BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange 2021: Your Gifts!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this year’s gift exchange! 😀

To find your name easiest in this big post, if you’re on a computer, do (ctrl + f). If you can’t find it, try your warrior name or nickname. Ex: Goldenpaw is named as Goldenfawn or Goldi.

I want to thank y’all for making this gift exchange amazing to organize and host! All your gifts are absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad to be able to do this. 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH to the amazing volunteers who helped with replacements for gifts that weren’t turned in: Eagleflight, Ospreymist, Birchfoot, Moonbreeze, and Viperfrost. Please thank them in the comments, they deserve lots of praise and appreciation! I also did a few gifts. c:

I hope y’all had an amazing holiday season and have a great new year. 🙂

To Meadowbloom

To Fernpaw/drift

“Fernpaw, I don’t know you very well, but I can still tell you’re amazing <3”

To Silverstorm

“I hope you like your gifts! 🙂 You’re an absolutely amazing person!! I hope you had a magical Christmas, and have a happy New Year!!””


This is a sad song about Grey x Silver.

🎶 Dear Silverstream,
You were like a sunny beam
Lighting up my life with your dreams
And fantasies
Now that you’re gone
I find it so hard to go on
I wish you were here with me
Oh, oh. I wish you were here with me.
I wish my heart would just let me be
But it’s beating hard
And I guard you in me
In my memories
I wish you were here with me.

Feather x Crow fanfiction 
Shooting Stars

“Can’t catch me!” Crowpaw called gleefully, dashing past Feathertail so their fur brushed.

“Hey! I might be a RiverClan cat but I still have some WindClan blood!” Feathertail bristled playfully, launching herself after the dark grey tom.

The two cats streaked multiple times around fourtrees, until Feathertail collapsed onto the earth, gasping, out of breath. Crowpaw sprinted over to her as fast as his legs could carry him, and bent over her, a worried expression written on his face.

“You…win…” Feathertail panted, amusement and mischief glinting in her liquid blue eyes.
Crowpaw let out a hearty purr.

“Next time we’re going to race in the river!” Feathertail added, getting to her paws. “But first…” Feathertail leapt at Crowpaw, who let out an indignant mew as Feathertail pinned him to the ground. Crowpaw laughed, and gently batted Feathertail’s cheek with sheathed paws. The two cats tustled on the earth, rolling around in the luss moon-bathed grass, Leaf-fall leaves crunching under their fur as they spinned around. They let go of each other at last, laughing as they caught their breath.

“I haven’t played like that since I was an apprentice!” Feathertail purred.

Crowpaw gazed into her gentle blue eyes. His dark navy ones seemed to burn into her heart and her soul and Feathertail broke off, feeling her pelt grow hot.

“I’m so glad you’ve been meeting me here for the past moons,” Crowpaw whispered. “You were right about what you said in the mountains. Things are changing, and the Clans might even have to leave the forest.” Crowpaw caught a bright red leaf in his claws and started to fidget with it nervously. “I don’t want to leave…and what would it mean for us?” Crowpaw turned back to her, alarmed when he saw sadness in her eyes. Crowpaw knew she was still grieving for her brother who had sacrificed himself to save Squirrelpaw from Sharptooth, with it saving the whole Tribe Of Rushing Water.

He felt guilty for mentioning the mountains when the wound of Stormfur’s death was still fresh and painful in Feathertail’s heart. He hated to admit it, but even he missed the old hedgehog.

“I’m sorry!” He mewed. “I didn’t mean to bring up Stormfur…”

Feathertail fluffed out her pelt. “Don’t worry, Crowpaw. I know you didn’t mean to.” Her gaze clouded, and Crowpaw leaned over to give her ear a comforting lick. Feathertail relaxed against his touch.

“Can I tell you something?” He breathed in her ear.

“Of course,”

“I love you.” Crowpaw turned away from Feathertail, and she could practically feel the heat of embarrassment radiating off his pelt. Feathertail touched one white paw to his shoulder.

“I love you too,” Feathertail purred. “I love you more than life itself.”

Crowpaw turned back to her. “Um……”

“Don’t beat around the bush! Spit it out!” Feathertail teased.

“Would you be my mate?”

Feathertail’s heart skipped a beat. “I…I’d love to, Crowpaw.”

Crowpaw smiled sheepishly, still surprised by the words that had tumbled out of his mouth. His embarrassed smile melted into a warm, confident one, love shining fiercely in his eyes, mirroring Feathertail’s own gaze. Crowpaw looked away slowly, to the stars above.

