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My thoughts on Silver x Grey by Mountainstorm

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Mountainstorm shares their thoughts on Greystorm x Silverstream – do you agree?

Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
In this article I will be discussing my thoughts on this popular ship. I’ve always been neutral on it, so in this article I will be deciding if I like this pairing, or not.
Let’s dive right in!

So first, the bad things.
This ship was pretty underdeveloped. We only got a perspective from Fireheart, who greatly disapproved of this couple’s relationship, so Fireheart was always portraying them in a darker light than they actually were in. So there are two major things that don’t make this ship as good as other ones, like Fire x Sand or Moth x Miach, which have more development and better perspectives.
I also dislike how Greystripe neglected his apprentice, Brackenpaw, because he kept on visiting Silverstream. I think he should have been much more thoughtful on when he should meet with his mate. And I felt really annoyed and angry when Greystripe attacked Fireheart when Fireheart was only trying to make him see sense.

But like any other, this ship also has some good parts! I think one of my favorites is that Silverstream rescued Greystripe instead of Greystripe rescuing Silverstream.
In Warriors, males rule. In ThunderClan, there have only been two female leaders- Bluestar and Doestar, and barely any female deputies. And while the males are all strong and brave and smart, the she-cats are usually portrayed as weak and depend on the males to rescue them or their kits. Same is true with most ships- just like in a fairy tale, the she-cat is about to die and the heroic tom comes and saves her life, then they fall in love. Examples are Leafpool x Crowfeather, Firestar x Sandstorm, Willowbreeze x Crookedstar, etc.
But with Silver x Grey, it’s Silverstream who plunges into the icy depths of the rapid river to rescue Greystripe, showing that she-cats can be just as strong, smart, and independent as the toms.
Which leads me onto my next point- Silverstream risks her own life to save Greystripe, even though he was from a different Clan. Even with her thick RiverClan pelt, it could have been very dangerous to leap into a frozen river.
And then there comes one of the best quotes in the warriors books after Silverstream manages to drag a soaking Greystripe from the deadly river and into fresh air:
“You idiot!” She spat, flattening her ears. “What are you doing in my territory?”
“Drowning?” Replied Greystripe.
“Can’t you do that in your own territory?”
“Ah, but who would rescue me there?”

-Silverstream and Greystripe
Not to mention I really liked Greystripe back when he was a young warrior- he was easy-going, funny, and friendly. And I liked Silverstream. I found her a strong, independent inspiring character who defied the unwritten rule that males have to rescue females. Her courage continues, when she still visits Greystripe when he has a cold. She could have easily caught it, but that didn’t stop her from twinning her tail with his and nuzzling his cheek.
Their love still lasts when Greystripe’s cold clears up, and they both believe they are doing nothing wrong by loving each other, which I find pretty sweet! With other ships like Leafpool x Crowfeather, they are constantly worrying and having doubts about their relationship.
Grey and Silver just didn’t care! They loved each other and that was good enough for them.
My last point is that this is the first warrior cat romance, and because of that I think it will always have a special place in my heart. 🎶Memories! 🎶

(And as an afterthought, Silverstream and Greystripe were actually together for a pretty long time! They met when Greystripe got his first apprentice, Brackenpaw. Apprentices usually train for six moons, and Silverstream and Greystipre were still together when Brackenpaw was made a warrior. So they were together for at least 6 moons.)

In conclusion, I decided that I like this ship! It’s pretty inspiring and cute, and though it may not be my favorite, or the best written ship, it’s still pretty good, and I like it!
What’s your opinion on Silver x Grey? 🙂

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  • I ADORE Silver x Gray! They’re my third favorite Warriors couple. 🥰 (Number one is definitely Gray x Turtle, and number two is Tall x Jake!) And I love Silverstream SO MUCH! I know a lot of people consider her to be a spoiled brat. 😐 But I never saw her that way! In reality, she’s a confident young she-cat who’s willing to risk anything for her mate! She’s so loyal to Graystripe, I just love that! 💗 Thanks so much for writing this article! I don’t see an article that defends Silverstream very often. She’s the Warriors character I defend the most, so I’m happy you defended both her and her relationship with Graystripe. 💜 Yes, there were some bad things about their relationship- Graystripe rejecting his apprentice, for example- but the good things about it DEFINITELY outweigh the bad! 😀 And your point about the toms always saving the she-cats in Warriors was incredible- and it made me love Silverstream and Gray x Silver EVEN MORE! 🥰 Wonderful article, Mountain! 😄
    Stay Alive (Reprise)

    • Thank you!!!!!!!!! <333333
      You have great taste in ships! Grey x Turtle and Tall x Jake are all excellent and super cute and healthy :3
      And thank you for all the amazing feedback I'm so happy I can't stop smiling C:

  • Reading Leopardstar’s Honor takes you more into this ship, and when Leopardstar (Fur) found out they were meeting secretly, Leopardstar (fur) talked to Silverstream, and you got to hear how Silverstream thought of the ship. It was very interesting actually.

  • I firmly disagree that SilverXGray is that healthy as you said. And I think the way you compared LeafXCrow to it….was a bit bland. Relationships is too unrealistic if both partners have no problems and no doubts and really SilverXGray was too unrealistic for me to like as a reader.

    • I don’t think we could ever compare Leaf x Crow and Silver x Grey, since Leafpool gave us the inside scoop on her ship since it happened with her point of view, while Silver x Grey (as mentioned above) is from Fireheart’s perspective. Not to mention Leaf x Crow is double forbidden.
      Silver x Grey did have problems, but they didn’t care, which for me, is what made it interesting and romantic. They loved each other more than the rules.
      Your name made me a bit sad by the way 😛

  • I like Silver x Gray, I like both their kits, and one of my favourite ships is (don’t judge) Feather x Crow x Leaf. If Graystripe and Silverstream had never been mates, Feathertail would not be born and Stormfur wouldn’t either. I like the ship, but it is not the best in my opinion.

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