[Feathertail and Crowpaw look at a firefly at night together]

Best Feather x Crow moments and why it’s awesome by Mountainstorm

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Mountainstorm shares some of their favourite Feathertail x Crowfeather moments

Hello, kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
Welcome back to another article of me desperately trying, and probably failing to set the Feather x Crow ship sail again! This is my favorite Warriors ship, but I never really went into detail about why I love it so much. Well, I just re-read The New Prophecy, and I marked the pages with the best Feather x Crow moments! Hopefully this will give the Feather x Crow haters a better idea of its development, and why we Feather x Crow shippers love it!
Let’s begin!

“You had the dream too?” Feathertail asked; Brambleclaw saw the anxiety bagaining to fade from her blue eyes, as if she were drawing courage from a growing certainty that the dreams were true.
Crowpaw gave her a curt nod. “I spoke with our old deputy, Deadfoot,” he meowed. “He told me to meet three other cats at the new moon.”
“Then that’s one cat from each Clan,” replied Feathertail. “We’re all here.”
“Now we just have to wait for midnight,” Brambleclaw added.
“Do you know what this is about?” Crowpaw turned his back on Brambleclaw and appealed directly to Feathertail.
-Midnight, page 74

This is the first hint about their coming romance! While Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Stormfur and Squirrelpaw were all hostile and mean towards him, Feathertail was gentle and kind, not saying anything that might hurt him like the others did. Crowpaw already knew he could trust and confide in her, he already knew she wouldn’t make fun of him, which is why he spoke to Feathertail instead of any of the other cats.

“Let’s all try to come to the next Gathering,” Brambleclaw suggested. “There might be another sign by then.”
“Crowpaw won’t know to meet us there,” Feathertail murmured, glancing at the spot in the bushes where the WindClan apprentice had vanished.
“No loss,” Stormfur remarked, but at his sister’s anxious look, he added, “We can keep an eye open for him when he comes to the river to drink. If we see him we’ll pass the message on.”
-Midnight, pages 77 and 78

I also enjoy this moment, because while the others are just happy that Crowpaw’s gone, Feathertail is looking out for him, making sure everyone feels kind and welcome in their group. She cares that Crowpaw is happy and included. Who knows? Without Feathertail maybe the other cats would have gladly left him behind.

“Please, Crowpaw!” Feathertail’s eyes shone. “The mission might fail without you. Remember that you were chosen- the only apprentice singled out by StarClan, They must believe that you can do this.”
Crowpaw hesitated, looking at her. The red light of sunset had faded, leaving them in twilight, and Brambleclaw could hear and scent the WindClan cats as they passed the bush on their way back to their own territory. Crowpaw would have to leave with them before they noticed he was missing; there was no more time to plead or reason with him.
“All right,” Crowpaw meowed at last. “I’ll come.”
-Midnight, pages 104 and 105

This part is nice, because while the others yelled at him and tried to force him to come along on the journey, Feathertail was the only one who showed kindness and patience toward him. And that was the reason Crowpaw agreed to come on the journey with them at last.

“So why haven’t we all had a sign?” Crowpaw asked challengingly. “Why is it just the two of you?”
“Perhaps we’ll have one later,” Feathertail suggested, brushing her tail against Crowpaw’s flank. “Maybe they’re spread out to let us know we’re staying on the right path.”
-Midnight, page 195

This is when Tawnypelt received her saltwater sign from StarClan along the journey, and Crowpaw was sad and angry that he hadn’t gotten it yet.
This is cute, how Feathertail is there for Crowpaw, and calming him down when he needs it. 🥰

Brambleclaw jumped awake when a paw prodded him in the side. Squirrelpaw’s voice meowed urgently, “Wake up, Brambleclaw! Feathertail and Crowpaw- are gone!”
Brambleclaw sat up, blinking. Tawbypelt was on her paws, and Stormfur was just emerging from the nest he had made for himself under a clump of fers. But Squirrelpaw was right. There was no sign of Feathertail and Crowpaw. […] Brambleclaw glanced around wildly, desperate to come up with a plan, and caught sight of two small figures pale grey and black, approaching across the field. The wind, blowing toward the broken down wall, had carried their scent away. “There they are!” he exclaimed.
Feathertail and Crowpaw trotted briskly up to the stones. Their mouths were full of fresh-kill, and their eyes gleamed with satisfaction.
-Midnight, pages 196 and 197

Aww, this part is really sweet! Feathertail and Crowpaw sneaking away at twilight to hunt together! I’m also guessing they did a little more than hunting, judging by the happy, satisfied gleam in their eyes. Here’s a chance to let your imagination run free! What did they do? Play tag or hide and seek in the tall grass that’s blossoming with wildflowers? Did they challenge each other to catch more prey? So many possibilities- but even without a scene with them playing together, I still find it cute how they are going hunting together at day break.

Crowpaw dabbed warily the thick, spiky stems in the field. “This is no good,” he spat. “We’ll all have scratched pads if we try walking across that. We’ll have to go around the edge.”
He glared at the other cats as he spoke, as if he were expecting one of them to contradict him, but there was no reply except a murmur of agreement from Feathertail.
-Midnight page 201

Again, I enjoy how Feathertail supports him when he is right. Even though Crowaw has a good idea, the others keep quiet and don’t say a thing because they are annoyed at Crowpaw, yet Feathertail is there for him when no one else is.

“Brambleclaw! Brambleclaw!”
Some cat was calling his name excitedly. Brambleclaw turned to see Feathertail racing toward him up the side of the hollow.
“I’ve had it!” she exclaimed as she drew closer.
“Had what?” “My saltwater sign!” Feathertail let out a delighted purr. “I dreamed of padding along a stretch of stony ground, with water washing over it. When I bent down to take a rink, the water was all salty, and I woke up tasting it.”
“That’s great, Feathertail.” Brambleclaw’s anxiety faded a little. StarClan was still watching over them.
“That means Crowpaw is the only one of us who hasn’t had a sign.” Feathertail went on, glancing down in the hollow where Brambleclaw could just see the grey-back curve of Crowpaw’s back as he slept in a clump of grass.
“Maybe we shouldn’t tell him about your dream, then?” he suggested uneasily.
“We can’t do that! Feathertail looked shocked. “He’d find out sooner or later, and then he’d think we were deliberately deceiving him. No.” she added after pausing to think, “let me tell him. I’ll wait to catch him in a good mood.”
Brambleclaw snorted. “You’ll wait a long time, then.”
Feathertail let out a faint mew of distress. “Oh, Brambleclaw. Crowpaw’s not so bad. It was hard for him, leaving the forest just when he was about to be made a warrior. I think he’s lonely- I have Stormfur, and you have Tawnypelt and Squirrelpaw. We all knew each other before this, but Crowpaw is on his own.”
-Midnight, pages 207 and 208

Feathertail is so empathic! She’s relating to Crowpaw, and seeing past his shy, snappy inside, into the real reason he’s so hostile and angry. She’s already seeing the good in him, defending him, and looking out for him, making sure he isn’t hurt mentally.

