Cadvent Day 17

Happy 17th December. Are your chestnuts roasting on an open fire yet? ☃️

I’m starting with found pictures today! And such cute ones. 🐶 Rainypaw found this…

Bluebellsponge found this (Love the Bob of Sponges)…

And Streampaw found this cute little pupper. Thank you, Stream, Rainy and Bluebell! 💖🌟

Today’s BlogClan pets are sooooo adorable! Rabbitpaw sent in a picture of her cats. “These are my two cats, Figaro and Binx cuddling.” So gorgeous, Rabbitpaw. Thank you! 🥳💖

Finally, Wolfsong sent in a picture of her OC getting ready for the Holidays! Love it! Thanks, Wolfsong. 🌟🎄

See you tomorrow! 🎁


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