What would a Stereotypical Warrior from each of the Clans look like? by Ospreymist

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Ospreymist speculates as to what an archetypal character from each Clans would be

Hello everyone! It’s me again, Osprey, with another article!

So, often when you’re reading books, writing books or drawing pictures, you’ll need to visualise how said characters would look. Normally you would just visualise them without much thought put into it, and even disregard details such as canonical appearance in favour of your imagination.
This led me to think, what would the cats from the Clans actually look like, though? Say, if we thought about where they lived, their skills, and so on? Realistically, there is no way evolution formed these cats in the way we are most familiar with, as the cats have been roaming the Clans for approximately 25-50 years, which in the eyes of the world and evolution, is just the blink of an eye. But cats would train so that certain muscles in their body would be more developed than others, or a cat/s who was born with a certain trait helpful to life in their Clan passed it down to their kin, and now majority of the Clan has it.

Quick Disclaimer – By stereotypical, I mean how other Clans would perceive warriors from a certain Clan, or even how those Clan warriors picture themselves and their ancestors, not necessarily what the actual Clan will look like.

With that out of the way, let’s go!

Let’s start with the star Clan, ThunderClan! A clan living in a dense deciduous forest and living on forest prey, these cats specialise on hunting and fighting amongst the undergrowth and leaves. These cats will climb if they have to, but aren’t particularly graceful in trees, and seem to never go higher than a quarter of the way up. Their prey includes mice, squirrels, and some birds who like hopping along the forest floor in search of worms. Their fighting style takes advantage of the trees and undergrowth to hide in, and they will often face their enemy head on, and ambush if they must. They often are said to be very loud when walking normally, but can be very quiet when stalking.

Now let’s think of other carnivorous animals that thrive in deciduous forests. These include foxes and badgers in the Warriors series, and wolves, hawks and coyotes overseas.

With that in mind, what would a stereotypical ThunderClan warrior look like?

They would be of a medium size, and they aren’t that fast, but they can be agile. They would have a medium muscle volume and large paws that they are quite heavy on, but when taught carefully, they can move very lightly.

To camouflage with their surroundings, most ThunderClan warriors would be a mid to dark grey, dusky ginger, darker cream, brown or tortoiseshell, sometimes with various tabby patterns.

Sneaky cats that live in an evergreen forest that blocks out the light, ShadowClan are the masters at staying invisible. They excel in hunting and fighting, and the floor of their territory gets barely any light and is normally very damp as a result. They normally eat lizards and frogs, but also eat any woodland prey that happens to run into their territory, and have caught the occasional fish previously. ShadowClan is known for their crafty fighting styles, with many tactics and tricks that they pull out in battles. They use the shadows as an invisibility cloak, creeping up on unsuspecting cats, and ambushing them.

Other carnivores that live in dense pine forests also can overlap with characters that live in deciduous forests, with bears, wolves and owls taking residence here.

ShadowClan cats have been described many times to be fearsome and huge, so they’d be muscular and large, but not heavy-set. They are very dainty walkers, and they can trek nearly silently throughout forests for prey. Many other Clans would be crepuscular, yet ShadowClan would likely be a more nocturnal Clan, or even when they were out during the day, it would still be pretty dark and damp. Because of this, their eyes would be much more light sensitive than other Clans, so they can see in near darkness. Also, relating to their extremely dark environment, the pupils of ShadowClan cats would almost never be a thin oval, but normally almost circular, as then the eye is adjusted to the darker environment.
ShadowClan cats would probably be thick-furred, as their territory would be cold, even in the summer.

ShadowClan cats would normally have dark coloured pelts to blend into their surroundings, including black, dark grey, tortoiseshell and dark brown, sometimes with various tabby patterns. They would rarely have any white on them.

SkyClan cats are particularly noted for their jumping ability, being able to leap easily from place to place. They have lived in 2 separate territories, a rocky gorge, which was very rough and sandy, but was close to a deciduous forest, and also a deciduous forest. SkyClan warriors are said to conduct an ambush from the trees, dropping down onto the backs of enemies. SkyClan warriors leap from rock to rock and tree to tree, and in Firestar’s Quest, one of the defining features of a warrior having SkyClan ancestry is to have strong hind legs, an advantage when leaping into trees and into the air to catch their primary prey, woodland birds.

Other mammals that can leap include pumas, kangaroos and wallabies, rabbits, cougars, impalas, mountain goats, horses, springboks and gazelles.

With that, SkyClan cats would undoubtedly have strong hind legs that would be noticeably larger than their front paws, causing their backs to arch slightly. Their tails would be very broad for balance. In the gorge, it was often stated that their paw pads were hardened from the rock, but now in the forest, that probably isn’t the case. SkyClan cats would be very muscular, and can have any fur consistency.

SkyClan cats would be coloured similarly to ThunderClan cats.

WindClan cats are all about speed, and all their hunting and fighting skills rely on them being quick. Able to streak across a moorland in a matter of seconds, with speeds likely clocking over 50kmph/31mph, helping them catch their very fast prey, rabbits and hares. WindClan cats are used to having little to no cover, as they find it is sometimes an obstacle. When faced with running through heather or making a sharp turn, they are still masters, as they are not only fast, but extremely agile. WindClan cats are also used to being exposed to the elements, and they know everything, from a gale and snow to an extremely hot, humid day where you just want to sit under a tree, and yet they still keep hunting on open moorland, and don’t sleep in dens unless they have to.

Other fast animals include cheetahs, certain dog breeds (eg. Whippets), springboks, horses, pronghorns, antelopes, wildebeest, hares, African Wild Dogs and kangaroos (there are quite a few overlaps with SkyClan, which I find interesting).

WindClan cats would most definitely be wiry. They are a lot smaller in size than other Clan cats, and are extremely light on their feet. Like SkyClan cats, their hind legs would be very powerful, and their tail broad. They would be extremely slender, and they would look like they were ready to run off at any time.

WindClan cats would have very muted, light colours, such as cream, grey and brown to match their landscape. Think the colours of rabbits.

Finally, our aquatic Clan, RiverClan! These cats really, REALLY love to swim, and are said to feel right at home in the water. They fight using water, they hunt in the water, and they can’t really fight or hunt when they aren’t in the water, as shown when they tried to catch rabbits in early OotS when the drought was happening. They are a very graceful Clan, and seem to value having a relaxed lifestyle over other Clans, as they decorate their den and love lazing around, doing nothing. Finally, they have a ready supply of fish, so they would be very well fed all year around.

Other 4 legged mammals who can swim include beavers, otters, tigers, sloths, pigs, cheetahs, dogs and Turkish Vans.

For what RiverClan looks like, they would certainly have webbed paws and a thick, oily, waterproof coat. RiverClan cats would be pretty plump, with extra fat to keep them warm whilst in the water, and they’d have a broad tail so keep them balanced whilst swimming.

RiverClan cats would come in all colours, as their primary prey, fish, can’t see very well at long distances, and the water can mask their pelt colour.

That just about wraps this already extremely long article up! If you have any questions on my reasoning or disagree with anything, please tell me, and I’d be happy to discuss!

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  • Cool article! Love it. I particularly liked the part about ShadowClan. I’m not sure if it would go for small animals like cats, but with cheetahs for example, they have thick black tear ducts that work to blot out the harsh sunlight on the open savanna, so perhaps WindClan would have that too.
    I like how you went in depth with all this! (I love animals and nature documentaries 😛)

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