Then Brambleclaw noticed Feathertail crouching in the briars just behind the dog, staring out in terror. If she tried to run for the safety of the tree, the dog would cut her off. How long, Bramleclaw wondered, before it scented her?
Suddenly he heard Crowpaw spit furiously. “Fox dung! I’ve had enough of this.” The WindClan apprentice hurled himself out of the tree, narrowly missing the dog, and hit the ground just beyond it. The dog spun around and gave chase, its paws scrabbling on the dry leaves. Feathertail bolted out of the briars and across the clearing to make a desperate leap for a thin branch that swung alarmingly under her weight.
“Crowpaw!” Brambleclaw yowled.
The grey-black tom had vanished into the bushes. Brambleclaw could hear the dog crashing about, barking wildly, and the shouts of the twoleg growing closer. Then Crowpaw appeared again, his belly close to the ground as he ran all-out for the tree. The dog was panting just behind him. Brambleclaw squeezed his eyes tightly shut and opened them again in time to see Crowpaw take a flying jump and dig his claws into the ivy. […] “Thank you Crowpaw!” Feathertail gasped, still clinging to the swaying branch. “You saved my life!” […] Crowpaw scrambled higher until he reached the branch beside Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw. “Big brute,” he muttered, looking embarrassed. “Tripped over its own paws.”
Feathertail’s blue eyes were fixed on him, huge as moons with shock. “It would have caught me for sure if you hadn’t come to help me,” she whispered.
-Midnight, pages 224 and 225

Crowpaw risked his own life to save Feathertail, repaying her love and kindness with his skill, speed, and bravery. And when Feathertail showed gratitude, he was embarrassed. I think their relationship has started to bloom!

“Come sit with me,” Feathertail meowed persuasively, “And I’ll teach you how we catch them.”
“Teach me as well, please!” Squirrelpaw demanded eagerly.
Crowpaw glanced scornfully at the ThunderClan apprentice. He padded across to Feathertail, and sat beside her on the side of the pool.
“That’s right,” she meowed. “The trick is not to let your shadow fall on the water. When you see a fish scoop it up as quick as you can before it has time to swim away.”
Crowpaw bent over the water, a paw half extended, and a moment later flashed it down into the pool. He scooped out a fish, but it turned in the air and fell back into the water, spattering Crowpaw with a shower of drops. Squirrelpaw let out a snicker and Brambleclaw glared at her.
“That was very good for a first try,” Feathertail soothed the angry apprentice. “Try again.”
-Midnight, pages 233 and 234

I found this moment really cute! Not only does Feathertail invite the tom to come sit beside her, and teaches him how to fish, she soothes him when he’s disappointed over failing, and coaxes him to not give up and try again. She’s an encouraging partner which is a really good quality in a healthy relationship!

“Why did you take us there?” he demanded, turning on Purdy. “We should never have trusted you. Did you want that Twoleg to catch us? The filthy fish wasn’t even worth it.”
“Crowpaw, don’t,” Feathertail pleaded, dropping the fish she was carrying. “There’s noth wrong with the fish or the water.”
“I tell you, it tasted salty!” Crowpaw snapped.
Brambleclaw was about to intervene- they had wasted far too much time, first in fleeing from the dog and now in arguing- until he saw the glow in Feathertail’s eyes.
“You know why it tasted salty to you and not the rest of us, don’t you?” she meowed quietly, resting the tip of her tail on his flank. “It’s your saltwater sign, Crowpaw. You’ve had it at last!”
The grey-black cat opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out. He stared at the fish and then at Feathertail. “Are you sure?” he meowed, sounding astonished.
“Of course, you stupid furball,” Feathertail purred.
Brambleclaw thought that no other cat but Feathertail could call Crowpaw a stupid furball and get away unclawed.
-Midnight, pages 234 and 235

This is super cute for me! Feathertail has already made her way into Crowpaw’s heart through her patience. It’s funny how she can tease him, yet not make him angry while doing so. And, she’s supporting him again, being the first to point out the fact that it was his saltwater sign, calming him down, and standing up to him with kindness in a time he was really frustrated. She’s not afraid to stand up to him, which again is a good quality in a healthy relationship!

The Thunderpath bent sharply to one side; Purdy rounded the corner and Brambleclaw saw Feathertail halt and stare disbelievingly in front of her.
“No!” she spat with uncharacteristic fury. “That’s too much! We can’t go that way, you furball!” [..] “You have no idea where we are, do you?” Feathertail demanded. She flattened herself against the hard surface of the ground; Brambleclaw wasn’t sure whether she was trying to hide, or preparing to attack their hopeless guide. “We’ve got an injured cat with us. We can’t spend all day traipsing after you up and down this…this vile place!”
“Steady.” Crowpaw came and bent over Feathertail, rasping his tongue over her ear. “Just ignore the old fool. We’ll make a plan to get out of here by ourselves.”
-Midnight, page 272

When I read this, my heart melted. It’s just so sweet! After all those chapters of Feathertail comforting him and calming him down, it’s Crowpaw’s turn to return her kindness. When Feathertail is angry, he rushes up to her, and reassures her, gently licking her ears to calm her down. That’s just too cute, and I can’t stop smiling whenever I read that. 🥰

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a white tail bobbing as the rabbit vanished over the crest of a gentle slope. Instantly Crowpaw darted after it.
“Wait! Where are you going?” Brambleclaw called after him, but the WindClan apprentice was gone. The tabby warrior’s tail lashed irritably. “Does he ever listen?”
“He won’t be long,” Feathertail soothed him. “You can hardly expect him to ignore a rabbit when it pops up right under our noses.”
-Moonrise, page 11

Yay, we’ve moved onto Moonrise! Anyways, I enjoy this moment, because it seems Feathertail is the only one who remembers to think sensibly and logically at times like this, knowing that WindClan cats are fast and swift, and that the rabbit would feed them well. She defends him, when everyone else flares up right away, angry at the tom for going after the rabbit.

