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Mountainstorm matches songs to Warriors characters!

Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
I love music. Sometimes, when you close your eyes and listen to the rhythmic beating of a drum, or the sweet song of a violin, you can feel strong emotion welling inside you either giving you hope, or bringing tears to your eyes.
I feel music is a very important part of life. It gives a movie it’s sparkle, it’s magical in a musical, and some sort of tune can always match your mood.
Today, I’m going to be matching songs to warrior cats, warrior cat moments, and warrior cat ships, finding out which one suits the cat, the moment, and the relationship best.

Let’s start with characters from arc one, The Prophecies Begin.
First up is Firestar!
Firestar is a strong character- he is clever and brave, though sometimes he makes decisions rasley, without really thinking things through.
Firestar was once a kittypet called Rusty, but when he heard the call of the wild, he escaped to the forest, and joined ThunderClan. He soon became a warrior, and not long after, leader. So what song best matches him?
Nothing slow- he wasn’t the lazy type of cat who would sit around all day, basking in the sun and stuffing his face with fresh-kill. He was a very skilled warrior, quite good at fighting, and quick on his paws. So something upbeat and fast.
I think Warriors, from the Imagine Dragons best suits him. It’s strong and intense, and it kind of makes you feel like never giving up. Just like Firestar never gave up.
And this part: “We are the warriors that built this town” reminds me of how Firestar and his mate, Sandstorm, built up SkyClan again.
Here’s the link to the song so you can listen to it too:

Next up is Greystripe! Firestar’s loyal friend, and a great warrior with a big appetite!
As an apprentice, Greystripe is funny and friendly. He quickly makes friends with the former kittypet, and they barely leave each other’s side.
Greystripe, once a warrior, falls in love with a RiverClan cat called Silverstream. They have kits together, but sadly Silverstream doesn’t live through her delivery. Greystripe joins RiverClan to raise his kits, yet his heart brings him home to ThunderClan. This never stops him from being a loving father, though!
So, which song would suit this friendly, charismatic cat?
I think the Singin’ in the rain song, from the musical, Singin’ in the rain, (😛) would best match his personality! Greystripe seems like the kind of cat who would sing in the rain after a really good day! And he met Silverstream while falling into water, and rain is water- so yeah. I’m a genius. 😛
Here’s the link to the song:

Tigerclaw/star. (Let’s call him Tigerclaw) The evil mastermind who has been planning to take over the Clans ever since he became a warrior. Who knows? Maybe even sooner.
He set a pack of hounds on ThunderClan’s trail, took over RiverClan, killed many cats, and secretly made allies with rogues, convincing them to help him. Luckily, his attempts failed, and he was killed by Scourge before he could get his paws over every Clan in the forest.
Which song matches his cold personality? I personally think “Be prepared” from The Lion King is a great match. Just as Scar was convincing the hyenas to help him take over the pride lands, Tigerclaw convinced the rogues to help him take over the forest territories.
“A shining new era, is tiptoeing nearer” sounds like something Tigerclaw might say! And how Scar wants to be king is like how Tigerclaw wanted to be leader.
Here’s the link:

Okay, moving on to the second arc, The New Prophecy.

First up we have Crowfeather!
Crowfeather (Crowpaw at the time) is a cat from WindClan who was chosen by StarClan to represent WindClan on the cats’ journey to the ocean.
He was angry and feisty. He would snap at anyone. Till he met Feathertail, who showed him kindness and love. Then we see Crowpaw’s good side- he is loyal, determined, and kind.
So which song matches his personality- his tough core, and the sweet inside he decides to hide from everyone? But also which song matched the difficulties he’s gone through- Feathertail’s death, leaving Leafpool, Breezepelt turning against him, Nightcloud turning against him- being temporarily banished from his Clan?
I think the song “I’m still standing” from Elthon John is a good match for him.
It shows he’s been through bad, yet he still stands tall, because the ones he loves are always there, in his heart. There’s no reason to break down when you can go on living. Crowfeather stands tall, through everything.
Here’s the link:

Next up is Feathertail!
Feathertail has also suffered plenty in her lifetime. The death of her mother, Tigerclaw’s horrible rule over RiverClan, then jumping between two Clans. (ThunderClan and RiverClan) Then she went on the journey to the ocean, and fell in love with Crowpaw. But she died before she could go with Crowpaw to discover their new home. Then she had to watch Crowfeather fall in love again, which must have made her really sad. Yet she swallowed it and let their relationship go on, because she could see her love and mate happy again.
Feathertail is also a strong character, willing to stand up for her rights, and determined to survive bad times. I think the song that best suits her is “Speechless” from Aladdin.
It matches her because she wasn’t willing to give up. Even though she had been knocked down many times, she kept getting up and fighting. Plus, the first few words suit a RiverClan cat! (“Here comes a wave meant to wash me away, a tide that is taking me under”)
Here’s the link!:

And now it’s Hawkfrost’s turn.
Hawkfrost, kin of Tigerclaw, is a loving and adventurous kit and apprentice. But once he’s made a warrior, he’s afraid that he won’t be accepted in his Clan. And his thinking is somewhat right. When it’s announced that Mothwing would like to become a medicine cat at one of the gatherings, the rest of the Clans are angry. They say a rogue shouldn’t be trusted. Hawkfrost sees this as proof that they will never truly be part of a Clan. He’s afraid. So he tries too hard to rise. And once he’s in the Dark Forest, there’s no turning back. From then on, there’s really no excuse for his actions.
So which song matches this cat, who once was sweet, but then turned bitter?
“Shadows of the night” from DJ Bobo might be a good match! This is one of my favorite songs. I think it fits Hawkfrost because after a while, all he saw were dark shadows. He only saw the bad.
Here’s the link to this amazing song!:

And last we have the third arc, The Power of Three.

First up we have the wonderful Jayfeather!
Jayfeather is a blind tom-cat. (He was born blind) He is grumpy, and short-tempered, but deep inside he has a kind heart. Which song suits his bittersweet personality?
I think “Dig a little deeper” from The princess and the frog!
Why? Jayfeather has a disability- but that doesn’t matter. He dug a little deeper, and found out that it doesn’t matter if he can see or not, he’s still good at a lot of things! It doesn’t matter what you look like! It doesn’t matter what you wear! It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not, because you are still the best!
Here’s the link:

Ivypool! The brave cat who trained in the Dark Forest and later became a spy when she found out what was really going on with the evil ghost cats.
Though she is a great character, she can be pretty stubborn and unfair.
But we all admire her courage and strength.
I’d say the song that matches her best is “Take me away” from the movie Freaky Friday.
She doesn’t want to grow up, she doesn’t want to lose the bond she has with her sister, she wants to be taken away from the harsh reality of her life.
Here’s the link:

And last up we have Breezepelt!
The redeemed cat with lots of love! First he was a really angry, short-tempered cat who hated his father and his half-kin. Who could blame him? His mother feeding him with bad information, his father turning his back on him, his Clan turning his back on him…plus, his father obviously favored the kits he never met- he left his son alone in the dark just because he didn’t like Nightcloud, and later, hated his kit because he turned to the dark side.
But when Crowfeather started showing affection toward him, Breezepelt started to redeem himself- and now he is a kind and caring cat, with proof from the novella, Daisy’s kin.

The song that suits him is one of my favorites, “Vivaldi’s summer storm”.
It has no words. Yet close your eyes and listen to the beauty of this classical piece. First the storm builds, the clouds gathering on the darkening sky, like Crowfeather’s hate, and the Dark Forest’s shadow piling onto Breezepelt till he couldn’t take it anymore. Then the clouds break, rain pouring down from the sky, soaking the land below it. Like the worst part of Breezepelt’s life, like being hit by his father, and turned down by his Clan. But then the storm passes, and the plants bloom, drinking in the sweet rain that the soil soaked up. The rain made them stronger. Just like Breezepelt. He learned from his mistakes and came back a better cat.
Here’s the link! Enjoy this magnificent piece:

Now moving onto the ships! I’ll be using three good ships! So hold onto your hats! (Or rather headphones if you’re listening to the music)

My favorite ship (as you probably all know by now) is Feathertail x Crowfeather. 💖💖💖
Their relationship is the best, because it was born due to kindness and love.
So which song matches their amazing relationship?
“You’ll be in my heart” By Phil Collins is purrfect.
I’m not sure which movie this song was in, but as soon as I heard it, I knew this was the song for Feathertail and Crowpaw’s romance.
The lyrics remind me of how Feathertail has always been in Crowfeather’s heart, through his whole life, through every hardship and every victory.
“Don’t listen to them
‘Cause what do they know (what do they know)?
We need each other
To have, to hold.
They’ll see in time
I know”
This reminds me of how Stormfur was so disapproving of his sister’s relationship, and possibly Feathertail and Crowpaw’s thoughts about what the Clans will say about them when they return home. They knew they would disapprove- but: “What do they know? We need each other, to have, to hold. They’ll see in time, I know!”
Now this part really reminds me of these two:
“When destiny calls you
You must be strong (you gotta be strong)
I may not be with you
But you’ve got to hold on
They’ll see in time
I know
We’ll show them together”
How destiny calls them, and called Feathertail eventually in the Tribe of Rushing Water. They might not always be together, yet they must stay strong and stride on (I wonder if that word exists 😛) while keeping each other in their hearts.
Crowpaw and Feathertail’s relationship is amazing, and so is this song. I think it’s a pretty good match!
Here’s the link to the song:

Next up is Silverstream and Greystripe! The first warrior cats ship, and a great ship at that! <3
The song that they will get is “Love will find a way” from The Lion King 2. I think it really suits them and the hardships they faced during their forbidden relationship.
It’s also because Greystripe and Silverstream fiercely believed that they were meant to be together and it wasn’t wrong what they were doing, which matches this part:
“Now I realise
Love is never wrong
And so it never dies”
And the next part- that really suits their relationship.
“Anywhere we go
We’re home
If we are there together
Like dark
Turning into day
Somehow we’ll come through
Now that I’ve found you
Love will find a way”
No one around them understands how they feel, and are always trying to pull them apart from each other. And if only they can feel it too, the happiness I feel with you! They’d know, love will find a way!
If only their Clanmates could feel what they feel, they’d understand, and leave them be.
Also, the frog croaking and the splash of water in the song video reminds me a lot of Silverstream swimming across the river to meet Greystripe at twilight, the sun starting to rise, but this forbidden couple still hidden under the shadowdy curtain of night.
Plus, this would be pretty good for their head canon voices!
Here’s the song:

And now we have Jayfeather and Half Moon!
I like their relationship, I found it really cute, especially when they explored the caves together and then started playing like kits. It’s not my favorite pairing, but it’s not bad, and I found the perfect song for them so I couldn’t leave them out!
“My heart will go on” from the movie, Titanic, is what I chose! It really reminds me of their romance, because of how they vowed to wait for each other forever when Jayfeather had to return to his own time. Half Moon never took a mate after that, staying loyal to her promise, and kept him in her heart forever. She doesn’t know where he is now- but she does know that wherever he is she will always love him. Yet her heart goes on, leading and healing her friends and family in the mountain cave.
So I think this is a great match!
Here is the link!:

Okay, now with the ships over, we have one more group of songs to match! Which are Warriors scenes/moments!

The New Prophecy. The heart-breaking arc where humans destroyed the Clan’s home, leaving nothing but dust and lifeless tree stumps.
So the moment I will be matching a song is when the Twolegs come and start to cut down the forest.
But here’s a twist I added to this moment: (So it’s only semi-canon) The Clans all get together and start to resist the Twolegs in any way they can to save their home. They fight them, they steal the keys out of monsters, they set up traps, and keep fighting and fighting till finally the twolegs give up and retreat, leaving the age-old forest still standing. Just like in the Warriors books, the twolegs come and start to destroy the forest, just like in the books the warriors attack them- but unlike in the books they don’t give up so easily, they get together and combine their strengths till they can save the trees and the forest.
So, what song suits the moment? “Pass it on down” is a brilliant match!
Here is the link:

The second moment is Firepaw, Ravenpaw, Greypaw, Dustpaw, and Sandpaw’s friendship. Yes, I know that Dustpaw and Sandpaw weren’t really friends with the other three apprentices. But eventually, they learned to respect and care for each other, and as apprentices, they did stick together, make a lot of memories together, and have a lot of adventures. They had each other’s backs, especially later on in their apprenticeship.
Which song will this great team get?
“I’ll be there for you” from the funny TV show, Friends! I think it reflects their relationship pretty well! (And it’s also a really good song)
Here is the link:

The last song for today!
I find this song would be a great match for a Warriors map! A simple map about the daily lives inside a Clan!
First, the Clan wakes up, and the deputy organizes the patrols. The cat’s patrol and hunt, maybe waving to the other Clan they share borders with, maybe hissing hostilely at them. The cats hunt, then at sunhigh they bask at Sunning Rocks and warm their pelt. The kits could be playing in the camp meanwhile, the apprentices training in the sandy hollow, the medicine cat treating a broken paw or a thorn stuck in the pad. Then one more patrol, and the cats eat the prey and share tongues, then go to sleep, gathering energy for the next day ahead!
So which songs matches the Clans daily adventures? The Road to Avonlea theme song is the winner! (Road to Avonlea is a show, for those of you who don’t know) From starting off slow and steady, which matches the early morning mood of the Clans, to becoming fast and lively which suits the energy and excitement of a patrol or hunt, to steadily fading back into slow, which signals that night has fallen and it’s time to go to bed. Which is why I think this is a good match! (Also, the show is awesome 😁)
Here is the link to this cheerful, upbeat song!:

The show is done for today, I hope you enjoyed, have a good day!
Annnd bow, and curtains!

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