“Hey, look!” Crowpaw gasped. “Look at the sky!”

Feathertail gazed up to the night, and saw three silvery streaks painted across the air, like glowing trails of liquid moon. Shooting stars! She purred, cuddling up to Crowpaw. Crowpaw purred too, and Feathertail could feel the vibrations in his chest as he did so, throbbing and buzzing against her own floof. Crickets chirped around them and frogs croaked, the night was warm and pleasant and despite the looming danger of the destruction of the forest, Feathertail had never felt more content.

“We’re like the shooting stars, Crowpaw. Our love lights up the sky, burning brighter than ever before.”

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To Cinderpaw/spark

To Specklepaw/leaf

To Flamecloud

To Snakewing

“Hi Snakewing! Hope you have a great day and a happy holiday! This is kinda bad :p, but I hope you like it! YOU ARE AMAZING! -Raggedpelt :D”

To Swanfeather

To Briardawn (Ria)

To Loneheart

“Dear Loneheart, Merry Christmas – I hope you have a wonderful time! I enjoyed making your gift, especially the sunset which was satisfying to do, and I hope you like it! 😀 You’re a great friend and the Blog is very lucky to have you. – Your Buddy”

To Turtlepaw/dapple

To Blossomtail

To Flintpaw/blaze

To Rabbitpaw/flame

To Pinestripe

To Raggedpelt

To Dovestream
“Doves are beautiful and graceful
Streams are quiet and peaceful
You are all of these things and more, including…
In all, you’re a pretty amazing person. I hope you have the happiest of holidays, you certainly deserve it!”

To Snailpaw/moth

To Snowpaw/storm

To Bluepaw/moon

To Bluebellsponge

Bluebell, we adore you!
ovely person
xtremely kind
veryone is glad you’re here!

To Blossompaw/rose

To Cheetahheart
“Very Happy Holidays Cheery! I hope you like the little thing I made for you 🙂

You’re such an amazing, wonderful, kind and creative person, and I wish you all the best for the holidays and for the New Year!”

To Snowbreeze

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To Wolflight

“Merry christmas, wolflight !! have a very merry christmas and a great year !!”

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To Coldheart

To Moonspirit

“The moon soars high overhead;
In the river, the sunlight bled,
Til the flowers close their drooping eyes
And magic fills the purple skies.

The moon gazes down, down below
To people amazed by its glow —
Its smile, singing of happiness,
Of love, of hope, of tenderness.

The moon travels through the dark night
Filling the darkness with soft light;
Reminding us, wherever we are,
That we’re not alone, the world stretches far.

The moon gazes plaintively at the stormy sea,
At its reflection — flickering, dancing, free.
It longs to be down there, for joy, for motion!
A single teardrop falls into the ocean.

The sun waves its hand from the brightening sky;
The moon knows it has to say good-bye.
As a wave reaches up to touch the fading moon,
It replies, softly, I’ll be back soon.”

To Cloverkit/flame

To Starpaw/leap

I gaze up at the sky
Stars glitter overhead,
Oh how beautiful, how beautiful they are

Cold claws grip me
The night is nigh
I feel at peace

Ocean waves are lapping at my paws, whispering in my ears…

Starpaw takes a running leap –
Will she soar, or will she fall?
The shadows reach their fleshless hands out to her, calling.. ”Starpaw, Starpaw,”

She soars..
She is free!
Free as the wind,
Restless as the tide..

Some say they can hear her voice in their ears,
Others say they can see her in the sky, watching over them in the form of a glittering star..

”You made it Starpaw.. soar now and be free”

To Wolfgaze

“A secret page personalized for you, Wolfgaze! Happy gift exchange and Meowry Christmas!”

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To Fidgetypaw/splash

“I hope you like it, Fidget!”

To Eggpaw/snake

To Blackpaw/shade

“To Blackie,
Hi! I’m Minty! I just wanted to say, have a merry Christmas and happy new year! I love your arts and I hope one day I can draw like you. BlogClan will never be the same without you! Have a wonderful day!!!
From, Minty <3″

To Poppypaw/sky

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To Meadowpaw/poppy

“Happy holidays! Hope you like ur gift 😀

 ~ Seakit/whisker (Seala)”

To Frostpaw

“Happy Holidays Frostpaw! Whatever you celebrate, I hope it goes awesome and amazing!!!!! I hope you like your gift <3333 -Lilypaw/fox (Foxi)”

