Cadvent Day 14

Good morning! Have you woken to snow? ❄️ Rain? 🌧 Bright sunshine. ☀️ Whatever the weather, I hope you’re feeling the festive season beginning to tingle in your toes. 🎄

Let’s start with a BlogClan pet! Here is Iceflower’s Sasha. What a darling.☃️🐶🌟

And here is a fabulous drawing of Holiday Cakestar by Ospreysplash. Thanks, Osprey! I love it. 💖🎄

Here is a gorgeous picture found by Pinestripe. Such cosy, fluffy, festive kitties! ☃️💕

And Drizzlepaw found this very funny picture. 🥳 Thanks, Drizzle and Pine!

See you tomorrow ☃️


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