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Millie VS. Silverstream: Who Did Graystripe Like More? by Tigerdawn

Art by LLoryz

Tigerdawn analyses Graystripe – did he love Millie or Silverstream more?

I’m reading Graystripe’s Vow, and one chapter in I had a million article ideas. I was planning on doing one titled, “Why No One Listens To Squirrelflight” but we all ready know why, even if I’d like to dish out some Thornclaw stated fact. But, never mind that detail, today we are comparing Graystripe’s love for Millie and Silverstream.

Why don’t we begin with Silverstream? We all know the story. Graystripe fell into the river, Silverstream saves him, and they fall in love. Him and her meet secretly, with the exception of Fireheart knowing. When Silverstream has kits, it all goes wrong and she dies. Luckily, Featherkit and Stormkit survive. One thing I would like to remind people: Storm was Crookedstar’s original prefix, so Stormkit was named after his grandfather. I don’t know if the authors did this on purpose, but I can dream! Then Graystripe moves to Riverclan to be with his kits, to Fireheart’s dismay. Soon he comes back, unable to be apart from his best friend. I think when Millie was in the nursery having kits, Jayfeather looked into Graystripe mind and saw him thinking of Silverstream’s death. In the ‘Then’ chapters (taking place when Firestar was gone on the mission to Skyclan) in Graystripe’s Vow, we see a lot of Silverstream. When Brightheart has her kit, Graystripe is terrified that she will also perish, much like he did when Millie kitted. In the ‘Now’ chapters (taking place in the Broken Code when Graystripe goes for a wonder), he thinks more about Millie and his children (both Millie and Silverstream’s litters). This is probably because his beloved mate, Millie, has died and he is forced to think of all the tramatic passings in his life. These deaths include Feathertail, Ravenpaw, Firestar, Silverstream, Millie, Stemleaf, and Briarlight.

Next up, Millie! I personally believe that Millie in the manga is amazing. She is a great journey partner, and did great as a clan cat too. In Graystripe’s Vow, the elderly Graystripe commonly thinks of her. In fact, in one chapter he actually has a ‘conversation’ with her spirit, imagining her matter of fact responses to his delema. But, before I get into later Millie and Graystripe stuff, I should probably start with when they came ot Thunderclan. The clans were shocked at his re-arrival to the clans, and Firestar was happy to see his best friend once more. I think some how Millie proves her loyalty to Thunderclan. Perhaps by fighting a battle? I would just like to say that I think that the suspense over Graystripe returning was perfect! It was so exciting to see him come back, especially with a kittypet mate (even if I already knew what would happen because I read the manga before reading that book). Back to the subject. Despite how little feeling is shown in the main series books, Graystripe genuinly cares about his family. When Stemleaf, his grandson, dies, he feels a large amount pity for Spotfur, as he has went through the same thing with his two mates. He also feels horrile for Blossomfall when when her mate, Thornclaw, decides to go on a wander withour her. You may be thinking, “But Tigerdawn, you’re not listing reasons that Millie is a good mate!” But that’s not the point. The point is that we give both Millie and Silverstream some development, which leads me to by conclustion:

I think that Graystripe will have an equal love for Millie and Silverstream. My reason is that he dreams of both Silverstream and Graystripe meeting in Starclan and being happy with each other, proving that perhaps Starclan mates aren’t the same as human romantic relationships. With humans most usually having one partner and breaking up if it doesn’t go as planned, while warrior cats sometimes having multiple mates at the same time. But, even on the rare occasion that warrior cats have several mates, they don’t seem to like each other as Graystripe seems to imagine Millie and Silverstream doing. That only leaves one answer: In Starclan, it is so care free that there is not need for such hard desitions of having one mate unless a character wants to do so.
Tell me your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to see your opinions.

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