To Tansypool

To Emberstream

To Eagleflight

To Leafleap

To Nightpaw/wish

To Jaypaw

‘Jaypaw lay sprawled on the soft green grass feeling as if she didn’t have a care in the world but unfortunately she did. As the only apprentice in the clan it was her job to take care of all the elders. Except on one day of the year on the 25th day of the 12th moon that was called Christmas. The one day of the year when borders don’t matter, when cats from all 5 clans can go on each other’s territories and that one day was tomorrow. Jaypaw had know idea how Christmas worked except that it was created by the legendary Skyclan leader Larkstar. Jaypaw wished that all the clans could live in peace like they did on Christmas but that wasn’t possible. The day dragged on like usual and Jaypaw was fed up with all the elders’ complaints like usual. The next day Jaypaw set out at dawn getting a couple of travel herbs from the medicine den and onto riverclan territory before he was supposed to. Jaypaw trekked through windclan territory stopping once or twice when windclan warriors stopped him and soon he reached the other side of the grassy moors. She didn’t have to walk far when a voice stopped her, “Hello?”’

To Bouncepaw

“Hi Bouncepaw! You’re an amazing Blogclanner and all your comments are always so kind! You are…
Brilliant Blogclanner!
Amazing Artist!
Happy New Year! And I wish you happy holidays!! :D”

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To Solarflame

To Icepaw/pelt

To Firemoon

To Spottedpaw/stream

“Hello Spottedpaw! I really hope you enjoy the drawing I made of you. Happy holidays and I hope you enjoy your day so much!”

To Willowpaw/song

To Twistedpaw/storm

To Falconstorm

To Mosskit/fire

To Frogpaw/storm

To Hollykit/frost

“happy holidays! i hope you enjoy this collage of sketches i have done these past few days and weeks that i hope brings a smile to your face. sorry if they aren’t holiday themed or just one completed drawing but i hope you like them”.

To Blueflower (Potato)

To Midnightcacoon

To Briarpaw/cloud

To Peakspots

“Happy holidays, Peakspots! 😀 I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. I apologize for not having the time to make a more detailed gift. I truly appreciate your presence and energy on the blog and you seem like an awesome person. I hope you have a great new year. 🙂

~ Goldi”

To Lilypearl

To Ivymoon

To Blueheart

To Reedpaw/wish

To Rainypaw/tail

To Ospreymist

“Hello, Osprey! You’ve always seemed so sweet and kind and supportive and amazing and a lot of other adjectives that I can’t remember, so thank you for that! You always go out of your way to be a light in others lives, and I really appreciate it.”

To Mountainpaw/storm

To Riverleap

To Lionesspaw/fire

“Hi! I hope you enjoy your gift! I drew your purrsona with some music notes since you like music, and I gave them a collar with the colors of some winter holidays often celebrated in the United States: Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays! C:”

To Firepaw/stream

To Slothscale (Slothie)

Drawn with base
Drawn with base

To Redblaze

To Darkwing

To Viperfrost

“hi viper ur cool c:”

To Lilybreeze

To Lilypaw/light

To Dawnspirit/Snowdrift

To Rabbitpaw/fur

To Minkpaw/pelt

To Emberblossom

To Lilypaw/fox

Moonblaze padded into the gift-giving clearing, pausing in wonder at the multitude of cats before her. It was a perfect winter day, with soft flakes of snow falling from the sky. The bright red Santa hat that she was wearing to match her red scarf rustled as she walked. She looked around for Foxi, for that was whom she was giving her gift to. The excited murmurs of cats receiving presents reached her ears, and she hoped that hers would be good enough. She spotted a small gray cat winding through the crowd and rushed over to her. She accidentally stumbled though, causing a spray of snow to fall on Foxi. The two cats looked at each other and purred. Moonblaze got up, shaking light flakes of snow off herself. “Sorry Foxi!” Moon purred, looking the smaller cat over. “Are you ok?” Foxi smiled and said, “No, you’re fine Moon! I’m looking for my buddy. Want to help?” Moon purred. “Actually, you’ve found her! I hope you like my gift.” Moon smiled at Foxi, hoping that she had done a good job, and that it was a good Christmas gift. She handed over a small piece of paper tied with a bright red ribbon. Foxi unwrapped the ribbon…

To Freekit/flame

To Mintypaw/sky

Life, love, and laughter.
They become rolled into one
In the holidays.

The gray and white cat
Reads to the beat of Kpop
Moment is perfect

Friends and family
They come from near and far now
For the holidays.

Mint scents fill the air
The song of BTS rings
Smooth like Butter right?

