Cadvent Day 13

Over halfway! Yay! 🥳☃️🌟

Flamecloud’s cat, Cecelia, will begin today’s festivities. Flamecloud says, “This is Cecelia! She’s my little snuggle buddy and loves taking naps under the tree.”

She’s gorgeous. Thanks, Flamecloud!

And here is a drawing by Blueheart. 💖 It’s Ice Cream Kitty. Adorable! Thank you, Blueheart!

Snowdrift found this cosy, glow-sy kitty…

Slothie found this cat, whose eyes seem to say, “I’m the better gift, aren’t I?” Yes! Yes, you are! ☃️

And Minkpaw found this very snowy cat gif. ❄️☃️ Being a cat looks like so much fun!

Thanks Snowdrift, Slothie and Mink! 💖🎁🌟

See you tomorrow! ☃️


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