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Suggestions to improve villians by Swiftpaw

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Swiftpaw discusses possible villain plots in Warriors

Hi there, Swiftpaw here from rainclan with her first article! Hope I don’t mess up.
The villains in Warriors are true icons, from the cold blooded tragic Scourge to the manipulative, sly Sol. But we mostly see these vicious cats from the hero’s perspective, and we don’t actually get a true unbiased vision into the true darkness of villains. I for one NEED to know what an earth made Brokenstar think his actions were, okay?
Also, we know the villain is going to lose and this storyline is, personally, very boring. When was the last time a villain even won an important victory? Sure, Tigerclaw is Tigerstar, but how many more cases are there?
So here are two ways we can improve the villains of Warriors.
1. An arc from a villain’s perspective. I get that we got books like Tigerclaw’s fury and Mapleshade’s vengeance, but the arc would be on a whole other level. Specifically, we could see one of the lesser known leaders of the dark forest, like Snowtuft or Maggottail (btw what sort of name is that!) helping train lakeside cats for the great battle. I know many cats, including me, loved Ivypool’s chapters in the dark forest. Well, we could have a whole arc of that, a constant dripping of danger. But even more important, we would have a few untied loose ends tied up. Like how come in Sunrise’s prologue, Tigerstar says that the DF cats walk alone, but then they are having this entire battle? That takes preparation. Also why does Rock say that the birth of the original three caused the DF rise in power? The arc would tie all those loose ends up, because Captain weird name, and Snowtuft have been in there for AGES.
2. Or, linking back to point 1, just giving the villains a POV in each book. Like Firestar and Tigerstar each share a book. That would be super interesting, and we get to see into the true madness of Brokenstar’s mind.
3. Make a villain actually win and the main part of the plot is to get rid of them. An example of this is the twisted tree on fanfiction archives which is amazing. For example, Darktail has taken over all the clans and then protagonists would try to revolt against him.

I’m sorry that the article is short but that’s basically all I wanted to say. This is Swift and I am going to go trespass on WindClan territory. Whose with me!

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