Article of Defense: Rainflower and Star Flower by Ferntail

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Ferntail argues that Rainflower and Star Flower do not deserve the Dark Forest

Lets just get this straight I DO NOT LIKE RAINFLOWER and I am not defending her horrible actions to Crookedstar. I am only going to tell you why she doesn’t deserve the dark forest because i once saw an article saying that she did so yeah… But i do like Star Flower and i will be Defending her.

1. Dark Forest Cats are evil not mean and mean is what Rainflower is. She avoided her kit but did she ever try to kill him? Make up a Crime he never did to banish him? NOPE, she just changed his name from Stormkit to Crookedkit.

2. She was a good cat before Crookedkit got hurt. And she was still a good cat then just didn’t love Crookedkit as her kit. she only loved him because he was handsome so she didn’t love him anymore because he was ugly (but that still doesn’t excuse her actions)

3.She may have been a horrible mother but i mean it was her first kits and she was inexperienced so she didn’t know what to do and was frightened that she had to point her fear at someone so she put it on Crookedkit and ignored him.

Starflower Defense time!!!

1. Starflower get a lot of hate because she betrayed Thunder but to be honest it wasn’t her fault. She says in the books that she was actually in love with thunder at first but then when One Eye found out he made her betray him but she didn’t want to.

2. “she totally ignored Thunder after the battle and fell in love with Clear Sky”. Well thunder did kill her father and she probably didn’t want anything to do with him. And she also well actually i don’t know why she fell in love with clear sky…

3.She is not a fraud she was sweet but then betrayed them because like i said before her father made her do it.

And thats it for today folks i will make another one of these soon so just say in the comments what character i should defend next!
And remeber Star Flower isn’t evil and Ranflower is just mean (and i will never justify her actions.)

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  • Starflower is simply terrible. Some of her traits are being a backstabber and traitor. Who agrees?

  • On the topic of Star Flower’s betrayal: I think fans are too harsh towards her. I know it’s a common trope for characters to take down their evil family members in fiction. But I think we take that trope for granted and don’t realise how unrealistic is it. How can someone be expected to set up their family’s murder? Honestly, it was cruel on the part of Thunder and Clear Sky. It’s not in real-life, family members personally arrest or kill their criminal kin, that’s for the unbiased police to deal with.

    Especially in the case of Star Flower – It was her father. And not only that, but One Eye was the only cat who raised her, when her mother and siblings passed away. It feels pretty hypocritical of Thunder, to demand One Eye be killed, when he allowed Clear Sky to live on, who’d arguably done worse.

  • I like your article!
    I disagree with your opinions on the characters but I think you made very good points throughout out. 🙂

  • Dʀɪᴢᴢ ɪs ʜɪᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ ᴀ ʀɪᴅᴇ ᴏɴ Sᴀɴᴛᴀ’s sʟᴇɪɢʜ (Dʀɪᴢᴢʟᴇᴘᴀᴡ/ᴅʀᴏᴘ, sʜᴇ/ʜᴇʀ) says:


  • Nice article! However, I think Rainflower is still somewhat to blame. She didn’t just change Stomkit’s name; she also forbad anyone from visiting him in the medicine den while he was recovering, she didn’t even visit him herself, and gave him his own nest once he returned to the nursery, saying she didn’t want Crookedkit to keep Oakkit up with his “fidgeting” because of his injury. That’s just so cruel, in my opinion. Not only that, but it was her who influenced Crookedkit very much; not only to train with Mapleshade, but also to leave the Clans for a while, but also by making him feel insecure and ugly.
    Rainflower wasn’t a very good mother before that, either. She was the opposite of overprotective, and was contantly boasting about her kits and feeding them information that inflated their egos and drove them to try and scare away Goosefeather, resulting in Crookedkit’s injury. This is just my opinion, though!

  • I haven’t read much about Rainflower, but on the topic of Star Flower…. she’s nasty and a backstabber. She cheated on Thunder to date his own dad! Gross!
    Why does Clear Sky get all the she-cats? Bright Stream. Storm (who Gray Wing was in love with!). Star Flower (who disgusts me). 😡
    Sorry about this long rant! Anyway, this was a great article, and I 100% respect your opinion. And yes, sorry, I’m a bit biased 🙁

  • I think your article is very creative, and I haven’t seen one like yours before, and I might not agree with you, but your article was well written

  • Im afraid of what absolute horror I will find in the comment section. While I disagree, I don’t want people to hate you just cuz you defended some fandom-wide hated cats. Rainflower was neglectful and acted like Crooked was a disease, while laying all her love on Oak. She acted like Crooked was not there, like he was a kit of another cat, and this is what I dislike about her. She WAS a loving mother, until she stopped caring about Crooked. IDK abt Star Flower, as I have not read any book where she is featured. I only know that she is hated. While Rainflower was a good mother to Oakheart, and Stormkit before his jaw, she could have done so much better. This is why I disagree. No, they should not be DF cats. Yes, they are bad. (They as in Rainflower, I said it before and I’ll say it again, IDK abt Star Flower.). Please do not hate me on my opinion, this is my opinion and Im not forcing anyone to agree. Im just saying what I stand by.

  • I’m probably the only person who likes Star Flower because she’s terrible…

    She’s the kit of One Eye, and expecting her to kill her father was…stupid.

    I do feel that sometimes the fandom picks apart every bad quality a female character has but lets male characters who are just as bad (or worse) slide by. (i.e. Dovewing, Squilf, Ferncloud, Daisy, Rainflower, Star Flower-) (A double standard that has disappeared mostly as the fandom matured but is still somewhat prevalent, unfortunately-)

    Star Flower is a traitor, but I like that she’s a traitor.

    • Indeed! I liked her as a villain. Not every she-cat has to be a cookie-cutter good person. I know plenty of people who’ve defended Ashfur for “loving too much” but honestly Star Flower has a better case for defending her villainous father out of love. What I didn’t like about Star Flower was that she later became this generalized “good mate/mother” and I wasn’t such a fan. I think it would’ve been much more fun if she stayed a villain, especially since most Warriors villains are “brute force” types rather than playing the long game like Star Flower did.

  • Nice article! Yeah, Starflower shouldn’t go to the dark forest… but the fact that she dumped Thunder to date his DAD is pretty gross.

  • Woo-hoo thanks for defending her she’s one of my top ten favorite dawn of the clans cats ( I’ll be righting an article on that soon)

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