Why Thornclaw Was Right by Tigerdawn

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Tigerdawn argues that Thornclaw is right in saying Firestar’s descendants are treated too specially

Hello fellow members of Blogclan! You probably won’t understand what I mean in the title unless you have read Graystripe’s Vow. When Thornclaw is argueing at Lionblaze because of the Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, and Imposter situation he states that:
“Are we supposed to believe that only one family in this clan can raise kits to be leaders? Are the rest of us only here for them to order us around?”
Thornclaw is remarking on the fact lately only Firestar’s descedants are getting powerful or Starclan related postions. And you may be simply thinking, “What a mousebrained thing to say! I now hate Thornclaw.” But give me a chance to expalin his case.
Disclaimer, most of the characters in this article are actually my favorite characters so don’t think I’m attacking them!
As we all know, Firestar is the legendary Thunderclan leader. He had two kits, Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Leafpool became medicine cat, which this early in the game makes sense. Then Squirrelflight, who’s life is full of favoritsm (admit it). Her mate Brambleclaw, a tom like any other brave warrior, became deputy. Then, when Brambleclaw became Bramblestar he chose HER. Yes, we can all agree that she is an amazing warrior, but the favoritsm going on is out of control. Then, when the Imposter took over and left she chose Lionblaze, her siser’s kit who she raised her own, for deputy. Come on, that’s too obvious! I remember the days when Firestar wouldn’t even choose his nephew, Cloudtail, to be deputy. But that isn’t even the biggest stink! Hollyleaf, daughter of Leafpool, never had kits or a mate. In fact, she was actually kicked from a phrophecy. Of course, we already talked about Lionblaze. And Jayfeather. . .how do I say this? He actually is way over powered. That sounds weird, I know, but it’s true! He is a medicine cat (meaning he already can talk to Starclan), on top of that he has extra strong senses because he is blind (such as smell and taste), and he’s in a prophecy with extra mind reading powers. Oh, and can I remind you that he meets a dead tribe cat and travels back in time? Next up is Alderheart and Sparkpelt. Sparkpelt and Alderheart are pretty average, so I give the Erins that. They have enough plot points to be slightly interesting but not too entitled. Sparkpelt’s kits are pretty much back ground characters, which I like and dislike at the same time. It’s cool for not all Firestar direct family to be so important, but I want Flamepaw and Finchpaw to be more invloved in the story. Now, let’s dig into the Cloudtail and Brightheart side of family! Whitewing, who was their first kit, had Ivypool and Dovewing with Birchfall. Dovewing is part of a prophecy and end up as the Shadowclan leader’s mate (and I hate her) but that’s not enough to be considered entitled in the clans. She has a few kits, the most noteable being Shadowsight who is very important to the plot of The Broken Code. Ivypool is ten times better, but her abilities are never recognised by Thunderclan to be a good deputy. She end up being the mate of Ferncloud-no one rant about how they are vaugely related because I don’t want to hear it. Their kits are Bristlefrost, Flipclaw, and Thriftear. Flipclaw goes on a wander with Graystripe when Thunderclan is in ruins. Thriftear is basically the same story, except she stayed in the clan. Bristlefrost is the most important out of the three. She is chosen a a sort of deputy when the Imposter took over, and spys for the Refugees who fled the clan (this includes Stemleaf, Spotfur, Squirrelflight, and a few other cats). Bristlefrost is one of the most important cats when it comes to stopping the Imposter, as he actually trusts her even when he leaves Bramblestar’s body in The Dark Forest. This isn’t really about what goes on in the books, but Bristlefrost x Rootspring brings up the question “will the code change for the better?” I think the answer to this question is yes, but that’s unrelated.
My conclustion is this: Lionblaze in a position of power is the most corrupted desition that is favoritsm related in Firestar’s family. Who else wants a new main character who isn’t related to Firestar, or in another clan?

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