Warrior Cats as Cat Breeds! by Ospreymist

Ospreymist assigns Warriors characters to cat breeds!

Hi! It’s me again, back with another article, Warrior Cats as Cat Breeds! I’ve seen a lot of these floating around, and I thought I would do one too, also taking the cat’s personality into play as well as the appearance. I’ll be focusing on cats from Bramblestar’s Storm, because there are many characters with great personalities and appearances that would be fun to play around with! I have 23 cats to get through, so let’s go!

Of course, we’d begin with Bramblestar.
I was really struggling with him, and after tossing up between Maine Coon and Siberian, I chose Siberian. It is a very athletic breed, and has a very well muscled build. This is a cat that thrives on energy, and it takes a while to mature, and I think Bramblestar thought he was mature, but he really wasn’t for a while. Now onto appearance. Siberians come in all colours, and they have a thick ruff around their neck and are long-furred, like Bramblestar.

That cat looks just like Bramblestar.

Squirrelflight would be a long-furred Munchkin.
I’ve always imagined Squirrelflight to be small, fast and fluffy, and that’s what Munchkins are! They are very excitable and playful, and are little social butterflies. They also are confident and curious little cats, and very lively! Munchkins come in all colours, so there should be Squilf looking one out there somewhere.

Red Munchkin Cat Standing on Isolated Black background, side view

It isn’t long-furred, but it’s close enough.

Jessy would be a Chinese Li Hua. This one was easy.
They are very active, very sweet cats. They have a natural hunting ability, and are very loyal, and they only come as a brown mackerel tabby. This cat is Jessy through and through, and I couldn’t imagine her being any other cat breed now.

Stormcloud is up next!
He’d be an Arabian Mau. Besides looking EXACTLY LIKE STORMCLOUD, they are extremely loyal, sweet and active, and are pretty energetic. Stormcloud is up there with the most loyal cats and the sweetest cats in all of Warriors, and the Arabian Mau suits him perfectly. They are naturally very tough (just like Stormcloud) as well.

That cat is without a doubt Stormcloud.

She’d be a British Shorthair. This cat is not that active, but is a good hunter when they are placed in that situation. These cats love their owners to pieces, but can survive without them for a bit. They are pretty easygoing and sweet. They also look like Minty.

Up next is Dovewing!
Dovewing would be a Tiffanie! Not a Tiffany (I guess that would also work for Dovewing), but a Tiffanie! With that out of the way, these cats look like Dovewing clones. They are very gentle and kind, and sometimes they can do with their own company, but they like being around others more. They are very empathetic little cats, and occasionally mischievous. Dovewing would without a doubt be this breed, and only seeing a picture of a Tiffanie shows that it is really Dovewing.

I told you.

Bumblestripe is a RagaMuffin.
I took a while on Bumblestripe, but in the end it worked out. Why? Because this cat lives for attention. Alongside that, it is a pretty calm cat, and it long-furred like Bumblestripe. Not much to say about this one.

Tawnypelt… is hard.
There aren’t many cat breeds who quite have her personality, let alone many tortoiseshell cats. Let me know in the comments which cat breed you think would suit Tawnypelt!

Rowanclaw/star is also hard.
He has a very unique personality, and it’s hard to find in a cat breed. Lots of dogs have the aloof personality of Rowanclaw, but not many cats! I’ll leave Rowanclaw as well.

Jayfeather is a European Shorthair!
They are friendly around those they know, but are aloof and unfriendly when around others. They are extremely independent, but are very trustworthy nonetheless. They also are pretty sturdy, and whilst I imagine Jayfeather to be slender, there are many depictions of Jayfeather as being small and round.

Briarlight is an American Shorthair!
These cats are sweet and very tough. As well as being easy-going, they love being around others. They fit Briarlight perfectly!

There are probably chocolate coloured ones out there like Briarlight, but I couldn’t find any, so have a brown tabby instead.

Lionblaze, I was tossing up between a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Maine Coon, but neither of them fit his impulsive personality, so I left him.
He looks a lot like a Norwegian Forest Cat, though.

Lilyheart would be a Singapura!
First of all, they are small cats, and Lilyheart is small, so it’s perfect. They are very adventurous and even a bit mischievous, like apprentice Lilyheart. Singapuras are also very smart little cats, and Lilyheart is smart, so it works. They also enjoy attention and company, like Lilyheart, again. They don’t really look like Lilyheart, but they are close enough.

Seedpaw is a Tonkinese!
They are independent and confident, while still being affectionate, and they are a great welcoming committee! Seedpaw often took on a leadership role within the apprentices, along with Lilyheart. They also look a bit like Seedpaw.

Snowbush is a Turkish Vankedisi!
It looks like Snowbush and it acts like Snowbush. Full Stop.

That’s Snowbush.

Ambermoon is also a Tonkinese!
She’s a bit more excitable than Seedpaw, but they have a similar adventurous streak. Not much to say here.

Dewnose would be a Turkish Shorthair!
They are easy-going and very sweet, as well as being strong! Dewnose has a personality just like them!

I couldn’t find any Dewnose looking Turkish Shorthairs on the internet.

Daisy would certainly be a Ragdoll!
While not particularly active, they are extremely sweet and kind, and love company! They are extremely gentle cats, and to top it all off, they look just like how I imagine Daisy! Large, soft, and sweet, this cat breed matches Daisy perfectly.

That cat is undoubtedly Daisy!

Coriander would be a British Shorthair like Minty! I won’t go through the personality of British Shorthairs again, but Coriander also fits that personality perfectly!

Smoky is a Persian!
These cats like staying home, like Smoky! They are very gentle and sweet, and they avoid activity. Besides that, I’ve just always imagined Smoky to be a Persian!

That cat looks just like Smoky!

Millie is certainly an Australian Mist!
I can’t describe how well these cats match Millie’s kind nature and loyalty. They are very sweet cats, and are basically happy as long as they have company. Also they look exactly like Millie would.

That is a Millie-looking cat right there.

Sandstorm is an American Burmese!
Lilac American Burmeses look just like Sandstorm would, but besides that, these cats love company and attention! They have very similar builds to Sandstorm as well, and they are loyal little kitties.


Finally, Leafpool is an Ojos Azules!
This is kind of ironic since the name means blue eyes in Spanish, but Leafpool has amber eyes.
Setting that aside, these cats are very very sweet, friendly, affectionate and graceful, 4 traits that are basically Leafpool in a nutshell. They have a very sweet expression too, which just tops it all off.

That just wraps things up! See you next article!

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