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  • Alright no one’s responding,….so…I think I’ll host a game on here! Twenty rounds, just because. Let’s do a rotation. It’l be updated every Monday. Games in the rotation are:
    Give This Name A Purrsona And A Life (abbriviated as GTNAPAAL[essentially Purrsona That Name, but put their personality in too])
    Interpert The Prophecy
    Round 1:
    NTA Rotation Round 1:
    Theme: candy!

  • NTA Rotation Round 1:
    Theme: candy!
    Chocolatepaw: Chocolateberry by Mountainpaw!
    Reecespaw: Reecespeices by Gracie!
    Skittlepaw: Skittlestream by Briarpaw!
    Prattlepaw: Prattleshade by Gracie!
    Twixpaw: Twixdrizzle by Mountainpaw!

    MAM Rotation Round 2:
    Oaktail is a plain brown tom with yellow eyes. He’s determined to make his Clan strong. He can normally be found in the med den, since he’ll somehow find a way to get injured constantly. If he’s not in the med den, he’ll be found roaming his territory.
    Amber is a golden she-cat with amber eyes. She was taken into a Clan and lived out her days there. She is friendly and not very wary. She loves helping out wherever she can.
    Stormpelt is a gray tom with orange eyes and two sisters, Snowpelt and Rainfall. He’s more of an off to the side cat in the Clan. No one really pays attention to him or Snowpelt, but Rainfall was exiled and came back so she’s fairly important. Stormpelt is used to no attention, but he wishes that would change. He’s never had an apprentice, even though his sisters have.

    Keep in mind, the characters above are all from my fanfic and don’t have mates. I put them here because they’re side characters and I thought it’d be fun to see what you think of them! And sorry for the uneven distribution of points last round; there were limited contestants and so there wasn’t a good way to distribute them.
    Leaderboard 2:
    2: Gracie, Mountainpaw!
    1: Briarpaw!

    • ~🌊Gracey who recently made a wikia page🌊~ (Gracepaw/Gracesplash/Gracey/Gracie/Gracy/Grace), Questioning, she/her/they/them says:

      Oaktail – Pinedrizzle (one of my names on the official NTA)
      Pinedrizzle is a plump permanent queen, and has sleek russet fur with red underbelly, and is a beauty. If you look closely, you can see that while the outside is red, the fur close to her skin is actually orange and yellow. She is known to be kind, gentle, and caring, and she is often seen around the med den, apprentices den, elders den, or nursery. Pinedrizzle takes care of Oaktail whenever the med, (insert name here) is not around. She’s taken care of all the kits so far in the nursery, and all of them absolutely adore her. She has a reputation to be a wonderful mother, a caring clanmate, and also has some herb knowledge.

      Amber – Pineapple (what is on with me and OCs)
      Pineapple is a thin, scrawny loner (former kittypet) tom that has many scratches on his pelt from dogs. He absolutely DESPISES dogs, and the first time the two met was when Pineapple fled into Amber’s clan to escape. While the other clan members were wary, Amber guided him to the medicine cat den and got him some prey. Pineapple hadn’t had so much kindness shown to him, and was reported to have broken down in tears. While he wants to get back to the twolegplace, he’ll never leave or betray Amber. He’s reputed to be a scaredy-cat, but a skilled strategist (in the face of any creature except dogs)

      Stormpelt – Glowspark (yet another one of my OCs)
      Glowspark is that kind of cat that sets all the fashion trends. She’s really sparkly, since her fur is silver-white. She has pretty ocean-blue eyes. She’s the center of attention. Glowspark, however, is actually really observant, and noticed Stormpelt. She really is great friends with his sister, Snowpelt, and ever since, she has taken an interest in him. Stormpelt admires Glowspark, and when the two first talked in the woods, he went on and on about how amazing she was. He has a reputation to be sassy and snappy (in good and bad ways), but a great mentor. He also loves quite deeply, and is loyal to the last.

      • Wow

        When I read the part for Pineapple, I was thinking…it’s weird. REALLY weird. This is the weird part: In my fanfiction, cats AND dogs are in the four Clans together. The most noticeable are: Crowflight, Sunheart and Sandcloud. But yeah. Around….half of them are dogs. It’s weird. But hey, great job (I also use ocs for these kind of things 😉 )!

