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Ospreysplash analyses loyalty in Warriors

Hello! I’m Osprey and I’m back for yet another article! This one will be quite short compared to the rest.

In my article on kittypets, I brought up this statement –
“Kittypets are extremely loyal – to their owners and friends. Clan cats always think that being loyal means being loyal to your Clan, your leader and the rules, but these 3 things aren’t the only things you can be loyal to.”

Ever since I wrote that article, the topic of loyalty has been on my mind, and after seeing lots of articles and comments on Dovewing and Tigerheart being disloyal, or Greystripe being disloyal, or any other character being disloyal, but before we go any further, let’s have a look at the definition of loyalty, with the help of Google.

“Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.”

So, with that in mind, in Warriors, loyalty is often portrayed as loyalty to Clan.

Is that the only form of loyalty?

The definition of loyalty said it can be towards a person as well, so are cats like Dovewing really disloyal then?
Of course not.

Dovewing’s whole story is about loyalty, if you think about it. She doesn’t know what she should support or think the whole way through, and eventually, she learns what she is truly loyal to – Tigerheart, her kits and her new ShadowClan family. Sure, she wasn’t exactly the most loyal ThunderClan warrior, but loyalty to ThunderClan isn’t the only form of loyalty, and if you ask me, Dovewing is up there with the most loyal cats in Warriors.

Firestar, on the other hand, has a very different form of loyalty, and he is also extremely loyal – To ThunderClan and what he believes is right. People will generally not bat an eye if you say Firestar is loyal, because he is explicitly stated as loyal a multitude of times, but alike Dovewing, he also has his disloyalties, specifically to the warrior code and at points in his life, Sandstorm, even though he becomes incredibly loyal to her later on. Crowfeather, also, has had divided loyalties, and later on, proved to show his loyalties to WindClan, his Clanmates, and what he thinks is right, 3 very traditional loyalties, despite his loyalties previously being towards Feathertail and Leafpool. None of these loyalties are better than the others, and just because a cat isn’t loyal to their Clan, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re disloyal.

That just about wraps this short article up! What do you think of loyalties? Who did you think was the most loyal warrior cat before and who do you think it is now? See you next article!

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