Cadvent Day 10

Nearly halfway to the Holidays! 🌟🎄

Let’s start with some festive artwork. Dawny (Bloominglight) drew this. A very happy festive kitty! Thanks, Dawny! 💖

Here is today’s BlogClan pet. 💖 Crowpaw/Flight’s lovely kitten, Leo. ☃️ Thank’s Crowpaw. He’s very handsome indeed. 🎁

We have three pictures found by BlogClanners today. The first one was found by Mojowing. After my dear, beloved cat, MiuMiu, I have a soft spot for one-eyed cats. 💖

Diamondeye found this cute kitten, who is being VERY restrained when it comes to the sparkly, dangly baubles. Do you think it’s planning its attack? ☃️🌟

Our last picture was found by Brambleheart. A very snowy scene and perfect for this time of year.

Lovely pictures! Thank you, Mojo, Diamondeye and Bramble. 💖🌟🥳

See you tomorrow! 🎄


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