Cadvent Day 9

Today is Hazelburrow’s birthday. As son and heir of Cakestar, he deserves a special Cadvent cheer – from me at least. 💖❄️ Happy Birthday, Hazelburrow! ☃️

Now on to business.

Thank you, Coldheart, for finding this adorable kitty on the interweb. So very twinkly and cosy. 🌟

And here’s a little puppy to go with it. Ospreymist found this one. Wonderful. ☃️ Thanks, Osprey.

We have two BlogClan pets today too. Both belong to Moontabby. Bella and Lucas Boy. Moontabby says:

“My McNab mix, Bella, in her festive Santa bandana! She means the world to me, my sweet fur baby.

The newest addition to our family: our Lab mix, Lucas Boy! He’s dressed up in his Santa bandana and is sitting up on the couch with his “big sister” Bella.”

They are very lovely. And they look very ready for the Holidays! ☃️🌟🎄

And finally, some Holiday art by Blackpaw. I love it. That little tongue poking out is so cute. Thanks, Blackie! 💖❄️☃️

I’ve only two more pieces of BlogClan Holiday art left, so feel free to send some seasonal pics in. Cadvent isn’t Cadvent without creativity!

See you tomorrow 💖


    Aww, Coldie that kitty is so precious C:
    Osprey, the puppy is too cute I love his/her curls and with the santa hat…ahh, too sweet :3
    Bella and Lucas are adorable!! I love their names and their festive gear is really beautiful!!
    And Blackie, oh my gosh your art is so awesome. I LOVE IT!!

  • Happy Birthday, Hazelburrow!! The funny thing is that it also happens to be my younger brother’s birthday today, too! 😛
    The kitten looks so cute, Coldie! <3
    The puppy looks so festive, Osprey!
    Bella and Lucas Boy both look so nice, MoonTabby!! 😀
    Your art is adorable, Blackie! <3

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