Cadvent Day 22

Hi BlogClan. How are you today?

Let’s get straight to it because the Holidays are busy for us all!

Cloudpaw has done a festive drawing about one of my favourite pairings. 💖 Thanks, Cloudpaw! Fabulous! 🌟

Amberleaf found this…

Funny kitten coming out of a gift box with bokeh background of Christmas lights

Mojowing found…

And Frogpaw found…

Thanks, Mojo, Frog and Amber. A very lovely selection indeed. Why are cats just so adorable? 💖

Today’s BlogClan pet belongs to Wolfgaze, and it’s a very cute one. ☃️ Wolfgaze says: “This picture is called Puppy For Christmas. His name is Chewy. This picture was taken when my family and I first got him!”

You look SO cosy, Chewy. Thanks for sharing your photo, Wolf! 💖

See you tomorrow! ☃️


  • Cloudpaw, wonderful artwork and wonderful ship. Great Work!!
    Awww Amberleaf that kitten is so cute! I want to give it a hug
    Mojo you find so many amazing photos! What an amazing Christmas present <3
    Froggy, very cute kitty! Another Santa Claws I wonder?
    Aww Chewy is adorable Wolfgaze!! Very cute puppy!

  • Jay x Stick is the best! Nice artwork!
    Other pictures are extremely adorable, too! I especially love the present kittens!
    Chewy is very cute, Wolfgaze!!

  • Yeah JayxStick!!
    So many cute pictures!!!!!!!!! <33
    Chewy is lovely!!

  • Hey, Cloudy! You posted your drawing! Awesome, I love it!!
    Amber, that little kitty looks SO cute! 😄
    Mojo, that kitten is adorable, and looks so mischievous…. 😸
    That’s an amazing picture, Frogpaw! I love animals in Christmas clothes!
    And Wolfgaze…. I can’t stop smiling! Chewy is the definition of cuteness!!!🐶

    Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄⛄

    • Yes! I can’t believe it! I made it!😄🥳 And I couldn’t have done it without you! You gave me the confidence to send my drawing, thank you Moon! 🥰😁😊

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