Who whould be a better mate for Dovewing, Bumblestripe or Tigerstar II by Winterclaw

Art by kayaluna

Winterclaw argues that Bumblestripe would be better for Dovewing than Tigerheart

Hi everyone, I’m Winterclaw, I’m here today to share my opinion on who would be a better mate for Dovewing, Tigerstar II or Bumblestripe.
In case you don’t know, Tigerstar II is the son of Tawnypelt and Rowanstar. Bumblestripe is the son of Graystripe and Millie, and the sibling of Briarlight and Blssomfall.
Okay, so I’ll start with Tigerstar. I feel that he is NOT suitable mate for Dovewing because of several reasons. When Tigerstar (Tigerheart that time) first met Dovewing (Dovepaw that time), the clans were solving the ‘beaver’ mystery. At that time, Tigerstar HAD NOT even met or even said something to Dovewing, and he still behaved like her closest clanmate. Dovewing felt like she was in unwanted presence.
Since then, Tigerstar started meeting her on secret, until Ivypool came to know about it. So, Dovewing and Tigerstar’s relationship was close, BUT, Tigerstar and Dovewing BROKE the warrior code. It states that NO cat should be mating across clans. It might seem like it was going to be sad for Dovewing, But it doesn’t stop here.
Let me talk about Bumblestripe now. Dovewing still had a suitable tom in ThunderClan. Ivypool said:
“Are you two going to be mates? You two will have the cutest kits together!”
,after knowing that Dovewing and Bumblestripe went for a walk at night. However I am not sure that what she said is true, but there’s one thing I can make certain- Bumblestripe loved Dovewing, he EVEN told Whitewing how much he liked her. Bumblestripe is a perfect candidate for this- he didn’t break the warrior code, and he is in the same clan as Dovewing.
But what’s worse is that Tigerstar STOLE Dovewing from Bumblestripe. All of you might have known that Bumblestripe was kind of like Dovewing’s mate during the Vision Of Shadows, but since Tigerheart (at that time) and Rowanstar went to seek help from ThunderClan, Dovewing started to treat Bumblestripe like a stranger, and was like closer to Tigerstar, and resulted in them becoming mates, and even had kits!
I believe that Bumblestripe and Dovewing could have kits together but it’s kind of like all Tigerstar’s fault that that didn’t happen. If any of you read Mapleshade Vengeance, you might know that this “mate” incident did happen to Mapleshade, where Appledusk mated Reedshine instead of her. Therefore, In my opinion, Bumble stripe would be a better mate for Dovewing.
So, if you have any other ideas why Bumblestripe or Tigerstar II should be Dovewing’s mate, tell me about it in the comments bar. Thank you.

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