Cadvent Day 8

Today, I bought a tree. I shall bring it in and decorate it at the weekend. ☃️🎄 I’m very excited! Are you feeling sparkly yet? 🎄

I missed Hanukkah this year! IKR? But it’s never too late to send good wishes so here are two pictures found by Slothscale. Thanks, Slothie, for including these among your other links. 🕎☃️💖 Lovely!

Firepaw drew this lovely picture wishing BlogClan Happy Holidays. I hope the Holidays have been happy and the happiness continues right into New Year! ☃️🌟

Here is Mosskit’s cat, Fidget! Great name for a cat, Mosskit. They look very seasonal and cosy tucked away, out of the cold. 💖❄️

Finally, a little more sparkly loveliness, this time found by Cloverpelt. 🎁🎄

I hope you’re staying warm. Hazelburrow tells me it’s -18c in Sweden at the moment. Brrrrrr. 🥶❄️


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