[Mapleshade lays on a tree branch with a insidious smile]

Explaining Mapleshade’s Madness (Part 2.) by Flamefire

Artwork by Lunarkisa

Flamefire continues their analysis on Mapleshade

Ok, so if the first article was WAY to boring and didn’t publish, let’s just pretend the “Part 2” part of this title isn’t there, because that would totally be embarrassing. Anyways, today I’ll be explaining to the Mapleshade haters why Mapleshade deserves a bit of sympathy.

My First Point – Mapleshade goes against everything she knows for a cat who doesn’t that the decency to stay away from other she-cats, and ends up with nothing. Here’s how THAT happens: First, Mapleshade falls in love with Appledusk and gives birth to his kits. After this, she gets found out, exiled, and races to Appledusk, where at least Appledusk can ask for forgiveness AND ask if Mapleshade can stay at least one night. But NOOO, way to hard.

My Second Point – THEN Mapleshade finds out Appledusk LIED and mated with Reedshine, another warrior. Don’t you see how that can infuriating? Especially if he lied about it instead of telling Mapleshade himself. And, even he did, he should’ve done it BEFORE Mapleshade got pregnant with his kits.

My Third Point – Ok, she’s a bit rude to the nice kittypet who helps her, but I mean… she just got exiled, lost her kits, and betrayed by her former mate. Isn’t that reason enough?

My Fourth Point – For all those calm, zen people who can withhold anger, good job, but you probably wouldn’t understand why Mapleshade was so furious. In my case, I understand, simply because I have a short temper. Now, Mapleshade kills three cats, yes, but she kills them for TWO reasons, and actually one of them is GOOD. She kills them, 1; because she is so angry that these cats ruined her life and wants to ruin theres’ (Not the strong point), and 2; because she wants to set her dead kits free from their prison and not have to hear their sad wails for the help that never came.

And Finally – I’m not sure if my points are compelling enough, so try and put yourself in Mapleshade’s paws. She suffered so much, and merely at the cost of… what? Mating with another cat from an enemy clan? Yes, bad, but no one else, even Leafpool, has had that horrible of a punishment for a crime that many cats have committed.

Anyways, I’m sure some people will still be skeptical, and that’s fine, but… I hope now at least you can see the reasons behind Mapleshade’s madness, if you were a doubter. Have a good day/night!

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  • I’ve never really thought of it this way. But in the end she was still a bad cat, and being driven to madness doesn’t excuse your actions, unless you were at the point where you no longer are really controlling yourself.

    • In that case mud claw shouldn’t go to star clan as he thought he was doing a good thing by killing one star and maple thought she was doing a good thing, bc she thought the kit hallucinations were from star clan and get mine was not clear. And yet mud claw gets to star clan for the same thing??? He got to go bc he had good intentions so why shouldn’t maple? He also realized what he did was wrong in star clan, so maybe maple shade would have realized what she did was wrong if she got to spend time with her kits and reflected with a calm mind. I’m sure that many star clan cats would have acted like maple it in her place. Not all of them, but still, many.

  • I only read a bit of Mapleshade’s Vengeance (Chapter 10 and 2) I AGREE!! But I despised of what she did to Crookedstar (Crookedjaw) in Crookedstar’s Promise. Sorry, it’s my favorite Warriors Super Edition.

  • I feel as if Mapleshade is my favorite villain. My friends rlly hate-dislike her. She deserves a lot more sympathy, but that’s my opinion. I think that she saw her kits in her sleep, is because she was drone to insanity in grief, and her conscience needed some… vengeance? But I hate what she did to Spottedleaf.

  • I supported Mapleshade strongly until I read Omen Of The Stars (OOTS), and how she treated Ivypool and other cats. Then I didn’t know whether to support her or not. But she does have good reasons, I mean, if my mind was cloudy with grief and I heard echoes of my kits calling for help, I would go where my paws carry me… though what she did was still not cool.

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