Stormfur stopped short when he noticed a glow of admiration in Feathertail’s eyes. Surely his sister couldn’t be interested in Crowpaw? All he ever did was argue […] And whatever did Feathertail see in him? Didn’t she know the problems this sort of thing could cause- hadn’t she learned from their own parents?
-Moonrise, page 12

I admire how Feathertail and Crowpaw don’t really hide their relationship away from other cats. Even if you argue they aren’t really doing it yet, they will later on in the book. Anyways, they just don’t care what other cats think! They love each other and that’s enough for them. I admire that.

“Do you want to go hunting with me?” [Crowpaw] muttered, sounding half grunding, half embarrassed. “We’d do better together.”
“That would be great!” Feathertail’s eyes shone
-Moonrise, page 16

I enjoy how Crowpaw asks Feathertail to go hunting with him, and I love Feathertail’s passion.

The two foxes were creeping slowly up the back, their eyes flicking from one cat to the next. Too late Stormfur realized that he and his friends had been wrong to assume that the woods held no danger for them.
He saw that Crowpaw had stepped forward to shield Feathertail, while Brambleclaw tried to do the same for Squirrelpaw.
-Moonrise, page 33

Crowpaw is really brave and heroic, how he steps in front of Feathertail to protect her from danger.

Crowpaw backed off a pace or two, still looking furious, and Feathertail pressed her nose against his flank.
-Moonrise, page 35

Crowpaw is angry at Midnight this moment, but Feathertail doesn’t fail this time either to comfort the tom.

Stormfur and Squirrelpaw stepped back from the top of the boulder, and a moment later Crowpaw joined them, his long limbs managing the jump easily. Ignoring the others, he turned back to help Feathertail, who scrambled up with a muttered curse as one of her claws snagged on a rock.
-Moonrise, page 61

I like how helpful Crowpaw is toward Feathertail, never leaving her behind and always making sure she’s okay.

“What about finding some prey? I scented rabbits out there.”
“I’ll go,” Crowpaw offered. “I don’t need to rest. Coming, Feathertail?”
Stormfur opened his mouth to object as his sister pushed her way out of the bush behind Crowpaw.

-Moonrise, page 67
Yay! Crowpaw and Feathertail are going hunting alone again! 🥰

The stream bubbled up beside them, splashing over the rocks that were already wet and slippery with rain, which was falling more heavily again. Stormfur kept a wary eye on the stream, half expecting it to overflow and sweep them off the rocks. He stayed to the back of the group, trying to watch every cat, well aware that if any of them slipped they could be washed into the pool below the waterfall.
Almost as soon as that thought crossed his mind he saw Feathertail’s paws skid from under her. She slid sideways into the stream; water surged around her as she clung to the rocks by a single paw, her jaws wide in a silent wail of shock.
Stormfur bounded towards her, pushing past Tawnypelt, but before he reached her, Crowpaw had leaned out precariously over the foaming water, sunk his teeth into the scruff of Feathertail’s neck, and dragged her back into the path.
“Thank you Crowpaw,” she gasped. Stormfur saw with annoyance that her blue eyes were glowing with gratitude- and something more.
“You should be more careful,” Crowpaw meowed gruffly. “Do you think you’re a Clan leader, with nine lives to throw away? I saved you this once- don’t make me save you again.”
“I won’t.” Feathertail blinked and pressed her nose against Crowpaw’s muzzle. “I’m sorry for not watching out.”
-Moonrise, page 76

Does anyone know why this ship isn’t more popular?
How come when Crowfeather rescued Leafpool from falling, everyone fell in love with them, but when Crowpaw just rescued Feathertail from a more deadly situation, joked with her, and then Feathertail pressed her nose to his muzzle and whispered a promise to him? I find it really sweet and more heart-warming than the Leaf x Crow rescue.

“I’m Feathertail, and this is Tawnypelt.” Stormfur’s sister fixed anxious blue eyes on Crag. “Please can you help her? Her shoulder is badly injured.”
Brambleclaw glared at Feathertail with a hiss of disapproval; this wasn’t the time to be admitting weakness to strangers. Instantly, Crowpaw stepped forward. “She’s right,” he defended Feathertail. “This Clan might have a medicine cat who can help.”
-Moonrise, page 96

After all these chapters of Feathertail defending Crowpaw, he once again returns her love and support by standing up for her when she’s right.

But the gaping hole led into a cave with steep rocky walls, stretching nearly to the top of the waterfall. […] “What’s in there?” Feathertail murmured nervously, trying to peer inside. She was shivering, her pelt so sodden that it looked almost as dark as Crowpaw’s.
Crowpaw brushed against her flank, “Whatever happens, we’ll be there together,” he murmured.
-Moonrise, page 99

Thi is just so adorable and heart-warming!! Feathertail is afraid and anxious of what’s ahead of her, of the unknown, but Crowpaw presses himself to her reassuringly and comforts her. They will be there together, and everything will be okay.

Stormfur glanced back to where he could see the smooth curve of Tawnypelt’s tortoiseshell fur as she lay curled in her sleeping hollow. Feathertail was anxiously bending over her, examining her shoulder, while Crowpaw looked on. Squirrelpaw was still sleeping.
The sight of his sister so close to the WindClan apprentice did nothing to improve Stormfur’s temper.
-Moonrise, page 134

It’s cute how Crowpaw keeps Feathertail company! And oh wow, Stormfur really disapproves of their growing relationship!

“And what if we don’t want to go?” Without waiting for a reply, Crowpaw launched himself at the nearest cave-guard, a cat almost twice his size. The cave-guard casually swatted him with a huge paw, sending him half stunned to the floor of the cave. Feathertail sapt at the guard and lashed out a paw, claws extended.
-Moonrise, page 151

Feathertail to the rescue! She’s ready to fight a huge cave-guard just to defend Crowpaw :3

Stoneteller flicked his ears. Without a word, the cave-guards surrounded the forest cats and began thrusting them back toward the cave entrance- all except Stormfur- all except Stormfur, who was surrounded by a separate patrol. Feathertail desperately tried to break through to her brother, but the nearest cave-guard bowled her over with a swipe of his paw.
“Take your paws off her, you piece of fox-dung!” Crowpaw spat, hurling himself at the cave-guard and raking his claws over the Tribe cat’s ear.
-Moonrise, page 157

Crowpaw valiantly defending Feathertail! I love how courageously he fights for what’s right, and how he tries to help Feathertail and protect her from the guards.

