that ship

      • sorry, I disagree with that. Crowfeather can be sweet when you uncover the hardness. They fell in love like every other cat that lives. Crowfeather was sweet when they ran away, and he was protective of Leafpool and I have proof:

        Crowfeather: Leafpool, I know you feel the same as I do. Somehow we have to be together.
        Leafpool: But I’m a medicine cat, and I’m from another clan. There isn’t any future for us Crowfeather.
        Crowfeather: Leafpool, do you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you?
        Leafpool: Yes, I do.
        (This refers how Crowfeather truly loves Leafpool. What’s wrong with breaking the code? It makes the book more dramatic and cool)

  • Breaking the code isn’t bad. I am not a big fan of leafpool, but still. The warrior code doesn’t matter. If a character I love breaks the code, that’s no big deal. Some ships I don’t like at all, but sometimes I like a character in them. I like cinderheart and her friendship with hollyleaf, but I don’t like her and lionblaze falling in love in omen of the stars.
    Also, what’s wrong with alderheart???

    • I find him boring… actually, i find most medicine cats boring or terrible
      also, mix some cats you hate, and put them in love is just ew. I don’t like Crowfeather that much. NO ONE desreved that grump… thats probably why Jayfeather is grumpy. He inherited it. But then I also dislike Leafpool… and it makes me hate that ship

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