Comaparing Nightcloud To Leafpool: What Did Nightcloud Do Wrong? by Tigerdawn

Artwork by Lithestep

Tigerdawn compares Nightcloud and Leafpool – are they similar or not?

Hello, Blogclan! As you can tell from the title, today I will be comparing Nightcloud and Leafpool-two very different cats in the same situation of “Does Crowfeather love me?”
If you were wondering, I discluded Feathertail because there is not much to compare, as her and Leafpool are basically the same (even if there is a clear superior COUGHLeafpoolCOUGH).

First off, let’s start with their reasons for becoming Crowfeather’s mate. Leafpool fell in love with him when he saved her from falling off a cliff-which is honestly reasonable if you think about it. More importantly, Crowfeather actually loved her. She was kind, skilled, and generous. Then there’s Nightcloud. . .in the Warrior Cats Ultimate Guide
(Pg. 111) it states:
“Nightcloud was older than Crowfeather, and was starting to feel concerned that she would never have a chance to bear kits. She accepted with sincere belief that she would be able to make Crowfeather fall in love with her, but soon realised that he had only asked her (to be his mate) in order to prove his loyalty to Windclan.”

The reason for Crowfeather not loving her was obvious, again, I quote the Ultimate Guide:
“Nightcloud was short-tempered, defensive, and far from being well suited to being second best choice.”

We can all understand that Crowfeather never treated Nightcloud and Breezepelt well, but it’s her fault for sticking around with him. Rainflower and Shellheart broke up after Rainflower has horrible to Crookedstar! I’m just saying, it’s hard to pity her when she’d rather stay with Crowfeather and nag him than breaking up with him. In the end Crowfeather would be ten times happier and so would Nightcloud. As with Breezepelt, his mind was basically riddled with horrible truths and lies about Crowfeather by the end of Power Of Three. Speaking of the Three, lets talk about Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf was livid after finding out, but more because Squirrelflight never told her, nor Leafpool. Lionblaze was angry, sure, but he was a run-of-the-mill warrior with notghing except stupid Heathertail and Breezepelt bothering. And Jayfeather already knew, so it was more drama than supprise for him.
“To add to her agony, her kits heter her for lying to them, especially Jayfeather, who became medicine cat in her place.”
(Ultimate Guide: Leafpool, Pg. 27)

In the end, he probably hated Breezepelt most, as he tried to kill him at the Moonpool. Something to remember is that when Breezepelt tried to kill another one of Leafpool’s kits (Lionbkaze), Crowfeather pullled him off. It shows that Crowfeather stilled cared, Still cared about his kits, still cared about Breezepelt’s sanity, and still cared about Leafpool. This was a moment when Nightcloud couldn’t defend Breezepelt anymore-or atleast defend him reasonably. Breezepelt had just tried to kill his half brother, in the pursiut of the Dark Forest winning.
“Breezepelt tried to blame Crowfeather for driving him into the dark forest, but Crowfeather insisted Breezepelt had made his own desitions.” (Ultimate Guide: Crowfeather, Pg. 109)

Just below this sentimate, another important detail to Leafpool and Crowfeather’s realtionship stands:
“Left alone with Leafpool, Crowfeather admited he regretted nothing-the closest he would ever come to accepting her kits as his own.”

I would add more if I had read about Leafpool’s death, as I have heard that Crowfeather takes a blow over it. But for now, this wraps up my article.

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