Why I like Hollyleaf and everyone else should too by Dapplewish

Art by Orielwing

Dapplewish explains why they like Hollyleaf

Hi! Dapplestar here! This is my first article ( other than the ones BlogClan didn’t publish) but yeah! Today I will be going through how I like Hollyleaf and why she should be forgiven for her mistakes. Let’s go back into time. So, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were born to Leafpool who was a medicene cat so she had to give her kits away to her sister, Squirrelflight. They lied to their Clan about the kit’s but Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather grew up thinking Squirrelflight was there mother and Brambleclaw was their father. Then, the secret was reveled that he true parents was a WindClan warrior ( Crowfeather) and Leafpool ( the ThunderClan medicene cat.) How this happen I am going to take you back when Hollyleaf and her brothers were all just apprentices at the time. There was a fire going through ThunderClan territory so all the cats had to get away from the fire. But, somehow Ashfur ( he wanted to be Squirrelflight’s mate but she chose Brambeclaw over him) got Squirrelflight and the three apprentices all on one log, where fire was nipping at their heels. Ashfur wants Squirrelflight to feel the pain of losing something ( what I mean by is he lost Squirrelflisght to Brambleclaw, is you were thinking of Brindleface, yes, she did die but a loooooong time ago ( when Tigerclaw wanted to get a pack of dogs a taste of cat blood) but she had nothing to do with it so it wasn’t that) so Ashfur said he wanted Squirrelflight to watch “ her kits” die in front of her. And at that point Hollyleaf already burned her paw and almost fell off the high branch. So then Squirrelflight tells Ashfur that they aren’t her kits, witch really surprises the apprentices and Ashfur. She tells him she is not their mother and she doesn’t care if they die. ( Witch isn’t true because she loves them.) So Leafpool told them she was their mother!

So, later on in time Yellowfang comes and visits Jayfeather in a dream and tells him it is time to tell him his real father is Crowfeather. So I forgot if this came first or after Hollyleaf tells the Clans but she kills Ashfur. She tells the Clans who her true parents are and then flees into the tunnels and rocks fall on her. A spirt names Fallen Leaves helped her, healed her, and taught her how to live in the tunnels. She soon wants to go back to ThunderClan but she thinks Leafpool might have told everyone that she had killed Ashfur. So she spies on ThunderClan and and helps them, planting herbs and giving prey. Soon she can’t hold back her urge to go back to ThunderClan so when she helps Ivypool and Bloosomfall out of the tunnels when they ask who she is, she says “I am Hollyleaf.I am a ThunderClan cat like you.”

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