“I don’t see why the Tribe is so worried about Sharptooth.” Crowpaw’s voice was scornful. :We haven’t seen a whisker of him since we arrived, so what’s the big deal?”
“Be thankful you haven’t seen him,” Scree meowed.
Crowpaw bared his teeth, but this time he didn’t spring at the guard, just turned away and touched his nose to Feathertail’s muzzle. He would have fought the whole of StarClan for her, Feathertail knew that, but he had to see that this time fighting would do no good.
-Moonrise 173
This moment is cute as well, how affectionate Feathertail and Crowpaw are toward each other, and how much they’d risk to see the other safe.

Crowpaw looked into Feathertail’s eyes and then ducked his head and muttered, “Sorry.”
-Moonrise, page 176

This is after a big fight between Squirrelpaw and Crowpaw. Feathertail breaks the argument, and calms everyone down, including Crowpaw, once again.

“I’m willing to give it a try,” she announced. “You can leave me behind if you want.”
“Well, I for one-” Crowpaw began.
“Don’t try to stop me,” Feathertail interrupted. “I know we have to get StarClan’s message to the Clans before they’re destroyed along with the forest, but they don’t need all of us. I can stay here.”
“Who said I was going to try to stop you?” Crowpaw demanded indignantly, his neck fur bristling. “I was going to say I’ll help, but if you don’t want me…”
“Don’t be mouse-brained.” Feathertail gave his ear a quick lick. “I’m sorry I misunderstood. Of course I want you with me.”
-Moonrise, page 178

The traveling cats are planning to rescue Stormfur! This could have easily started an argument between Feathertail and Crowpaw, but Feathertail valued Crowpaw’s love too much to flare up as well. I like this moment because it shows all sides of their relationship, and how far they are willing to go to make the other happy. (Crowpaw willing to risk his life to save Stormfur because he’s Feathertail’s brother)

“Come on.” Crowpaw brushed his tail against Feathertail’s flank, already damp from the spray of the waterfall.
-Moonrise, page 181

Short moment, but I like it, because of how gentle Crowpaw is here.

Squirrelpaw was already bounding down the hollow, calling out, “Come on! I’m starving!”
“She’ll frighten every scrap of prey from here to the Highstones,” Crowpaw grumbled as Brambleclaw took off after her.
Feathertail watched as Brambleclaw caught up to the younger cat, and the two of them went on together, their pelts brushing. They had become very close during the journey, even if they didn’t quite realize it yet.
“Don’t mind Squirrelpaw,” she told Crowpaw. “Let’s go and see if there are any fish in that pool. I could give you a lesson, just in case you want to catch any fish when we get home.” She broke off and looked awkwardly down at the ground. “It’ll be a useful thing to know, whatever happens.”
Crowpaw brightened. “Okay.” He paused as if he wanted to say something more, then without a word bounded down the slope after two ThunderClan cats. Feathertail followed, her mind buzzin with her feelings for Crowpaw as well as her fears for her brother. She approached the pool and gazed down into it’s blue depths. She and Crowpaw had plenty of time to figure out what they would do when they got back to the forest. […] A silver flash caught her eye and her paw shot out, claws extended to hook a fish.
“Come over here,” she instructed Crowpaw, “So your shadow doesn’t fall on the water. And when you see a fish, be quick!”
Crowpaw came to join her, picking his way with a grimace around the muddy edge of the pool. He settled down at her side, but instead of peering into the water he looked into her eyes “I know I shouldn’t ask this, but…will you still see me when we get home?” He glanced down at his paws and added, “I want to be loyal to my Clan, but…there’s never been another cat like you, Feathertail.”
Feathertail’s pelt tingled with happiness and excitement. She touched his muzzle with her nose, sensing the uncertainty that made it hard for him to believe that she could like him enough to cross Clan boundaries for him.
-Moonrise, pages 184, 185, and 186

This is just so cute! They love each other so much :3

Crowpaw brushed her shoulder with his tail, and crouched down over the water. A few heartbeats later his paw shot out. A fish curved up out of the water and fell wriggling on the ground; Crowpaw grabbed it in his jaws before it could slide back into the pool.
Feathertail jumped up and pushed her nose against his shoulder. “Well done! We’ll make a RiverClan cat out of you yet.” She broke off, confused, and Crowpaw blinked in understanding.
His eyes were shining; Feathertail wished their companions could see this side of him, eager and enthusiastic, instead of the defensive, difficult face he chose to show them.
-Moonrise page 186

Crowpaw and Feathertail fishing together are really adorable. I love how much good Feathertail can see in the WindClan tom!

They were padding down a steep path between broken rocks when Crowpaw suddenly halted, his muzzle raised and his jaws parted. Then he whirled on Feathertail and pushed her behind a rock, signaling widely with his tail for the other cats to hide too.
A heart-beat later, Feathertail caught the same scent: Tribe cats! Peering out cautiously, she saw a patrol of lithe prey-hunters bounding along the path in the same direction, their jaws filled with prey, their escort of cave-guards around them. She tensed, waiting for them to pick up the intruders’ scent and turn to attack but they passed her hiding place without pause and disappeared into the darkness.
“That’s twice I saved you,” Crowpaw teased, stepping away to let Feathertail stand up straight.
She touched noses with him with a purr of amusement. “I know. I won’t forget it; don’t worry.”
-Moonrise, pages 188 and 189

This is one of my favorite Feather x Crow moments! Instead of Crowpaw hissing or being angry at Feathertail for having to save her for a second time, he’s easy-going about it and laughing it off. He’s looking out for her as well- making sure she can stand up then touching noses with her, lightening up the mood with a quick joke.
From being gruff about rescuing Feathertail a few chapters before, he is now happily teasing her. We can see just how far Feathertail’s kindness and encouragement has gotten him.

“The sooner, the better,” muttered Crowpaw. He was standing so close to Feathertail that their fur touched. There seemed to be an unspoken connection between them, and Stormfur wondered what had happened while he’d been held prisoner in the cave.
-Moonrise, pages 213 and 214

(Crowpaw was responding to Stormfur’s remark that it would take a few days to get out of the mountains, by the way)
This is just so cute too! An unspoken connection between them and their fur brushing…adorable!

