[a shaded drawing of Firestar confidently standing atop the High Rock]

A (Hypothetical) World Without Firestar by Floofpaw

Art by Shadow-Ku

Floofpaw speculates as to what Warriors would be like without Firestar

WARNING: Spoilers for the New Prophecy ahead, though I guess if you’re worried about spoilers for The New Prophecy you really can’t read any articles.

Hi folks it’s Floof again with my third article! (I changed my name again…) Today I will be exploring a hypothetical universe in which Firestar does not exist! And… Unfortunately in which the clans are destroyed… Before I wrote this article I told myself the clans would probably still exist without Firestar, but when I looked into it… This guy just did too much stuff for the clans to exist without him. :[ Before I begin, I want to tell you that I will be skipping any pointless ripple effects I could go through and just get to the point on why the clans would no longer exist.
Soooooo, Firepaw is the one who finds Yellowfang in the forest. He’s alone. She’s not faring very great. If he hadn’t been there, there is a chance that someone else might have found her, but I find it entirely possible that she may have died. If that happened… It would have some pretty nasty effects.
So when Spottedleaf is killed by Shadowclan, Yellowfang takes over the position of medicine cat. But if she is DEAD, she cannot do this meaning Thunderclan has no medicine cat. Meaning no one can train Cinderpaw and she can’t be a medicine cat or a warrior! So this triggers a chain reaction of no more medicine cats for Thunderclan, because all the other clans have only one at this time and therefore probably wouldn’t loan one. AAAAAND, Yellowfang was the one who captured and killed Brokenstar. Meaning they might not have gotten him without her! Meaning Windclan would not have been able to come back to the forest for quite a while, and would probably either end up living somewhere else, disband, or all die.
Skipping forward a bit, when Tigerclaw attempts to kill Bluestar, she is on her last life and Fireheart saves her. Graystripe also knew, but he was off fighting and would most likely not arrive on time to help. Meaning Bluestar would be dead. Now, I bet afterwards he could chalk up enough evidence to reveal Tigerclaw’s lies since he was the only one in the den and all, and then they would obviously exile him. But guess what! Then they have no leader, deputy, or medicine cat! Meaning unless they can successfully elect some, they might cease to exist entirely… Meanwhile I bet Brokenstar would be more than happy to let Tigerclaw come live in Shadowclan.
Skipping forwards some more, when Scourge comes to take over the forest, and… Thunderclan and Windclan don’t exist. Without those numbers, they’re no match for Bloodclan and they either leave, or… The end. No more clans. Unless they choose to leave and get lucky enough to end up somewhere they can live.
That’s all and I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you think of any alternate paths this could take, feel free to tell me in the comments! :]

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