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Ashenpaw argues that these cats deserve Super Editions

Hello there! By any chance have you read any of the super additions? I haven’t gotten to it yet, but once I’m about done with the main series, I’d love to read Tallstar’s revenge or Bluestar’s prophecy. Sometimes I get a little upset when some of my favorite cats don’t have a super addition just yet. But without further a do, here’s some of my ideas!
Sandstorm’s rage – a book that takes place when she was an apprentice, showing in great detail on how her anger led to her tormenting Firepaw just because of his kitty pet roots. The story starts from when the clan discovers Rusty and renames him to be Firepaw and ends when He saves her from the gorge. It shows every thought and feeling she felt throughout the book. It it shows her rage very deeply when Fireheart became a warrior before her.
Brambleberry’s love – shows how she defended Crookedstar from the hatred towards him from his clan. It shows her anger towards Rainflower. The story starts when she’s caring for injured Crookedkit after he broke his jaw, and ends of him mourning over her death.
Longtail’s trust – A story that starts from his apprentice ceremony and ends after Darkstripe dies in the battle against bloodclan. It shows how he decided to not follow in the pawsteps of Tigerstar and Darkstripe.
Ravenpaw’s fright – a book that shows Ravenpaw’s terrifying apprenticeship and includes any moment with tigerclaw. It starts when Firepaw joins the clan and ends when Barley accepts him to become a loner. Another part I want to see in a lot of detail is when Tigerclaw assigns him to hunt at snakerocks and shows Ravenpaw’s terror.
Pinestar’s tale – A story told from an elder that was alive when Pinestar was leader towards a group of kits. That’s the prologue, while it is a story, it will seem like any other book in the series, told from the present. Then at the end, it will be the elder finishing the story and the kits having many question about Pinestar.

So, do you like my ideas? Would you want to read any of these books published? Let me know! Also tell me some of your ideas for super additions! What did you like and dislike about these ideas? Out of all of them, I’d want to read Sandstorm, Longtail, and Ravenpaw’s the most. Welp, thanks for reading this and have a wonderful day!

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  • 💥ᠻꪶꪖ᥅ꫀꫝꫀꪖ᥅ꪻ❤𝕗Lᗩя𝒆𝕡άW💥𝕱𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖊❤𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕣𝕖𝕪💥Belugasong💦 Oreo's are cool says:

    Nice, i agree with all of them except Ravenpaw (he already got more than 1 personal sub-series).

  • Some of these are really interesting! The Brambleberry one was especially interesting, since I feel like she knew something Crookedstar didn’t, and I want her point of view. Although I wouldn’t want to see books on characters that already have their stories told (like Ravenpaw who has a graphic novel AND a novella). Also I don’t think every character is fit for a super edition since those books need a ton of content to work. Either way, cool ideas!

  • All of these ideas would be cool to read! The only one I sort of disagree with is Ravenpaw, since he has a novella and a manga. I would read all of them though, if they were published. In my opinion, Ashfur should either have a novella or a super edition on what he was planning in starclan when he tried to posess Bramblestar. (Ashfur’s plan as the title?)

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