Why these cats NEED a Super Edition or Novella by Agateshine

Agateshine lists some characters who deserve novellas!

Hello everyone!! Agate here, and there’s something I’ve been planning to do a long time ago. In this article, ill be listing why i think these characters need some type of book for themselves! So there’ll be 2 sections: Deceased Cats and Living Cats- But to shorten these section, I’ll separate them in Signs!!
💖=Deceased Cats
🔥=Living Cats

10. Hawkfrost 💖

Yup, Hawkfrost, that cat who was killed by Brambleclaw. Exactly him. Anyway, since Hawk died, I’ve been kind of missing him, ya know? I’d like to see more of him and his POV in Tigerstar and Sasha as well as his POV in his death! I kind of imagine the title as “Hawkfrost’s Downfall” or something Ike that 🦅❄️

9. Sandstorm 💖

Awww yes!! We never had any POV of her!! You know how Hawk might have had POV at some point? Well she is a supporting character, and never had one of those!! C’mon BlogClanners, let’s keep her spirit alive!! ❤️❤️❤️

8. Needletail 💖

I mean, she’s not the best, not a fan really, but she’s cool. I’d like to see her thoughts in her clanmates and The Kin, and her Point Of View as well!!🐈

7. Echosong 💖

OOH I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH!!! So, medicine cat POVs.. Hmmmmmm… We got pretty poor on those after Leafpool’s death and during the broken code. I Don’t know really, haven’t read it yet.. But seriously, we’ve got Alder, Jay, Yellow, Leaf, and Goose, correct me if i missed any other medicine cat that had their own POV at some point, but have we ever got a SkyClan or minor clan’s medicine cat’s point of view? No, i don’t think so! 🎙🎶

6. Briarlight 💖

Point of views from an injured cat? Total click, or “read”bait. Lol see what i did there? Oh brother I’m so sorry.. I’d like to know what she thought about Jayfeather and the other cats around her, and for a change, some JayBriar moments- I mean, having her think like: “Am i gon’ die?” (Although that quote was super creative *le claps*) or just see what she saw in her life after her injury would be cool-

5. Cinderpelt 💖

Sad she died, i liked her, always so nice.. barely got any books.. Aight enough grieving, I’ve got a word or two to say. I wanted to know WHAT she thought about Firestar and Sandstorm’s relationship. Also, see her training Leafpaw and become Cinderheart would be SO ADORABLE!!

4th. Alderheart 🔥

MY BOI!! I love him, fave, best, mvp, ADORABLE!!!! Anyhoo, again i say, POV, more POV, i mean, what about Velvet, we need a few extras here!!

3rd. Brackenfur 🔥

You’ve got it all~ You lost your mint, in the sound~ There’s so much more~ You can reclaim your crown! You’re in control, rid of the monsters inside your head~. Put alll your faults to bed~ You Can Be King Again!! 💖💖💖 I’m sorry guys, that song makes me so happy and emotional!

But you didn’t see that comin’ did ya? I love him so much, i wish he’d get more attention, y’know, Brackenfur is my favorite character, so I’d like to have more of him!! I honestly dont get why everyone hates him so much!!! He’s such a sweet guy, if i were Sorreltail, I wouldn’t think twice before becoming his mate!

2nd. Harestar 🔥

Now i BET you didn’t see this one coming!!! I’d like to get those side characters the attention they deserve and keep them more alive for all the fandom, after all, Harespring did train in the dark forest, but in the end of the day, he’s an awesome cat!! I love him!


1st. SORRELTAIL!!!! 💖

She’s awesome!!!! I would love to see her POV of being trapped while in StarClan, and loosing her kin and some friends!! Let’s give an applause to her everyone, she deserves it and a super edition!!!

Thanks for reading until the end everyone, hope you liked my opinions and reasoning for having those books, and i hope you read my next article!! Have a great day!!! 💖🦋 (Yes, i now realize all my use of the POV reasoning, emojis, and how long this article is)

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  • Crowflight Got Run Over By A Raindeer! Walking Home From Our House, Christmas Eve! Some People Say There's No Such Thing As Santa, But As For Me And Little, We Believe! (Crowpaw/Flight) says:

    Im not gonna get into it now… but I have sheer hatred for Sandstorm. And I think (in my opinion) we should cut sand off the list and instead, add Heatherstar. I have a really soft spot for the middle cats. Like cats that rein far after DotC but much before series’ like TPB. I think Heatherstar is an interesting character because she made the choice to ban tunneling. She was also a very good leader, so it would be interesting for WC fans like me to see her POV and why she banned tunneling.

    • OH. MY. STARCLAN. FOR THE LOVE OF STARCLAN, THE TRIBE OF ENDLESS HUNTING, AND THE SPIRITS OF CLEARSIGHT AND ALL THE SPIRITS UNDER THE ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tots agree except for Alder and Needle. I just don’t feel that it would be interesting.
    But the others I would LOVE!!!! But, I do think that some of them should be made into novellas and not super editions.

  • I love Brakenfur! One cat I would love to see get a super edition is Barley. His backstory is never fully explored, we don’t see him again after Hawkwing’s Journey, and he’s just a really interesting character. And mayyyyybe it’s mainly because I would love more Raven/Barley moments than anything else. We REALLY need them to like, officially mention they are mates IN THE BOOKS. Okay, end of rant. This was a nice article, and Sorreltail would make a great novella.

  • I agree so much with Sandstorm, Cinderpelt, Echosong, Sorreltail, Brackenfur and Hawkfrost! I mean I hate Hawkfrost but he’s interesting. I ESPECIALLY AGREE WITH SANDSTORM! It should be called SANDSTORM’S GLORY or SANDSTORM’S DECISION because why did she choose Fireheart over her best pal, Dustpaw? What did she feel like on the Sky Journey (that’s what I call the journey they took to rebuild SkyClan)? Who are her mysterious parents (it can’t be Redtail and Brindleface or else that means Squirrelflight is already related to Brambleclaw… oh and did you know cats can marry their siblings?)? Why did she sacrifice herself for Alderpaw / what were her final thoughts? Cinderpelt, Sorreltail and Echosong should be together in a novella: MOTHERS OF THE CLANS: Cinderpelt’s Warning, Sorreltail’s Love, Echosong’s Hope. And I think Sunstar should get a super edition SUNSTAR’S RISE, and Oakheart or Barkface should get a novella! Imagine: WARRIORS: A WARRIOR’S PROMISE presenting Brackenfur’s Delevopement, Hawkfrost’s Bad, Barkface’s Fear / Oakheart’s mate! Awesome article!

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