Scourge: Evil tyrant or misunderstood? by Wildfeather05

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Wildfeather05 analyses Scourge’s character

Hello! This post will be about Scourge and Bloodclan. I’m discussing here if Scourge was misunderstood or an evil tyrant.


First, I’m analyzing Scourge’s quotes.

” At first it feels good. Really good. These cats trust me. They believe I can solve their problem. ” – Scourge helping cats with their problems in the Rise Of Scourge manga.

According to this quote, Scourge seems to enjoy helping cats with their problems. If he really was an evil tyrant, why would he enjoy helping Bloodclan cats and protect them?

” In the town where we come from, there are many, many cats, and live prey is scarce. Here in the forest we won’t need to depend on twoleg rubbish for our food. ” – Scourge talking to Firestar in the Darkest Hour.

Scourge seems to be genuinely concerned about Bloodclan’s wellbeing. He doesn’t want the forest because he’s power hungry. He wants the forest because Bloodclan needs more food and a safe territory without cars and humans roaming around.

” These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. This is why we survive! We are Bloodclan! ” – Scourge talking to his littermates in the Rise Of Scourge manga.

This quote implies that Bloodclan cats and Scourge have to fight and kill for survival.
I think Scourge took the killing sometimes too far (attempting to kill Violet for example) but it was most of the time for survival.

” They’re laughing at me. Laughing. And as they do it, I can tell my own cats are starting to doubt me. I can feel the blood in my veins start to grow cold. I’m not small. I’m not weak. I’m Scourge and this place belongs to me. And if they won’t give me the proper respect then I’ll take it by force. ” – Scourge before he kills his first victim.

Bloodclan cats are starting to doubt Scourge as the forest cats threaten him and laugh at him.
It seems like Bloodclan peer pressured him into killing the white forest cat so it wasn’t completely Scourge’s fault.
If Scourge didn’t do anything to the forest cats they would have probably killed him instead.

” I had to have ice in my veins to do what I just did. I expect the ice to melt, but it doesn’t. It just gets colder and colder. And I welcome it. ”
– Scourge after killing his first victim.

Scourge becomes cold and harsh after he kills his first victim. He realizes that being harsh and cruel helps him survive and become more respected.


And second, I’m proving and debunking some facts about Scourge and Bloodclan.

” Scourge didn’t have any sense of right or wrong ”

This isn’t true. If he really was completely evil, why would he show mercy to his mean littermates, help cats with their problems and be concerned about Bloodclan’s wellbeing. Scourge even showed a little bit of mercy to the four clans he hated so much. He gave them a chance to leave in peace and didn’t attack them immediately.

” Scourge abandoned the old and sick cats because he was cruel. ”

This isn’t completely true. Taking care of the sick and old could be incredibly difficult in the city where Scourge and Bloodclan lived. Prey was scarce and most of the cats living there were underweight or even starving. How do you expect Scourge to be able to feed everyone when even his strongest warriors had barely enough food for themselves?

” Scourge didn’t allow Bloodclan cats to live with their families. ”

This is true. Scourge didn’t allow Bloodclan cats to live with their families because he was paranoid. He thought that a strong family could pose a threat to him. When Scourge came to the city, he saw how cruel and vicious the city cats were towards others. Because of that, he became extremely paranoid which is one of the reasons he did evil things.
Scourge allowed the higher ranked Bloodclan cats live with their families (Snake and Ice for example) because they had earned his trust.

” Scourge wanted to destroy the four clans because he was evil and vengeful. ”

This is both true and false. Scourge hated the clans because a clan cat almost killed him when he was a small kitten (Tigerpaw).
His mother also taught him that clan cats are evil savages.
Scourge also wanted the forest because Bloodclan needed more food and territory like I said before.


My conclusion: Scourge was quite evil but not completely. He did evil things because he was extremely paranoid and wanted to be powerful. Scourge and Bloodclan had to kill to survive in the harsh living conditions but sometimes they went too far. I think Scourge deserves some kind of punishment for what he did to Violet.

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