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Why Dovewing hate articles confuse me and a huge problem in warriors by Swiftpaw

Swiftpaw takes a look at some off-site articles about Dovewing.

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Hello all! This is Swift the wolf and I want to talk about……Dovewing and why her hate articles don’t end to make any sense
Yes. I like Dovewing. *Ducks claws from diehard Ivypool fans and Dovewing haters* I am going to look at 3 articles that I feel sum up the general hatred towards Dovewing and show why their reasoning is flawed in my opinion and giving a little commentary.

Article #1

So, this writers’ main points are she has a bad personality, is a hypocrite, is whiny, is a Mary Stu (?), and her love triangle (?) *what!? I am so confused*
This author (no disrespect intended) is being very hypocritical and using terms I don’t think they understand. First, the Mary Sue stuff is just shot down by your own points honey. A Mary Stu is a character who is perfect in every point. They cannot be whiny or hypocritical!
Secondly, why are you hating her for loving someone. So, if I came up to you and said, ‘I hate you cause of your boyfriend!’ would you be cool with that! NO! Its quite mean and immature to hate someone because of her ship.

Article #2
So, this author’s points from what I gathered is that she is selfish cause she only uses her powers for herself, and that she wants to be respected, and taking Bumble away from Ivypool and taking Ivypool’s glory?
Firstly at least they aren’t pulling out the Mary Sue card.
Now, this author uses quotes she claims to be from the fourth apprentice even though I kind of doubt that. Now may I please bring your attention to the fact that the fourth apprentice is where young Dovepaw uses her powers to save the clans from drought! And then in a later book, saves the clan from a falling tree.
Okay I admit the second point was kind of annoying but I’m pretty sure there is some background to this that doesn’t make it annoying.
Ok I know that Bumble x Ivy is popular but in the forgotten warrior (I think) Ivypool literally starts encouraging Dovewing to become mates with Bumblestripe. Also, Ivypool got lots of glory. In the last hope, she is praised for being a spy, and in Bramblestar’s storm she gets to lead badger training. So this point falls through.


Okay by the way I just choose this rant cause it contained an important idea, not because it is a hate rant. This rant tries to prove she is stupid. The first point is where she went to check on Sedgewhisker. Remember that Dove had gone on a quest with Wind Clan she cat, so naturally she cares. The next point is cherry picking a time where poor Dovepaw was being pressured by Ivypaw to the point I felt sick, she snapped.

In conclusion, I believe many Dovewing hate arguments can be undone by poking at them. This shows a really big problem which I think is at play here. The need to make one sister better than the other and natural preference. Ivypool is chosen to be the favorite because she is she cat who has a drive, a near villain drive, for battle. The fandom seems to be crying out for female villains who do enjoy blood. This puts Ivypool in the favorite place and we have to put down Dovewing to make her seem good and some of her actions which I hated her for justifiable. This makes me sad. Also, can you guys stop with the name calling pls. Its immature and mean.

Swiftpaw signing out.

Fan Articles


  • I don’t hate Dovewing. I just don’t love her. She just seems to me (not saying she really is) a little naive. I know she isn’t but sometimes I just get that feeling.

  • I like Ivypool because she feels left out. She wants to be loved and appreciated. Her sister is praised every second and Ivypool is upset that whatever she does she can’t seem to do anything better than her sister. I don’t care if she is a strong female character.

  • I also add, that maybe people also praise Ivypool highly is because not many characters feel jealous apart from the villians. When Dovewing earns powers Ivypool is the only one who gets jealous. Meanwhile we have the older more experienced apprentices being beaten by a new apprentice and they do nothing, feel nothing, and just move on. For example if you were doing a sport lets say soccer. You’ve been doing soccer for a year and someone who’s never played soccer comes in and plays better than you? No matter how sweet you are you’d probably still feel a little jealous. So honestly Ivypool is just relatable in that moment because you’ve probably been jealous before of a sibling, friend, or other. I like some moments of Dovewing and some moments of Ivypool so i’m not a giant Ivypool fan neither Dovewing i’m just trying to same my point and please Ivypool and Dovewing fans don’t hate me after reading this. <3

    • But it’s harder when that’s your sister. Do you have siblings? If you do I’m sure you can understand.

      • I do have siblings. My younger sibling is annoying and gets the spotlight, but I don’t care. Besides, Dovewing is trying to be a good sister to Ivypool (I like both characters), but Ivypool is really mean! Am I the only one that understands that?

  • I am too tired to write a Dovewing rant. Next time later. I just finished a article about why I don’t like Feathertail.

  • I’mma add, I love their sistership,
    But I don’t adore it, i love Ivy, and I liked Dovewing, she just( Dove) feels kinda selfish., but then she was kind, then she is disloyal and self-centered and then the best bff ever. I don’t get it

  • I personally think that Dovewing haters are being sexist without realizing it, because I hardly see any hate for Finleap changing clans for the one he loves or anyone hating Graystripe for seeing Silverstream.

    People also say that she replaced Hollyleaf, and act like it’s her fault that she got a power that she never intended to have

    Another article on here said that they hate because she was jealous of Ivypool, showing that they CLEARLY forgot about how jealous Ivypool was of Dovewing.

    My point: Dovewing haters, CHILL OUT

    • The double-standard because of gender happens a lot in fandom discourse, unfortunately-

    • True. I wish Hollyleaf was the third cat, but I love Dovewing! Not a big fan of LIONBLAZE, tho. I wish the Three was Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Dovewing! And Lionblaze was the one who ran away but Cinderheart still had his kits.
      Though it is really sexist, I agree. Dovewing is overhated!

    • Don’t u have a character u can’t stand? I respect ur opinion, but it can be pretty easy to go overboard on hating a character u hate a lot. And just bc a person doesn’t like dove wing and a few other female characters, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a sure fact that’s they’re sexist (I don’t think ppl should call them names tho) (most of my dove wing hate transferred to tiger heart lol)

  • I think you have some good points about Dovewing, but I also think you’re being kinda unfair to Ivypool. She is not a villain- she’s a warrior of Thunderclan who felt left out and lesser than her sister and just wants the best for her clan

  • Um, do u have proof that the quotes from source 2 is false? The quotes author linked state the page number and book they found it from, and if someone puts in a quote that’s false they’re unlikely to add where u can find it because u can fact check. Now if u still think that those quotes are false…. Just fact check! Dismissing a quote that doesn’t line up with ur opinion, even when it states where u can fact check ur, doesn’t help ur argument for dove. This isn’t to be rude or anything but just letting u know.
    Now for the quote itself from the watt pad – tbh ivypool IS a jerk to dove wing but I hate dove more. Both of them are rude to each other so I don’t really care abt their sister relationship….but it would help a lot to know the context of that quote.

  • dovewing hate articles (as long as they are respectful) are ppl’s opinion, just like how if you have made a hate article on your least favs. But if a dovewing rant is respectful enough then just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean that they are a huge problem in warriors.

  • I actually checked and the quotes in the second link are actually real quotes

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