Cadvent Day 23

It’s Holiday Eve-Eve! 🥳 I’m ready for some cuteness. Are you?

Look! Look! Slothscale found these two little cuties and suddenly I have a new knitting project. Who knew piggies needed hatties? ☃️💕

And here’s another cutie in a hat, which Mojowing found! Adorable! 💖

Pinestripe found this cute pair, snuggling beside the tree. 🌟🎄💕 Aren’t they lovely?

And, because we’re so close to the Holidays, here’s an extra pic, which Splashfur found! 🎁

Thanks Slothie, Mojo, Pine and Splash. Very cute pictures! 💖

Ghostsong sent in a drawing they’d made. So sweet! Thanks, Ghostie! 🎄

And Brackenclaw sent a pic of their parakeets. I couldn’t resist it because they’d added little holiday hats! Brackenclaw says: “These are my pet birds, Lemon and Blueclaw! I gave them little hats to intensify their cuteness! Lemon is the yellow and green one, and Blueclaw is the blue one. Happy Holidays, fellow BlogClanners!”

Thanks, Bracken.

See you tomorrow for the last Cadvent post of 2021! ☃️💖🎄


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