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Mountainstorm guides us through the Clan territories over four seasons

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, medicine cats!
I had so much fun making my last picture article, Tour of RiverClan, I decided to make another one, this time about the seasons in the Warrior cats life- how it affects them, what they call it, etc.
Also, (if my calculations are correct 😜) this article will be published sometime around New Year! I think this article is a pretty good match for the start of a new, fresh year!
Let’s start! <3

Summer in the warrior cats world is known as greenleaf, when the leaves are lush and shimmering in brilliant shades of emerald. The prey is plentiful, and the cats are well-fed and happy during this warm season, spending their days lying around in the warm summer sun and enjoying the warm weather.

Medicine cats use this time to stock up on herbs for the coming Winter, when all the plants are strong and healthy from the sun and water.

Art by katterboxes on DeviantArt

The prey during this season is plump as well, from the rich variety of healthy food it can nibble on. Both hunter and prey have good meals during this warm season!

Yet sometimes greenleaf holds dangers as well…Clans are at risk of drought, when the moisture from plants evaporates in the hot sun. The river in RiverClan territory runs low at times like this, and many times the Clans have to bargain with them to let them have a drink from the fresh, cool flowing river. At times like this, prey is also scarce, because just like the warriors, they prefer to stay in the cool shade instead of running around in the baking heat.

Art by harriertail on Tumblr

Luckily, droughts like these don’t last for long, and soon prey and water is plentiful once more!
When the weather isn’t burning hot, the cats are active and happy, kits playing outside in the lush green grass, apprentices frolicking through patches of silky grass, challenging each other to leap in the river, or to climb trees.

Autumn, or Fall, in the warrior cats world is known as leaf-fall. The weather cools and it becomes quite rainy. The sunlight is weaker and the winds are stronger. Prey is probably most plentiful during this season, when it isn’t too cold or too hot, and every animal is bushy roaming about, trying to gather enough food to last through the Winter. The sun is still somewhat warm, and it’s pleasant to take a nap on sunningrocks at this time of year, when the heat isn’t unbearable.

Art by Cat-With-Horns on DeviantArt

The leaves on the trees start to turn magnificent shades of tawny and cinnamon brown, amber, crimson and scarlet red, eventually spirling off the branches like drifting dandelion seeds, covering the ground in a thick blanket of crunchy colorful leaves.

Most cats don’t pass down a chance to play in them!

Art by Simatra on DeviantArt

Warrior cats prepare for the Winter by eating plenty of prey, gathering plenty of plants for nests, stocking up on even more herbs that can last through the cold season ahead.

Art by Eviadri on DeviantArt

Cats with brown pelts are very lucky during this season- hunting is even better for them, for they blend in with the dusky leaves that are scattered all over the ground.

Art by DulceCeleste00 on DeviantArt

Winter, in the warrior cats world is known as leaf-bare, for the trees and plants are bare, often sparkling with white snow.

Art by Graypillow

This is a dangerous season for the warrior cats, because prey is very scarce, and the weather is very cold, weaking even some of the strongest warriors. This can expose cats to sickness like whitecough and greencough, which can be deadly. Luckily, some catmint helps, and most warriors pull through! With medicine cats and StarClan protecting the cats of a Clan, cats are as safe as can be!

Art by Gee_Ily on Twitter

The medicine cats might also have their paws full with queens and kits- though rather unluckily that queens have kits during this cold season, it is possible, and it does happen! The medicine cat has to work hard to keep the queen and the kits safe from any possible danger leaf-bare brings.

Art by Graypillow

Along with the cold winds of leaf-bare comes snow- pearly white flakes that drift from the sky like tiny white feathers, coating the ground in a blanket of smooth, shimmering, shining snow. It’s quiet. And it’s calm. Though this season is dangerous for the warrior cats, it also brings peace to the land, where most animals sleep soundly in warm nests and the snow is rarely disturbed.

Meanwhile, life in RiverClan isn’t easy either, where the river freezes over in the cold. At themes like this, RiverClan is exposed to attacks from dangerous animals, like foxes and badgers that otherwise couldn’t get to them because of the rushing river.

But the warriors are strong, and they survive this season, still standing tall!

Spring in the warrior cats world is known as newleaf, for as the cold snow starts to melt, it reveals the blooming plants, and the bare trees start to blossom in brilliant colors once more!
The forest is alive once more! The birds sing cheerful melodies among the tree buds, the animals creep out from their burrows, and the cold breeze turns warm and pleasant. The sun grows stronger, shining bright over the beautiful colors of the awakening forest.

Prey is plentiful once again, medicine cats can scan the ground and trees for herbs, everything is bright and colorful once more!
Queens usually have kits during this season, for it’s safe and warm, and perfect time to raise warriors, when kits can explore without being cold, and grow strong and healthy on a wide variety of prey!

Art by Miss_DakoART

Flowers! So many flowers blooming everywhere like colorful droplets of rain, shimmering brilliantly in shades of every color of the rainbow! Walking through a field or meadow can be like walking across a path of life and color.

Art by Graypillow

And racing through meadows is just as fun!

Unknown Artist

Such a wonderful season of life and warmth and wonder, where cats play and hunt and patrol in the weather all day long, keeping their Clan safe from threats and well-feed, which isn’t a very hard task in this season!

Art by eighthsun

And that are the Warriors seasons! I hope you enjoyed, and happy New Year! <3 😀

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