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Snowpaw gives Percy Jackson characters Warriors names – what do you think?

Hello!Snowwy’s back with my second article.Today i will be giving Percy Jackson characters warrior names and descriptions(I am perfectly aware that that wasn’t in the title,I don’t care and that’s irrelevant).Watch out for spoilers!Hope y’all enjoy.

1.Perseus ‘Percy’ Jackson(son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon,half-brother to Tyson,Estelle Blofis,and several others whose names have been forgotten by me*chuckles awkwardly*,and boyfriend of Annabeth Chase)-Splashstorm.Kinda of a reference to his powers because Poseidon(kinda a trials of Apollo joke),and also a reference on how he used his powers for the first time(blowing up a toilet to douse Clarrise La Rue in the first book),and because of his impulsive personality and his skills at creating storms(mainly tornados and hurricanes).Fursona:black tom with sea-green eyes and a white belly.He has black hair and sea-green eyes as a human,so I stuck with that,and I added the white belly because it just seemed right,you know?

2.Hazel Levesque(daughter of Marie Levesque and Pluto,(Hades in Greek form),half-sister of Bianca and Nico di Angelo,Frank Zhang’s girlfriend)-Hazelcloud.Her name is Hazel(duh),and her hair and eye colors kind of make me think of hazelnuts,so that’s why I kept the prefix,and I added the suffix -cloud because of her personality,which is gentle,easygoing,and supportive.Fursona:golden-brown she-cat with golden eyes,because that’s similar to what she looks like in the books.

3.Nico di Angelo(younger brother of Bianca di Angelo,half-brother of Hazel Levesque,son of Hades,Will Solace’s boyfriend)-Darkspirit.Another blogclanner mentioned this before me,and I sadly forgot exactly who it was,but I give them credit for thinking of that name.He went from being a cheerful little kid to a dark,moody person who is afraid of forming attachments(that’s why he never stays in one camp for too long)and he also just happened to be the son of Hades,so the name makes sense.Description: scrawny black tom with dark brown eyes(description he got in the books).

4.Zeus(Lord Of The Sky,brother of Poseidon and Hades,father to Jason and Thalia Grace,Dionusus(probably spelled that wrong),Hermes,Apollo,Artemis,Hephaestus,Athena,Ares,and probably others)-Stormstar.Hes the lord of the sky,but there’s already been a Skystar in canon so I didn’t want to use that,and he creates lightning,which is similar to storms so it kind of feels right.Description:dark gray tom with ice-blue eyes(based on the drawing of him in The Demigod Files).

5.Apollo(twin brother of Artemis,half-brother to Hermes,Dionusus,Jason,Thalia,Haphaestus,Athena,and Ares,father of Willl Solace,Georgina,Austin,Kayla,and Michael Yew)-Sunsong.Another name mentioned by a blogclanner.He is the God of songs and the sun so I don’t even need to explain.Description:golden tabby tom with ice-blue eyes.

6.Artemis(goddess of the moon,Apollo’s twin sister,daughter of Zeus and Leto)-Moonwhisper.Shes the moon goddess,and the leader of the hunters so it makes sense to my weird little brain.Description:silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

7,Annabeth Chase(daughter of Athena,Percy’s girlfriend who always calls him Seaweed Brain,half sister to Malcolm and other Athena campers,and also to Bobby,Matthew,and Magnus Chase(I did NOT read that series,that’s just based on the wiki,)-Wisespirit.Shes very smart and resourceful,and I didn’t want to use Owl-(apparently that’s an insult to Athena kids),so here ya go.Fursona:golden tabby she-cat with gray eyes.

8.Briares(the last hundred-handed-one still alive)-Briarfoot.Briar-,cuz it’s in his name and foot because,well,he has a hundred hands and he’s not an apprentice.Description:light brown tabby tom cuz you can’t stop me.

9.Ella(a surprisingly intelligent harpy,Tyson’s girlfriend)-Birdfeather.Herpies are part bird so after that.Description:skinny dark ginger she-cat(that’s similar to red).

10.Zoe Nightshade(former lieutenant of Artemis,half sister of Calypso)-Nightshade.Hey,it’s not my fault that her last name suits her so well!Her sharp attitude is why she got that name and she’s also a good fighter. Description:silver-and-black tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

11.Leo Valdez(half-brother of Charles Beckendorf,Harley, and other Hephaestus campers,boyfriend of Calypso)-Lionflame.Leo means lion in a random language,and the flame due to his fire abilities.Description:scrawny golden-brown tom with amber eyes.

12.Michael Yew(very minor character,Apollo camper,Clarrise wants to pick a fight with him the most out of everyone at camp half-blood)-Yewstrike.Yew because it’s his last name that could also be used as a prefix,and -strike due to the fact that he apparently has good archery skills.
Description:I don’t have enough info to actually think of a realistic one,but probably golden-brown tabby?

Anyways,that’s it for today.I hope you enjoyed this article and have a good day!I was originally thinking of making this longer,but my creativity ran out😑.See you guys around the blog!

Snowwy out.

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