He had kept a check on his feelings for Squirrelpaw because they were in different Clans, but he was drawn to Brook in a way that he couldn’t ignore so easily. The sheen on her tabby fur, the glow in her eyes, her speed and skill stayed with him even though he had escaped from the cave. Was that how Crowpaw and Feathertail felt about each other? he wondered suddenly, with a pang of sympathy he had never felt before. Would he cross boundaries like that to be with Brook? -Moonrise, page 234
I like how Stormfur starts to sympathise with Crowpaw and Feathertail. Again, this proves how the two weren’t afraid to hide their affection, and how obvious it was that they would cross Clan boundaries for each other.

“I’m not asking any cat to come with me,” Stormfur meowed hastily. “This is something that I have to do, but the rest of you can go on the journey.”
Feathertail got up and padded toward him, pressing her nose against his shoulder. “Stupid furball,” she mewed. “You don’t think I’m going to let you do this alone, do you?”
“Then I’ll come too.” Stormfur was not surprised that Crowpaw wanted to go with Feathertail, but he was startled as the WindClan apprentice wnet on, “Actually, Stormfur, I think you’re right. Ever since we rescued you, you’ve been mooning around like a rabbit without it’s tail. You’re obviously going to be no use at all until you’ve tried to help these cats.”
-Moonrise, page 242

I like this, because not only does Crowpaw support Feathertail, but this also proves that Crowpaw isn’t obsessed over Feathertail and is worshipping her, like many people think. He’s going along to protect Feathertail, but he’s also going along because he thinks Stormfur is right, and maybe even secretly wants to help the cats. Which doesn’t just show that he’s not obsessed with Feathertail, it also shows how far he has come in empathy and kindness.
From ignoring and snapping at every cat- to being willing to help a whole Tribe, Feathertail’s encouragement and love had really brought him out of his shell.

Beside him, he heard Feathertail whisper, “Crowpaw.” She gave Stormfur a long look, filled with love and sorrow, her blue eyes glowing in the moonlight.
-Moonrise, page 269

Sharptooth has cornered Crowpaw and is about to kill him- Feathertail already knows what she’s going to do next to save the love of her life.

He was aware of Crowpaw creeping out of the rock to crouch beside him. “Feathertail?” The WindClan cat sounded desperate. “Feathertail, are you okay?”
Feathertail did not move. […] Crowpaw crept forward until his nose touched Feathertail’s fur. He breathed in her scent, and then began to lick her gently. Blood from a slash on his shoulder smudged against her pelt. “Wake up, Feathertail,” he whispered. “Please wake up.” […] “Oh, Feathertail!” There was a gasp from Crowpaw and Stormfur snatched his gaze back to see that his sister’s eyes were open. Trembling, he spoke her name. She shifted her head, and blinked.
“You’ll have to go home without me, brother,” she murmured. “Save the Clan!”
Her eyes focused on Crowpaw, and Stormfur saw in them a lifetime of love for the difficult young apprentice, enough to sweep their Clans’ rivalries away forever. “Think you have nine lives, do you?” she whispered. “I saved you once…Don’t make me save you again.”
“Feathertail…Feathertail, no!” Crowpaw could hardly get the words out. “Don’t leave me.”
“I won’t.” Now her whisper was scarcely audible. “I’ll always be with you, I promise.”
Then her eyes closed, and she did not speak again.
Crowpaw threw his head back and let out a wail.
-Moonrise, pages 270 and 271

Really, why isn’t this ship more popular? This is so heart-breaking- how Crowpaw begs her to wake up and licks her fur, how Feathertail has enough love for the apprentice to sweep the Clans’ hostility away forever, how she jokes to lighten the tom’s spirits, then promises to always be with him…it’s all so tragic and tear-jerking and heart-warming at the same time, a perfect mix of all these emotions that make Feather and Crow’s relationship one of the sweetest and best (and most underrated) ship in the fandom. And how can people claim it’s a crush, or that Feathertail didn’t love Crowpaw, or that Feathertail would have been too loyal to her Clan to be with him, when it’s written right there, plan as day in one of the best books: “Her eyes focused on Crowpaw, and Stormfur saw in them a lifetime of love for the difficult young apprentice, enough to sweep their Clans’ rivalries away forever.”

But it was Crowpaw who stared most intensely at the rough grassland where he had been born. “We would not have come this far without Feathertail,” he murmured.
-Dawn, page 6

It’s sweet how Crowpaw was the only one who remembered the sacrifice Feathertail made for them all when they returned to their home.

“Stop! You’ll be killed!” Squirrelpaw leaped onto Crowpaw’s back and dragged him to the ground, digging in her claws. He collapsed beneath her, hissing with fury.
“Get off me!”
Brambleclaw raced over to them. “Don’t be such a fool, Crowpaw!”
“He’s gone mad!” Squirrelpaw shrieked. “I’m not going to let him kill himself!”
“I’m not frightened of joining StarClan,” Crowpaw spat back. “The forest is dying anyway. At least in StarClan, Feathertail will be waiting for me!”
-Crowpaw, Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, Dawn page 180

Oh my gosh. So many characters in the Warriors books, and out of all of them, Crowpaw was the only one who ever tried to commit suicide. He loved Feathertail that much. Again, their relationship is very tragic.

“Crowpaw has served his Clan with bravery and loyalty.” Tallstar’s voice cracked as he stifled a cough. “He should have received his warrior name long ago,” he rasped. “But the tragedies of the past moons have prevented this. Tonight, if Stoneteller will do me the kindness of letting a Clan ceremony into his Tribe’s home, I wish to honor Crowpaw’s great skill and courage by giving him his warrior name.”
Murmures of agreement rose from the WindClan cats, but they turned to mews of surprise as Crowpaw stepped forward. This wasn’t part of the warrior naming ceremony.
“May I ask something, Tallstar?” he mewed.
Tallstar narrowed his eyes and nodded for him to go on.
“I would like to choose my own warrior name. If it is all right, I wish to be known as Crowfeather.” Crowpaw spoke so quietly, his voice was almost lost in the pounding water. “I wish to keep alive the memory of…of the cat who did not return from the first journey.”
Stormfur’s ears flicked and he stared down at his paws.
There was a long pause; then Tallstar announced, “A noble request. Very well I name you Crowfeather. May StarClan protect you and accept you as a WindClan warrior in life as well as after.”
The WindClan cats jumped up and went over to congratulate their new Clanmate.
“That was a brilliant idea!” Squirrelpaw bounded over to Crowfeather’s side.
[…] “Thank you,” Crowfeather murmured. He gazed past them at the waterfall, turned silver by the light of the moon. “I will sit my vigil tonight beside Feathertail’s grave.”
-Dawn, pages 316 and 317

Both wonderful and sad at the same time, this moment shows how hard Crowfeather tries to keep Feathertail in his heart.

