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My three least-favorite cats by Ivymoon

Art by DemiiDee

Ivymoon lists their least favourite characters – what do you think?

Hello! I’m new and this is my first article! I hope you like it, and please don’t hate me if I’m wrong! (Still reading the books TwT) I’ll start with my least favorite.

1. Tigerstar
I think we all understand the reason why I want to burn this cat’s den down. For those of you who doesn’t know, he did plenty of bad things. Like- murdering the deputy, attempting to make it look like Ravenpaw is bad, causing Cinderpelt’s injury (indirectly), attempting to murder Fireheart, attempting to murder Bluestar, sending dogs to Thunderclan, invading Windclan, almost causing a war, and more! It would take hours to list all of the bad thing he did. That was the reason why I despise him the most.

2. Dovewing
Dovewing, I will kick you off a cliff if I ever see you. I will say a few reasons why I completely despise her. 1. She left her family. She left her WHOLE clan. There was a clan who raised her and befriended her, that clan that supported her, that clan that loved her at her worst, and Dovewing left like it was never there! I mean- *sigh* I just- Whatever. Then she starts being loyal to shadowclan and goes out with the most selfish tom there was! In my opinion, even Brambleclaw would be rated as the kindest if he was sitting next to Tigerheart.

3. Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf, I DESPISE you! She tried to kill a innocent cat. By innocent cat, I mean Leafpool. People defend Holly by ‘but she was loyal to the warrior code and found out herself was illegal’. But why try to kill her parent?! Her mother did break the code, but it was what happened all the time! I mean, look at all these. Gray x Silver, Gray x Millie, Dovewing x Tiger heart, etc, etc. Sure, Leafpool did break the code, but it isn’t something to be killed about! Also, Hollyleaf killed Ashfur who was trying to tell the forest, then told the forest herself! Ashfur didn’t HAVE TO DIE if she was going to tell the clans! I have more reasons, but I’ll stick to these for now!

These were my least favorite cats! I hope you liked the article! Sorry if I mad any mistakes! Bye, and have a great day!

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  • Ashfur tried to tell the Clans to humiliate Squirrelflight (and threatened Hollyleaf and her siblings’ life before). Hollyleaf, as angry as she was, had no goal in hurting a particular cat, she just couldn’t keep the secret. Also, the idea of exposing the truth came after Ashfur’s death, when she found out whose daughter she was. This isn’t as comparable as most of the fandom thinks. Hollyleaf didn’t want to tell the secret before the murder of Ashfur. And if Ashfur was the one to tell the Clans, they’d hear a semi-lie with a lot of things made up because “Squilf very bad”, so not really the same. Other than that, your points about her are valid

  • I adore Dovewing and Hollyleaf so I respectfully disagree, but Tigerstar the First is just so evil, he’s a despicable cat

    • Well, my favorite character is Dovewing, so that part stung me as I feel Dovewing gets a lot of hate fandom wise, but I’ll live. I like Hollyleaf, but I feel like the argument for her was better than the ones everyone gives for Dovewing, which is basically that she’s annoying. Also, I think it’s cool you base your pursonas off of Hollyleaf, my oc Chillycloud’s name is kinda based off of Ferncloud’s, who is one of my favorite characters.

  • Good article! I respect your opinion. I like Hollyleaf and Dovewing, but a lot of people don’t but that’s ok, I mean, I don’t like Mapleshade, Bristlefrost and Brambleclaw and they’re so popular! My top ten least favourite cats: 10. Scourge, 9. Sol, 8. Stormtail, 7. Darkstripe, 6. Stormfur, 5. Mapleshade, 4. Bristlefrost, Blackstar, Russetfur & Brokenstar, 3. Daisy, Millie & Thistleclaw, 2. Tornear, Rainflower and OneSTAR (I like OneWHISKER) 1… BRAMBLECLAW & TIGERCLAW. Great article!

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