Cadvent Day 20

Hello, BlogClan. I hope you’re well and happy and looking forward to a cosy holiday with your families. I had my first festive hot chocolate today, Mmmmm. ☃️ It’s put me in a perfect mood for sharing Cadvent pics.

First, let’s meet Moonblaze’s pets. Moonblaze says: “These are my parakeets! The dark blue is Tank, (named by my dad) and the teal is Bullet, (also named by my dad -_-).” Thanks, Moon! 💖 They very beautiful. 💖

Here are two twinkly pictures found by Featherclaw and Coldheart. 🌟 Featherclaw found this cute kitty…

…Coldheart found this beauty. 🎄 Thanks, Feather and Cold! 💕 They’re perfect of the season! ❄️

And finally, here is drawing by Scorchlight. Very pretty. Thanks, Scorch! 🥳🎄

See you tomorrow, for a mother twinkly day! ☃️