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Swiftpaw’s Death – Whose Fault Was It? by Fidgetypaw

Art by Leftysmudgez

Fidgetypaw analyses Swiftpaw’s death

Hello wonderful people of BlogClan! I am Fidgetypaw and today I’ll be talking about one of my favorite characters, Swiftpaw! I will be investigating his death and see who is responsible for his death.

I will be taking a look into each character who played a part in his decision to fight the dogs.

Also this is a huge excuse for me to pretend to be a detective so aha bear with me.

First is Bluestar! She was in a bad state of mind when Swiftpaw was alive and she refused to make him and the other apprentices warriors. Because of this, Swiftpaw was led to believe that there was something wrong with him. That he wasn’t good enough. Yet. Bluestar is a prime suspect and I will be keeping tabs on her.

Next is Cloudtail. He was made a warrior before Swiftpaw, when Swiftpaw had began training long before Cloudtail was even born! This must’ve made Swiftpaw feel discouraged and so Cloudtail played a part in his decision. While Cloudtail is not a prime suspect, he’s still up there.

Now for Tigerclaw/star, another prime suspect! He was the one who brought the dogs in the first place. If he hadn’t brought in the dogs, Swiftpaw would never had been killed! is what I’d probably say if there weren’t a thousand other things that could happen. Still, Tigerstar brought in the dogs that killed Swiftpaw, so he is a prime suspect.

Longtail! Swiftpaw’s mentor who was once loyal to Tigerstar. Why is he here? Well, he gave Swiftpaw confidence. He was the one that basically gave Swiftpaw his personality. While Longtail was the one who instilled all this confidence and strength into his apprentice, Swiftpaw’s death brought Longtail much pain and he spent all that time training him to become the best warrior he can be.

So! I have come to a conclusion! It is not one cat who is at fault, but three…

First, it is partly Bluestar’s fault. Yes, she was in a bad mindset but she should’ve made Swiftpaw and the others warriors, no matter what happened in the past. It was not the apprentices’ fault that Tigerstar turned out to be a power-driven murderer. Bluestar could’ve understood that, but she was too stubborn, and it eventually led to Swiftpaw’s death and Brightheart’s injury. Bluestar’s final moons were terrible and I did not enjoy reading them. I wish she had been less stubborn and all of this could’ve been avoided.

Up now is Tigerstar! He had led the dogs into ThunderClan’s territory and they quickly became known, which is why Swiftpaw chose to fight them. Surely fending off a hungry dog would be a heroic feat! But little did he know, it was a pack. A pack led by Tigerstar. He is the cause of so many deaths and it disgusts me to think he’d celebrate the death of an apprentice, and the apprentice of one of his former best friends, mind you. Tigerstar is an awful cat, and we can all agree on that.

And finally… Swiftpaw. Yes! Swiftpaw dying was his own fault. He had decided to go fight the dogs without an adult. He could’ve decided to do something else, but he let his judgment be clouded by pride and that’s what got him killed. It’s unfortunate that such a young cat had died but he was old enough to know fighting dogs without an older cat by your side was stupid.

And that’s all for this article folks, I hope you enjoyed! Maybe suggest some article ideas in the comments, I’m pretty much out of ideas now hah^^

Thank you for reading and with that, I’m all done! This is Fidgetypaw, signing out. Cya soon!

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  • Nice article but I have a suspect of my own. The DOGS! They kill swiftpaw. But ya swiftpaw practically jumped into the pack of dogs.

  • I’m pretty sure swiftpaw basically WAS a adult when he faced the dogs, and he was definitely capable I wouldn’t call it pride, but anger at unfairness because it WAS unfair

  • I don’t think it was Bluestar’s fault Swiftpaw died. She was in trauma and depression, she wasen’t alright. Swift’paw knew that. Bluestar just didn’t make him a warrior. And his reaktion was a proof that he wasen’t ready to be one either. Bluestar didn’t tell him to go fight the dogs. It was his own dumb choice. She didn’t get him killed. He got himself killed. He got Brightheart wounded. So it was all his own fault. I like Swiftpaw. Hes just a bad person. Who makes bad decishons and get him and his friends in trouble.

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