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My Favorite Warrior Cats! by Dewtail

Art by DragonWarriorCat

Dewtail lists their favourite characters from the first three series

Hey guys! It’s Dew, back with another article- I’ll be talking about/defending my favorite cats from every arc up to Power of Three (I am soon to read Omen of the Stars-) Tell me your favorite cats in the comments! (I do not care about spoilers) Alright, let’s go-

The Prophecies Begin / Super Editions-


A decent amount of you will say, ‘Who the heck is Thrushpelt?’ For good reason of course- he was a character in Bluestar’s Prophecy. He really loved Bluestar, and when she turned him down for Oakheart, he accepted it and even acted as the father to her kits (and lied to everyone!) until he died. Unlike.. *cough cough Ashfur- cough*


Now, wait- don’t get angry. I do not defend or justify Mapleshade’s actions at all. I just thought she was an interesting portrayal of how grief and love can twist one’s mind to the point of murder.


Most people overlook Darkstripe for Tigerclaw/star (understandably) but I think he serves his purpose as a secondary antagonist well. Also, he’s full of sass for everyone except Tigerstar.


Cloudtail is so sassy- I love it. And his relationship with Brightheart is really sweet. He gave her a reason to go on in life, which is- inspiring, honestly. He also contributed to the ‘kin of your kin’ prophecy, (Dovewing) so brownie points for him-


Besides being nice in general, and a good mother, she had to put up with being Tigerclaw/star’s mate, and having her remaining kit look exactly like him. (Tawnypaw left for ShadowClan) And that dirty Tigerstar had kits with Sasha (which she never knew about-). Poor Goldenflower.

Mind you these rankings have no weight, I like them equally.

On to The New Prophecy-


The first- (and only as far as I know) medicine cat to not believe in StarClan (at least at first) and she’s a good friend to Leafpaw. She also was effectively blackmailed by her brother, not to mention being abandoned in RiverClan by Sasha.


Yes, everyone likes Squirrelflight and I ship ShrewxSquirrel because it’s adorable- Anyway- I love her personality, especially in contrast to Leafpool. And taking her sister’s kits was a good thing to do- even though she was manipulated into it- And she doesn’t deserve the crap she gets from Brambleclaw. (Granted, you’d be upset if your children weren’t yours, but it’s not like she cheated on him or anything- She adopted her sister’s kits.)

And- that’s everything I remember from the second arc- kidding but it’s not my favorite arc character-wise.

Onto Power of Three!


You knew it was coming. His power is arguably better than Lionblaze’s- and he’s just so abrasive and snarky- it is super funny to me. Here are a few quotes from Jayfeather- (Jayfeather is my #1 favorite-)

“I’m here to heal you. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery.” -Jayfeather to Birchfall

“Lionblaze would forgive you, But Lionblaze is a nicer cat than I am. Or just more stupid. I can’t forgive Breezepelt. I can’t forgive you.” -Jayfeather to Crowfeather


The infamous gaslighter- Sol! (yay.) He convinces Blackstar to turn away from StarClan- Also the whole Skyclan thing-


Wait- I am not defending Ashfur either. He did all this messed up stuff- (Lemme name it all real quick-) Took one-ninth of Firestar while conspiring with Hawkfrost, Tried to kill Lionblaze during training (Which did not work, thanks to Lionblaze the Invincible-) Tried to kill Squirrelflight’s ‘kits’ to cause her pain- And then all the other things he did like body-snatching Bramble’s corpse to be near his cat-wife. Super creepy! (Also Ashfur is Squirrelf’s half-uncle through Brindleface, who is Sandstorm’s mother- Makes it so much worse-)

Hope you all enjoyed it- Leave your favorite cats in the comments!

Fan Articles


    2. Dovewing & Whitestorm
    3. Leafpool, Firestar & Sandstorm
    4. Ivypool & Cinderpelt
    5. Bluestar, Cloudtail, Ravenpaw & Brightheart
    6. Spottedleaf, Briarlight & Squirrelflight
    7. Feathertail, Jayfeather, Crowfeather & Crookedstar
    8. Yellowfang, Tallstar, Longtail, & Thrushpelt
    9. Shadowstar, Tawnypelt & Flametail
    10. Snowfur, Mistystar, Leafstar, Echosong, Hawkwing & Pebbleshine
    I always get mixed up with my fave warrior cats 😝 so feel free to correct me in the future. But I don’t with my least favorite ones!
    2. Mapleshade
    3. Darkstripe
    4. Ashfur
    5. Dustpelt
    6. Bristlefrost
    7. Stoneteller (not Crag)
    8. Sharpclaw, Rainflower, Tornear & Scourge
    9. Onestar, Daisy, Thistleclaw & Millie
    10. Leopardstar
    I also like:
    . Cinderheart
    . Honeyfern
    . Brackenfur
    . Sorreltail
    . Mosskit
    Bye bye!

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