“I can guess what you’re thinking,” she meowed. “You think I’m angry about Crowfeather, don’t you?”
Leafpool blinked at her, too ashamed to admit to her suspicion.
“Do you think I wouldn’t want to see him happy?” Feathertail asked gently. “You make him happy; I can see that.”
-Twilight, page 91

This moment proves how much Feathertail cares for Crowfeather. She lets Leafpool have him because she wants to see him happy, even though it mustn’t have felt the best to do so. She’s so selfless and caring; placing Crowfeather’s needs in front of her own, which is a key part in a healthy relationship.

Feathertail ran her paw very lightly over the backs of the sleeping kits. “Because I love these kits as much as you do. They are Crowfeather’s: How could I not? I want them to have the best life, not one lived outside the Clans, in shame and exile.”
-Leafpool’s Wish, page 174

This moment is cute as well, showing how much Feathertail loves Crowfeather, and how much she always will.

Crowfeather paused before replying; Hollypaw couldn’t read anything from his expression. “What’s it got to do with us?” he asked eventually.
“They helped us on the great journey,” Squirrelflight mewed.
“And Feathertail died for them!” Crowfeather spat, his blue eyes blazing. “We owe them nothing.”
Feathertail had been a RiverClan cat, Stormfur’s sister, who had died on the first journey. None of the other cats seemed to think her death was a reason not to help the Tribe. Why should Crowfeather take it so personally? Feathertail hadn’t even been his Clanmate.
-Outcast, page 138

Crowfeather is still loyal to Feathertail, defending her and standing up for her, even after his romance with Leafpool. His love and loyalty for the gentle, patient Feathertail stretches all through his life.

Crowfeather padded forward a couple of paces to stand beside Squirrelflight. “It is my choice if I go,” he meowed, with a glance at Onestar. Hollypaw wondered if he was defying his leader, but Onestar didn’t rise to the challenge. “And I- I will go. I would like to stand again in the place where Feathertail lies.”
-Outcast, page 141

Again, Crowfeather’s loyalty and love to Feathertail is so inspiring and beautiful! He moves on, but he keeps her in his heart and he doesn’t forget her.

Crowfeather had wandered away from the rest of the group and was sitting with his head bowed beside a heap of stones on the other side of the pool, underneath a twisted tree.
“What’s Crowfeather doing?” Lionpaw asked.
“That’s where Feathertail is buried,” Tawnypelt explained.
Lionpaw stared at the small grey-black cat crouched beside the pile of stones. “Why is Crowfeather so upset? They weren’t even in the same Clan…”
“Crowfeather loved her.” Tawnypelt’s tone was gentle. “She died saving him from Sharptooth and she saved the Tribe as well.”
-Outcast, page 214

This part is so sweet and sad at the same time, a good mix that makes a bittersweet moment.

“Have you ever loved another cat so much it made your heart ache and your fur tremble?”
-Code of the Clans, Crowfeather speaks, page 122

Crowfeather speaks about Feathertail! It’s cute how much they loved each other :3

“Feathertail, the RiverClan cat, saw past his shyness and sharp tongue to the brave, thoughtful, loyal warrior beneath, and found something to love. Crowpaw loved her back, softened by her quick humor and her gentle reassurance that he was among friends, even if they didn’t share the same Clan.”
-The Ultimate Guide, page 108

Many people hate on this ship because they think it was a crush- falling in love with each other just because of each other’s appearances. Crowfeather loved Leafpool because of her loyalty! But he never said he loved Feathertail because of her traits! Many people say that, but this quote proves it wrong. Crowfeather loved Feathertail for her kindness, quick humor, and gentleness, while Feathertail loved him for his eagerness, enthusiasm, bravery, thoughtfulness, and loyalty.
Also, that quote is really sweet :3

“But Feathertail was not alone; she fell in love with another cat who had been visited by StarClan, Crowpaw of WindClan. To other cats, he was prickly and reserved, but Feathertail saw through that to the loyal warrior beneath, and, free from the borders that divided their forest home, they had no need to hide their affection.”
-The Ultimate Guide, page 132

Again, this is just a really sweet quote that I find describes their relationship, and why you should like this ship, pretty well!

He stared as the undergrowth parted and a silver tabby she-cat stepped into the open. Her plumy tail was raised high, and her blue eyes glowed with love for him.
“Greetings, Crowfeather,” she mewed.
“Feathertail!” Crowfeather breathed out. Astonishment and disbelief gripped him like giant claws, and the ache of loss awoke again in his heart. “Is it really you?”
[…] Crowfeather stood still, stunned by shock, while Feathertail padded forward, twined her tail with his, and nuzzled him affectionately. He could feel the warmth of her pelt and the taste of her sweet scent as it wreathed around him. He could hardly believe this was only a dream.
“I’ve missed you,” he choked out.
“I’ve missed you too.” Feathertail took a pace back and looked deeply into Crowfeather’s eyes.
-Crowfeather’s Trial, pages 196 and 197

Crowfeather’s Trial is my favorite Warriors book, and it has some of the most heart-warming moments hidden in its pages! Here’s one where Feathertail visits Crowfeather in a dream, comforting him and giving him advice about his family.

“How did you find me in all this?” he asked.
Yew looked thoughtful. “That was strange,” he replied. “I was hunting, down there on the edge of the forest. Then I saw a grey she-cat- the prettiest cat I ever laid eyes on. She beckoned me to follow her, and she brought me up here. But when I got here, I couldn’t find her…only you, half buried in the snow and looking just about dead.” For a moment his bold amber gaze softened. “Her fur glittered like stars…”
Feathertail! Warmth spread through Crowfeather from ears to tail-tip, as if he were basking in the sun of greenleaf.
She saved me! Injured and unconscious in the snow, he would have frozen to death if no cat had found him.
-Crowfeather’s Trial, page 258

Crowfeather lives again!! I love how the thought of Feathertail sparked a warm fire in his heart. <3

Now, just like with my Leaf x Crow article, I’ll go through the main keys of a healthy relationship, to be fair! Let’s see if Feather x Crow is healthy or not!

