Comparing Arts – Picture Article by Mintypaw

Mintypaw compares the canon and fan-made appearances of three characters from the series.

Art by chimchamtimtam (Warriors Amino)

Hi BlogClan! It’s Mintypaw again with another article! Today, I’ll be comparing some arts. I will take a look at some official artworks, and some fan arts. It’s my first picture article, so I’m excited! Okay, without further ado, let’s get started!

First up, let’s take a look at Leafpool, one of my favorite characters! She’s ThunderClan’s medicine cat, apprentice of Cinderpelt and mentor to Jayfeather and Alderheart. She’s kind and patient, but sadly she’s in StarClan right now… So here’s the official art!

Official art by James L. Barry

This is Leafpool in Winds of Change. Her appearance is brown with black tabby stripes and white chest and paws. Her eyes look yellow to me, although it’s supposed to be amber.

Art by Harbuu2002

Over here, she looks similar, but with white tail tip and only the front paws, also dark brown stripes, not black. She also has more amber-looking eyes.

I looked at more arts, and I think they’re all very similar, except for some tiny details.

Next is………… Jayfeather!!!!!!!!!! He’s known to be very grumpy. I sometimes wonder if he’s grumpy because he has blind eyes, or because he’s just born to be cranky.

So here’s the official art:

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

You can see that Jayfeather is a gray cat with a white muzzle and some black stripes and blind blue eyes, just as the books say.

Art by Kiwi207

Here, you can see Jayfeather is a blue-gray tom with darker blue-gray stripes. He has blind but lighter blue eyes, like icy blue.

Artist unknown

For this one, he’s a light gray tabby tom with darker blue eyes.

I guess a lot of people think of him differently 😛

Next up! Please welcome: *drum rolls* Mistystar!!!!!!!! She’s the daughter of the ThunderClan leader Bluestar and brave RiverClan warrior Oakheart, sister of Stonefur! She’s the sixteenth leader of RiverClan, succeeding Leopardstar!

Official art by Owen Richardson

The official art, the cover of ASC(A Starless Clan): River! She looks very fluffy, with blue-gray fur and bright blue eyes.

Let’s take a look at a fan art of her now!

Art by chimchamtimtam (Warriors Amino)

… As you can see, she is a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes but she has stripes! Not tabby stripes… and a star on the chest? That’s not what the books say, but of course, it’s the artist’s choice.

I really enjoyed making this article! I hope you enjoyed it too 😀

Please tell me in the comments if you want me to do a part 2 for this!

Minty <3

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