Cadvent Day 18

Have you finished school yet? The Holidays are soooo close now. I can almost taste them! 🥳❤️☃️

Look what Slothscale found! 🌟

And Mojowing found…adorable….💕

And Willa found…🌟🎄

Three joyful pics! 🎁 Thanks, Mojo, Echo and Slothie! 💖🎄☃️

Here is a picture Mountainpaw sent in. Very festive. ❄️ Did you draw this, Mountainpaw, or find it?

And here is today’s BlogClan pet. 🎁 It’s Petaldusk’s cat, Savannah. 💖 Petaldusk says, “This is my cat Savannah! He is very excited for Christmas and loves Warrior Cats almost as much as I do! Savannah loved taking photos with Brightheart and Squirrelflight! ”

We loved Savannah taking photos too! Deeply cute! 💕🌟☃️

Thank you! 💕

See you tomorrow! ☃️


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