1. Comfortable pace
“In a healthy relationship, you’re not rushed or pressured in a way that makes you feel overwhelmed”
Yeah! Feather x Crow has good, slow development. First from just being friends, they are something more, then they clearly love each other. All that developed over a span of two moons, giving us plenty of time to digest the fact that Feathertail and Crowpaw love each other. They go forward at a steady pace, so I think this is true for them!

2. Trust
“Confidence that your partner won’t do anything to hurt you or ruin the relationship”
True as well, I think. Feathertail and Crowpaw weren’t afraid to stand up to each other. Feathertail even gave Crowpaw a friendly tease, and Brambleclaw claimed that if anyone else tried to do the same thing, they’d have their ears clawed off. Feathertail had trust in Crowpaw that he wouldn’t hurt her, though. And Crowpaw wasn’t afraid to speak his own mind or to stand up to Feathertail either!

3. Honesty
“You can be truthful and candid without fearing how the other person will respond.”
I think so, but I’m not 100% sure on this one. Crowpaw wasn’t afraid to ask Feathertail if she wanted to continue seeing him after they returned home, and he always spoke his true thoughts to Feathertail, for example, when he fired up over Feathertail misunderstanding what he had to say. He let her know that he didn’t like how she had sait it, with it saying the truth and not fearing rejection.

4. Independance
“You have space to be yourself outside of the relationship. The other person should be supportive of your hobbies and other relationships with your friends and family”
Definitely true on Feathertail’s side. And on Crowpaw’s too, but not as much. This is a half-and half. At first it wasn’t true, but by the end of the book, I think they learned a bit more. Feathertail was approving of Crowfeather’s relationship with Leafpool because it made him happy. And Crowfeather was approving of Feathertail’s relationship with Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, and Stormfur, not acting jealous when she was near them. Feathertail was very encouraging all throughout the books, and Crowpaw encouraged her too, later on when he came out of his outer shell.
So half and half.

5. You Fight
“Disagreements are normal, so if you aren’t fighting, chances are you’re holding back. But when people in healthy relationships fight, they fight productively and fairly. That means avoiding name-calling or put-downs. It also means striving to understand your partner instead of trying to score points. And when you’re wrong? You apologize.”
Pretty true. We didn’t get to see much of their relationship, because A) The books were from Brambleclaw and Stormfur’s views, mostly, B) Because it was a side-romance, like Sorrel x Bracken, not a main one like Sand x Fire or Crow x Leaf, and C) Because it didn’t last for very long. If you don’t fight in two months, I’m sure that’s a good thing and not unhealthy.
But, yes, Crowpaw, Feathertail, Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, and Tawnypelt did get into an argument, and they didn’t hold back. Feathertail and Crowpaw also comfortably discussed things they weren’t sure about, talking it over and not bottling it inside. And Crowpaw was mean to Feathertail once, but he realised he was being unfair and apologizes quickly.
So while they weren’t in an “actual” argument in their relationship, I don’t think that’s bad since they were only together for two moons, and not fighting for that long is more good than bad. Plus, they did have small debates, and they weren’t holding back from each other much.

So there you have it! They share a pretty healthy relationship! Some people actually hate them for that reason; they were too “perfect”, and gave a false example for a relationship. Once again, all I can say for that is that they were together for two months, and while their relationship is healthy, it isn’t perfect. No Warriors relationship is. No real life relationship is.

Great! With that over, let’s move on to why this pairing is awesome.
Number one is obviously all the cute and heart-warming moments that were listed above. I feel like Feather and Crow’s relationship had everything in it: Tragedy, love, romance, conflicts, happiness, sadness- all the things which make it realistic, natural, not corny, and super awesome.
Number two is that it had a great message. Feathertail was kind to Crowpaw, and it was because of this that Crowpaw fell in love with her. That gives a message to be kind, and spread kindness, because it always repays, the same way Crowpaw repaid Feathertail’s kindness with his love, and by becoming a better, more supportive, encouraging, compassionate, and empathic cat. Someone who was willing to put aside boundaries and differences, and willing to be more open to life beyond his Clan.
Number three is how Feathertail and Crowpaw make such an awesome team, looking out for each other both metally and physically, encouraging each other and giving each other confidence when they need it, the way Feathertail gave confidence to Crowpaw when he didn’t get his saltwater sign, the way Crowpaw gave Feathertail confidence when she was scared to go into the cave of the Tribe of Rushing Water. They bring out the best in each other, which is just so sweet.
Number four is how they seemed to click. In Warriors, opposites often seem to attract, and the same happened with Feathertail and Crowpaw. :3 They are both complete opposites, and they can relate to each other pretty well! Feathertail knows what it’s like to have a distant father, like Crowpaw has. Feathertail also knows what it’s like to be left out of her Clan- she used to be turned away because the RiverClan warriors were too scared to stick up for her and her brother when Tigerstar ruled RiverClan, while Crowpaw simply felt left out on the journey, with Tawnypelt having Brambleclaw, Brambleclaw having Tawnypelt and Squirrelpaw, and Feathertail having Stormfur. But Crowpaw had no one. Feathertail felt alone and betrayed in her Clan- and Crowpaw felt alone and betrayed in the group of traveling cats.
Number five is how loyal they remain to each other. Even though Crowfeather has moved on, he still loves Feathertail, showing his affection for her in his dream.
Number six is that this ship had a lot of potential. It could have been a great representation of a long distance relationship, as the RiverClan camp and WindClan camp are very far from each other, more than three times the distance from the WindClan camp to the ThunderClan camp. Leaf x Crow seems like a flat version of a long distance relationship since they share borders, and are pretty close to each other anyways; Feather x Crow would have been a better representation of the hardships of a long distance couple.
Feathertail would have been such a good mother, too! This ship just had so much potential!!
Number eight is just how much they encouraged each other. From Crowpaw being introduced as an ignorant, unfair tom who would yell at anyone, and never in his life give a compliment to another cat, to going as far as to be willing to save a whole tribe and giving Squirrelpaw a praise for her clever idea of rolling in mud to hide their scent; that’s how far Feathertail’s love got him. And whenever Feathertail needed confidence, Crowpaw was there, giving her the courage she needed to face the unknown, and eventually giving her the reason to sacrifice herself for his life. They both brought each other far forward personality wise.
Number eight is how they both saved each other. Crowpaw saved Feathertail from getting caught by a cave-guard, from falling off a cliff to her death, and from getting killed by a dog. And Feathertail saved him mentally- she brought him out of his shell and into the real world showing him the wonders of life and love, which is worth just as much as saving someone from falling, being hurt by a dog, or being caught by a guard. Crowpaw was a hero who saved her physically, Feathertail a hero who helped him with his feelings and emotions.
Feathertail and Crowpaw saved each other.

