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Top 5 Best Cats in Warrior Cats by Crystal’paw

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Crystal’paw lists the best cats in Warriors – do you agree?

NOTE: 1 is the least and 5 is the most. Warriors and medicine cats will be mixed together for the top 5.

1: Cinderpelt; One of the best medicine cats in my opinion wished I could’ve put her in a higher rank but there’s so many more cats to go through. A wise medicine cat who lost her ability to move in both legs by getting stuck in a trap set for Blue’star by Tiger’star. We could all feel sympathy and share emotions with Cinderpelt of how unfair it was that because of the incident she couldn’t become a warrior. Yet she proved to be one of the best Thunderclan medicine cats.

2: Shadow’sight; The main character in the current 7th arc: The Broken Code is for me the most relatable character. To be completely honest I kinda….cried JUST A BIT MAINLY I WAS JUST MAD MK!?!! I cried a tad when his father and Moth’wing who came to shadowclan when she left riverclan that Shadow’sight had no experience as a medicine cat and was demoted to a medicine apprentice. Oh man, I have to say I could’ve punched Moth’wing for annoying Shadow’sight in almost every scene with Shadow’sight in it. Shadow’sight was also interesting as a kit when he had dreams and seizures from them, quite unique.

3: Bristle’frost; Another main character in the current 7th arc: The Broken Code. She had an important role in thunder clan for the most part. The thing that made me like this character was how when Bramble’star (The fake Bramble’star) made her his ally and made the rest of thunderclan hate Bristle’frost because it looked like she was Bramble’star’s little spy. This made me enjoy Bristle’frost’s stories during the remaining books. She also has a forbidden crush with Root’spring; again one of the main characters, to be honest we all know there going to get together somehow. Erin probably just wanted to make us ride a rollercoaster trying to make sure they were going to be a couple in the future (no hate, I enjoyed it) .

4: Ash’fur; Some of you guys may think i’m weird and stuff but to be honest there’s no good drama without Ash’fur included. I mean The Broken Code was a whole different level for Warrior Cats readers. Without Ash’furs dramatic scenes and entrances to the new arcs I probably would’ve lost some kind of interest in the books. Ash’fur’s neverlasting and manipulating love with Squirrel’flight never ends. The rivalry between Ash’fur and Bramble’star is also some juicy drama he brings to the table.

5: Fire’star; Now before I go on a rant that hes the best leader (ahem) nah I got nothing he is the best leader. The first series with Fire’star in it was the bait of making Warrior Cats popular. In Into The Wild there was relationships with meaning, not rushed ones we see in modern Warrior Cats books. The drama and mystery of the first series is incredible and makes you get attached to the books! He is also a loving and confident character who cares for nothing more than his clan and mate (JOKE INCOMING)… maybe Spotted’leaf.

That ends my 5 best cats of the 7 series of Warrior Cats.

-Crystal’paw :MESSAGE FROM CRYSTAL: I’m back to writing more articles kids.

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  • Yes!! Firestar is the best leader :D! My faviourte cats:
    1. Hollyleaf, 2. Sandstorm, 3. Spottedleaf, 4. Firestar, 5. Squirrelflight & Leafpool, 6. Cinderpelt, Feathertail, Ravenpaw and Greystripe, 7. Leafstar and Echosong, 8. Bluestar & Whitestorm, 9. Mothwing, 10 Crowfeather & Jayfeather.

  • I really dont agree about firestar. I know hes rlly inportant, ya da ya da ya da and the fire prophecy was FINE but why. why is he such a gary stu??? its all about him. The fourth cat? Firestar. Skyclans “hero”. Firestar. I just dont like him. And hes WAAAAY to peaceful. I mean i understand its good like how bluestar would sometimes stop fights but not 24/7/306 its just rlly annoyinhg

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