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Which Warrior Cat’s Life Was the Saddest? Part 1 by Maplemoon

Art by Espenfluss

Maplemoon shares who they think had the saddest life – do you agree?

Hi again, this is Maplemoon back with another article! today, I will have a competition on which warrior cat’s life was the saddest. (Warning! This article contains spoilers from: Bluestar’s Prophecy, Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Graystripe’s vow, and several warrior series books, specifically the first, second, and third arc.) I was inspired to write this article from Creekkit’s article, Who was the most evil warrior cat.
Lets get started! Our contestants are… Graystripe, Mapleshade, Bluestar, and Snowfur! Contest round one will be most tragic events (like injuries), round two will be most love ones lost, and round three will be loneliness.
Round one,
Bluestar: suffered from dementia at the end of her life. Usually battle wounds. drowned.

Snowfur: got hit by a car, killing her. Usual battle wounds.

Graystripe: Battle wounds. diseases. Binge eating disorder.

Mapleshade: she gave more injuries than she got. she got battle wounds, nearly drowns, and gets a nasty bite on her throat (it kills her) and (I believe) being scratched in the face by Frecklewish.

Winners: 1st: Mapleshade 2nd: Bluestar 3rd: Graystripe 4th: Snowfur

Round 2

Bluestar: Lost her sister barely after becoming a warrior, losses her mother while she was an apprentice, lost her three kits (one actually died!), lost her nephew Whitestorm (Snowfur’s kit), and lost her mate Oakheart.

Snowfur: lost her mother as an apprentice, died young, so she lost her mate, kit, sister, and many others. (only counting what she lost when she was alive, sorry!)

Graystripe: lost his mate while she was giving birth to his kits, loses his kits, loses one of his best friends Ravenpaw, loses his mother, loses his father Whitestorm (so, yeah, if you didn’t know, he’s related to Bluestar.) his sibling turns evil (Ashfur) loses his second mate

Mapleshade: loses her kits, loses her clan (her family) loses her mate

Tight call between Graystripe and Bluestar. but…
Winners: 1st: Graystripe 2nd: Bluestar 3rd: Mapleshade 4th: Snowfur

Round 3

Bluestar: got lonely when she lost her sister. before she dies, while being leader and loses faith in starclan.

Snowfur: I don’t think she gets lonely

Graystripe: when he moves to the elder’s den for a while. on his journey to the moonstone.

Mapleshade: when she loses her kits, and wanders for a while while planning vengeance. while begging to be taken in (nobody would stand with her 🙁

Winners: 1st: Bluestar and Graystripe 2nd: Mapleshade 3rd: Snowfur

Graystripe and Bluestar’s lives were the saddest. feel free to leave comments below and if I missed any sad moments! join me in my next article with Whitestorm,

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