Lastly, I’d like to share some articles, animations and videos of Feathertail and Crowpaw if you’d like to do some further reading, just enjoy Feather x Crow things, or need more convincing that their relationship is actually pretty good:
https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/08/23/analyzing-and-defending-feathertail-and-crowpaws-relationship-by-mountainstorm/ Here, I simply defend Feathertail and Crowpaw’s relationship and analyze it. (Just in case you couldn’t tell 😛)
https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2021/05/25/my-thoughts-on-crowfeather-and-his-relationships-by-oceanfrost/ This is a very well written article from Oceanfrost, who shares their opinion on Feather x Crow. (As well as Night x Crow and Leaf x Crow)

Who will cats choose in StarClan? by Mountainstorm

Another article where I discuss Feather x Crow. (And other cats who mated twice)
https://youtu.be/q9DxC9prC9s Beautiful animation of Feather x Crow by Northflowo! (I can’t stop watching this! 🥰 Her older animation of Feather x Crow is brilliant too!)
https://youtu.be/fmmyJ6qQBNI So I found this video somewhere titled “Feathertail and Crowpaw walking together in the mountains”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t track down find the video with that title, but I did find the original video, so there it is! (Let’s just pretend it’s titled Feathertail and Crowpaw walking through the mountains. 🤫)

Love or tragedy- tears or smile, Feather x Crow has it all, being an inspirational ship for any person of any age. It deserves some love, and I hope some of you might give it a chance after reading this article. If you have read the whole thing, you just made my day! <3
Please let me know your thoughts about Feather x Crow now in the comments below! Hopefully we can draw in the anchor and set this ship sail again, soaring through the water and letting the sun touch it’s deck, clearing away all the old cobwebs that were woven on it’s wooden body while it was hidden away in the dark.
Feather x Crow forever! 😀
Have a brilliant day, see you in the next article! Mountainpaw is out!

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    WHY do people call Feather x Crow a crush? It was so much more than that! I totally missed most of these really sweet moments when I reread The New Prophecy earlier this year! 😯 I’ll definitely be looking out for them next time, thanks to you. 🥰 Feathertail is really so kind! I already really liked her before reading this article, but now I like her even more! 💜 And I didn’t really realize just how much Feathertail helped Crowpaw to become a better cat! 💖 They really are an awesome couple! 😎 I think I still prefer Feathertail x Tawnypelt (they would be ADORABLE together 😍😍😍) but my second favorite Feathertail ship is DEFINITELY Crow x Feather! 😃 Mountain, you’ve written one of my favorite BlogClan articles EVER! 😄 Amazing job! 🤩 You’re absolutely FANTASTIC at defending Feathertail, her relationship with Crowfeather, and all of the cute Feather x Crow moments in between! 🥰 Keep on being the amazing person you are! 😉 I can’t wait to read more of your articles in the future. 😀
    Stay Alive (Reprise)

  • Yay! FeatherXCrow forever!!! This is definitely my favorite Warriors… wait, actually my favorite SHIP ever!!! I love FeatherXCrow and these moments were so sweet! You are such an amazing writer! Is it okay if I use some of these moments for the “Feathertail” section in my Who Will Crowfeather Choose in StarClan article? Thank you for leaving such great feedback on LeafXCrow and NightXCrow, it really helped.

    Great article!

    • Thank you!! <333333
      Yesss, same here, Feather x Crow is the best couple ever out of all the fandoms, in my opinion :3
      Of course you can use the quotes! I'm really excited to read your article when it’s published! 😀

  • Sorry but nothing will change my mind. But it is okay. It was very well-written, but I disagree with some points.
    1) The whole suicide moment is not really a cute moment, actually. It is really weird to point it out as cute or sweet because we are talking about real death. Crowpaw was immature and thought that if your partner dies the whole world is worthless and you should die. Nope. It’s like a obsession really, and I don’t know if this is a cute moment.
    2) Also the whole “healthy” part only applys to the whole relationship not only a part. FeatherXCrow was centered around the honeymoon phrase which is the point where the relationship is in beginning and healthy. I don’t think you should compare this relationship being healthy because it was just a part of a relationship. We never see the whole relationship because Feathertail dies. We don’t know if there is problems happening, or disagreements, or refusal to acknowledge each other. I don’t think you can say it is healthy cause the part you are comparing is just the beginning of the relationship.

    • I wasn’t pointing the suicide part as cute? I just said it made it tragic, heart-breaking, and filled with drama which is something most people value. Crowpaw wasn’t afraid to face death because he could be with Feathertail then. That’s tragic. These aren’t all “cute” moments. Feathertail dying isn’t cute, nor Crowpaw’s depression, but it also shows how much the couple care for each other, throughout their whole lives.

      As for the honeymoon phrase, Crowpaw and Feathertail weren’t even considered a couple then.
      And were they stuck in the honeymoon period for years, then? They were sweet together in the two moons they saw each other, but it didn’t end, not even moons after Feathertail died and Crowfeather became a warrior and had his romance with Leafpool.
      Leaf x Crow were in a honeymoon phase too, then. They were together for half a moon, and were super sappy and corny and sweet together, till they broke up and were mean to each other. (Read “A detailed analysis of Leafpool and Crowfeather’s relationship” for more detail 😛 )

      Honestly, though? Both are nice ships. Leaf x Crow means a lot to you and Feather x Crow means a lot to me so we should stop arguing and hurting each other’s feelings about this because nothing’s gonna change no matter what articles we right or how mean and persuasive we are.
      It’s a bit of a waste, honestly. Nothing’s gonna change except we’ll get angrier and more frustrated as time goes by.

  • Mountainpaw/storm, I don’t know what to say. Really. This article WAS AMAZING!!! You have completely flipped me! I used to be a hardcore CrowXLeaf shipper, but now, after reading this article, I think I am a CrowXFeather shipper now! Just wow. Great article, i can’t even imagine the amount of work you put into this.

  • I have always been a feather x crow shipper and this article just made me believe in them more! I wish more people were feather x crow instead of crow x leaf!

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