Dovewing x Tigerheart Rant by Tigerdawn

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Tigerdawn explains why they don’t like Dovewing x Tigerheart

Spoilers about Tiger Star’s Shadow and Omen of the Stars.

Can we just talk about how bad this ship is?
Honestly I think this is the worst ship in the Omen of the Stars series.
So, let’s start where it all began. When Dovewing found out that one of the rivers leading up into the lake was blocked. I also want to touch on the fact that this is the dumbest plot point ever. First of all, it is not very likely that there is just one river leading up to the lake. Second of all, beaver dams are common anywhere beavers live, and humans don’t have to mutilate their habitat everytime they want a lake to have water.
She and Tigerstar (Tigerheart at the time) started being out of clan friends. Of course, anyone who has ever read the books knows it was obvious that Dovewing had a crush on him.
I have no idea what happened after that except that she used her power to listen in on what he was doing in Shadow clan, basically being a low key stalker.
Next, they started meeting each other outside of gatherings.
After a short amount of time, Tigerheart used her to get catmint to cure the Shadowclan medicine cat of his sickness. At least we can assume that he is slightly loyal to his clan. Dovewing got really angry that this happened and sort of broke up with him. I believe at this point she was debating if she should just settle for Bumblestripe, which obviously never happened.
After a while I think they got back together, but they eventually realized they could never be a thing (how wrong they were).
After the great battle, their relationship continued on to a horribly insane book all about Tigerstar called Tigerstar’s Shadow. I almost read all of it, but I just gave up when they brought Tigerstar back to life. I honestly was hoping he would die already.
They began seeing each other again and Dovewing became pregnant. At this time, Tigerstar was already chosen as deputy as a result of favoritism (much like how Raggedstar chose Brokentail as deputy). Dovewing decided to run off to the city and if Tigerheart didn’t agree, she would leave by herself. Tigerheart ended up choosing to leave because Shadowclan was in ruins and everyone was leaving and going to Skyclan. I take back what I said, he is NOT loyal. But, for the plot to actually be interesting, he had to be late and Dovewing left without him.
I’m going to fast forward to when no one in Shadowclan protested about Tigerstar becoming leader even though he ran off with a Thunderclan she-cat. Tawnypelt would have been three times better! I still am so confused how he was given nine lives from Starclan to be leader (btw, at this time he already had kits with Dovewing) when Yellowfang was literally given the worst kit she could ever get.
That basically concludes my rant. What’s you opinion on the subject?

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  • TansyBranch (She\her, An Tough,Friendly and Skilled She-Cat, Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈!!) says:

    AHEM AHEM AHEM AHEM>>>>>>> Tiger x Dove is my fav ship

  • I hate Dove x Tiger they’re terrible together. Tigerstar choses Dovewing an his kits again and again over his clan. I hate when Dovewing runs away just because of dreams; when Daisy says she could have come to her she snaps back at her RUDE!!!!! Tigerheart kidnaps Ivypool for catmint and Dovewing still loves him. WHY???? Because of Dovewing ShadowClan collapsed and Rowanstar died who was 10 times better than Tigerstar. This ship is terrible and they’re both terrible together and by themselves. Dovewing should have died in the Last Hope it will be a plot device because that’s all she is now. Lightleap is a fake friend and poor Sunbeam.

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