Creative Warrior Names by Tawnypaw

Tawnypaw creates some unique Warriors names – what do you think?

Hi there! This is Tawnypaw. It’s the first time posting an article, so feel free to comment below on which I should improve!

I believe some of you are inspired of creating your own stories of warriors (like me) or play role play games with friends (that’s me). But when you start, you find hard to create a character yourself, for example personalities and names. So today I am going to give you some ideas my friends and I came up with.

So, I will be giving you guys names of Warrior cats and personalities to match. If you don’t like some of them, don’t type ‘hate’ in the comments, be a nice person to tell me how can I change. Also, the personality won’t be long, please don’t mind that 😀

So, starting!
1. Frost`Chaser. Personality: A quiet, gentle but cool she-cat with great calmness and intelligence.
2. Fern`Pool. Personality: A active, responsible, eager and curious she-cat that likes to spend time with friends and family.
3. Sycamore`Pelt. Personality: A fierce, loyal and bad-tempered tom that shows not much emotion.
4. Honey`Chaser. (Got that name from a Roblox game of Warrior cats) Personality: Playful and childish, but meanwhile fights for her clan even if she needs to sacrifice herself.
5. Leaf`Swirl. Personality: Short-tempered and direct but learns things very fast.
6. Banana`Foot. (Just a joke.)
7. Bracken`Tail. Personality: Greedy and selfish but cares for his family very well.
8. Tawny`Pelt. (This is me, Tawnypaw, when I grow up.) Personality: Confident and ambitious, likes to keep to herself most of the time.
9. Lion`Fang. Personality: Devotes his life to his clan and wants to be a responsible deputy, or, even leader.
10. Peach`Briar. (This is one of my favorite made-up character and I usually use her in RPs.) Personality: Quiet, calm and smart, likes to hang out with friends and unusually quiet sometimes.

Maybe I should stop here because there are so many more name ideas I have and I’m lazy to write more personalities (because most characters of mine have similar ones.) So… this is Tawnypaw, see you later ;D

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