    • Bluewillow – A dilute calico she-cat with green eyes, very soft and gentle, bad at fighting, but very attentive, making her good for hunting. She will listen to any cat, and she enjoys mocking others in a friendly way
      Littlefoot – A Ginger she-cat who’s mother was a kittypet, and she was constantly teased for it, but this teasing made her very tough. She pays a lot of attention and is not very empathetic. She also helps out where ever, and gets in a conversation very quickly
      Butterfly – A golden and white tabby she-cat with big blue eyes. A former kittypet, she has been fairly ignored and is an average hunter and fighter. She is very bouncy and bubbly, but mainly sticks to talking to other cats who don’t feel important. She is very empathetic, and stands up for what she believes in. She doesn’t feel bothered that no one really listens to her, just as long as she has lots of friends.

    • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:

      what is MAM and NTA?

  • MAM Rotation Round 2 winners:
    Oaktail: Bluewillow by Ospreymist!
    Amber: Pineapple by Gracie!
    Stormpelt: Butterfly by Ospreymist!

    Give The Name A Purrsona And A Life Rotation Round 3:

    How the game works is like this: I give you four names, and you have to come up with purrsonas and lives and etc., etc. The names are from the Silverpelt generator, if you want to know. I’ll do an example for a random name on the Silverpelt generator: Tallfur: a she-cat with jet black fur and amber eyes. She isn’t a social type, and would rather stay back from a Gathering than go. She hates getting wet or climbing, and she absolutely loves hunting.

    Good luck!

    • Mistbee – yellow-and-silver she-cat with green eyes. Mistbee has a bright, high voice and she’s buzzy and busy, just like a bee. She loves to go to Gatherings and talk with other Clans. Mistbee isn’t from RiverClan, but she frequently goes for a little dip in the lake.

      Jaggedfur – a stone-gray tom with white flecks on his body and legs with big yellow eyes. Jaggedfur has ragged fur. He’s a lazy cat and hardly grooms himself. Instead he wishes for the time when he is able to retire. Jaggedfur is excellent at fighting and is actually considered one of the best fighters in the Clan – when he’s feeling good.

      Darkflake – a dark tabby she-cat with flecks that look like snowflakes around her muzzle. Her pelt is so dark it almost looks black and she has dark blue eyes. Unlike her scary appearance Darkflake is actually easygoing and fickle. She cannot choose and even if she does, she always goes back on her decision. Darkflake had always wished to be a medicine cat, though some cats are wary of her because of her appearance.

      Moonfern – a silverish-white she-cat with wide blue eyes. Moonfern is a calm, dreamy cat who always dreams of a better place. She wishes to make the world a better place herself, and is a mediator for the Clans. Moonfern tries to stop battles and enjoys relaxing in the sun.

    • Mistbee – A stern blue-grey and white she-cat with golden eyes (I know this is not genetically possible but…) She is the Clan deputy and very fierce and strict to those breaking the rules, and seems to be everywhere at once with her incredible multitasking skills. She’s kind to young kits and elders, but no one else.

      Jaggedfur – A tom with spiky, coarse and ungroomed brown tabby fur. He is the type of cat that sleeps in and stays up really late, wondering around the forest. He’s a mediator, and he can’t bear to see any animals killed. He believes he has a very special connection to StarClan, and is overall very chill. He often sleeps by the Moonpool instead of in his nest

      Darkflake – A black cat with light and bright blue eyes. When Darkflake is coming towards you at night, or even in plain ShadowClan daylight, you can only see their eyes. They realised this from a very young age, and because of their trickster personality, that they could sneak up on unsuspecting warriors on a patrol at night and scare them, and even though every warrior on Darkflake’s patrol knows they will do this, they never know when its coming. When they aren’t stalking up on cats, they are very noisy and rambunctious.

      Moonfern – A dark grey tabby she-cat with green eyes and white paws. A sister to Darkflake, Moonfern is very quiet, calm and quick-witted. Even though if she was stalking through the undergrowth on a dark night with her paws hidden, and only her eyes visible, she would never scare unsuspecting warriors. A medicine cat apprentice, Moonfern loves helping out members of the Clan, and the cats that come into her care most are cats that tripped over a rock or stepped on a thorn after Darkflake scared them.

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