My Top Three Least Favorite Ships by Tigerdawn

Art by Kell-2K

Tigerdawn lists their least favourite ships – what do you think?

Starflower x Clearsky
I hate hate hate hate this foxhearted ship! It combinds two bad characters, and makes them even worse. Clearsky is the father of Thunder, whom he abandoned when Thunder was a kit. Then Thunder falls in love Starflower, and when Thunder and her fall out Starflower becomes mates with Clearsky. It just really annoys me that Clearsky canbe so loving to his kits when he abandoned Thunder. And it angers me even more how he just gets away with hurting Thunder. Leaving him, taking his mate, killing his clanmates, and forsaking his adoptive father (Graywing).

Raggedstar x Yellowfang
I don’t care that Raggedstar cared about Yellowfang, he still treated her like dirt. He yells at her when Yellowfang excepts her destiny, never lets her question how biased he is to Brokentail, and expects Yellowfang to help when he hasn’t let her into Brokentail’s life since he was born. I used to like it, when they were apprentices and then young warriors, but I now hate it. Raggedstar is so controling and expects everything from Yellowfang when he gave her nothing. It reminds me of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw’s relationship a lot.

Dovewing x Tigerheart
I read Tigerstar’s Shadow and hated every monent of it because of this ship. Dovewing is naive and leaves Thunderclan with her unborn kits because of a dream, and give Tigerheart about three days before he has to make a desition. At first, it’s “No way! I’m Shadowclan’s deputy, I can’t leave!” But after realizing nocat likes Shadowclan anymore and it fell apart after Darktail’s rule, he decides “Shadowclan doesn’t need me! Skyclan is taking all my clanmates anyways.”
But because everyone likes a journey apearently, he misses the dealine and has to follow Dovewing through the city. I hate Dovewing so much for acting like she could ever fend by herself in the city. That sounds bad, but without the group of cats who helped Dovewing and her kits she would have been dead meat! Anyways, they find each other. They name one kit after a clan which I think is very big headed. Then, they start going back blah blah blah. Tigerheart almost dies and is clan leader for no reason except he was deputy and Starclan didn’t want a Raggedstar/Brockenstar/Nightstar repeat. Violetshine also saves Shadowkit, after Spiresight saved him. I just think it’s a bad ship. . .

That concludes my article! What is your opinion? Say in the comments.

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  • So I think that SquirrelxBramble is the worst
    Honestly I wish Squirrelflight chose Ashfur instead of Brambleclaw. In the beginning Ashfur was a really good cat, and their relationship was really good. And I hate how Bramblestar always punishes Squirrelflight for things HE did. Even when he was trying to become deputy, and Firestar put him in charge of a few things, he punished Squirrelflight for being suspicious of Hawkfrost. Any cat would be, but Bramblestar is convinced it’s because Hawkfrost is the son of Tigerstar. While it is partially that, he also tried to help overthrow Onestar with Mudclaw. He’s really mean to her and thinks he’s so much better. But with Ashfur, in the beginning at least, she is very comfortable around him. He stands up for her, but when Squirrelflight gets mad at him for making her look weak by trying to fight her battles, she gets mad at him. But he usually understands and doesn’t get mad at Squirrelflight. But Bramblestar would definitely try to punish Squirrelflight if she did that to him. On top of that, Bramblestar is very verbally abusive to Squirrelflight, and he just overpowers her when he becomes leader, even though she is deputy. No matter how stubborn Squirrelflight is, she can’t break the warrior code. So yeah I think that SquirrelxAsh is a LOT better than SquirrelxBramble. But that’s just my opinion. It also felt like she liked him solely cause that was the plot. Their relationship just doesn’t make sense. I hate everything about it.

    • I mean I like Brambe X Squirrel because well….. Ashfur is just as bad…NO worst then Bramble X Squirrel. Honestly Squirrelflight deserves better….I personally think Shrew X Squirrel is better then both… But Bramble X Squirrel is some-what okay? (But that my opinion Lol)

  • Ashfur is a frog-faced glob of camel spit. Also, if you found out your wife lied to you for like, 20 cat years, you would be mad to.(Thanks for the insult wings of fire)

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