Cadvent Day 19

For some reason, the 19th of December always feels special and exciting to me. Perhaps because it was often the day school finished when I was a kid. The last day of the Christmas term was always a half day that ended before lunch with Nine Lessons and Carols at the sweet little church near my school. I’m sure it was always frosty that day, and I used to rush home and put up the Christmas decorations. ☃️ 🎄🌟 Joy.

I hope you’re getting excited. Less than a week till the Holidays.

Here are today’s pictures! 🎁 Rainypaw found this picture…

Pinestripe found this…

And Clifffall found this. 🥳

Thank you, Cliff, Rainy and Pine.

Today’s BlogClan pet is SolarFlame’s Dog. A very handsome pooch! Thanks, Solar. 💖What your dog called?

And finally, Blizzardpaw/Lily ❄ Jingle Bells ❄ drew this. “Squirrelflight spreads some holiday cheer through camp.” Love holiday cheer! Thanks, Blizzlilyjing. 💕

See you tomorrow! ☃️


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