All of BlogClan sings
The choirs and choruses
Through the holidays

“I hope you enjoy Minty!”

To Dandelionleaf

To Pearpaw/leaf

To Vanillapaw/spark

To Willowpaw/feather

To Mint Leaf That Dances In The Wind (Mintpaw)

“Dear Mintpaw,
I am Slothscale, and my gift to you is . . . my friendship! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but think of all it entails! If you need to know something and Google is a bust, I can help! If you’re sad and need hugs, I’ll be there! If you need ideas, I’m like a living idea generator! Anything you need, I will assist. It’s what friends do! I’m sorry I couldn’t give you anything more. But maybe this will do? I hope we can be BlogClan buddies. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Festive Everything! I hope you get everything you wish for this year, and every year too!
From, a new friend,”

To Fleckedpaw/minnow

To Fawnspots

“Have a very merry Christmas Fawnspots!!!”

To Petalpaw/love

“Happy holidays, Petalpaw! I drew you a very special picture of your purrsona with the constellations in the background because of your affinity for the night sky! I made it so it can fit as an icon for you too. I hope you enjoy your gift, and know that you are an amazing, kind, valued member of the blog! From Brambleheart”

To Brambleheart

“Happy new year, Brambleheart! 😀

 I hope you like what I drew for you, and thank you for giving me a chance to look at images of Dr. Strange’s cape, I didn’t even realize how majestic it was!”

To Strawberrypaw/breeze

To Rosepaw/frost

To Rainpaw/song

To Flerkenpaw

To Nightpaw/wind

To Moonblaze

“When you said you liked the Greatest Showman, this image just popped into my head, and I hope you like it! You’re an incredible person, and I wish you nothing but the best this holiday season!”

To Fallowheart

“I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season so far Juju! Thank you for being a welcoming and amazing member of the Blog, and I hope you like the little artwork I made for you!”

To Wolfpaw/blaze

“Hi Wolfpaw! I hope you like the little corgi I drew for you, even though it isn’t your purrsona 🙂 You’re such an amazing person and BlogClan member, and I hope that to have a fantabulous holiday season!!”

To Sunny Cat

To Blizzardpaw/lily

To Stormpaw/flurry

To Falling Feather/Driftingspots

To Drizzlepaw/drop

To Scorchflower

To Batpaw

To Bramblefire

“Hi Bramb! I hope you like the gift, and sorry the colours aren’t the best- my pencil set doesn’t have many browns so I tried blending colours! I wish you a very happy holidays! – Your Buddy”

To Coffepaw/cotton

“Hi Coffeepaw! I hope you like your gift, it’s a little small since I didn’t have the most time on my paws, but if you’d like to request anything in the new year, I’d be more than happy to draw it for you. 🙂 -Your Buddy”

To Nettlepaw/tail

To Lynxheart

To Dowon

“Hey! Hope you have a very merry christmas this year, Dowon!! (hope i got the chocolate calico right :P”

To Pebblerose

You actually have two gifts! 🙂

“Happy Holidays Peb! I hope you like the drawing, I had a lot of fun doing it! I also hope Lola looks okay because I’ve never drawn an anthro before! I wish you a very happy holidays! – Your Buddy”

To Moonbreeze

“AU where ur a famous figure skater, and of course obligatory six of crows reference <3 love u, i know this is going to be your year.”

To Whiskerpaw

To Kestikit/heart

To Topazpaw/mouse

To Smokeflower

To Springpaw/tail

To Rottenspot

To Heartpaw/shine

To Frostpaw/shine

“Happy holidays, Frost! 🙂 I hope you had an awesome holiday season and have a great new year! You seem like such a kind and caring person and it’s always nice to see you around the blog.

~ Goldi”

To Mojo

“Happy holidays, Mojo! 😀 I’ve known you for a long time and you have always been such a great person and friend. You’re kind, considerate, welcoming, and more. I’d love to talk more in the new year and I’m so very glad to know you. 🙂

~ Goldi”

To Gracepaw/blossom

“Happy holidays, Grace! 😀 I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. I hope you like this wolf rendition of your purrsona. I have rarely drawn wolves, so hopefully I captured it alright! Have a great new year. 🙂

~ Goldi”

To Larkfeather

“Happy holidays, Lark! 😀 I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and enjoy this gift! I always enjoy seeing you around the blog and you seem like a great person. Have a great new year! 🙂

~ Goldi”

To Tallpaw/hawk

“Happy holidays, Tall! 🙂 I hope you enjoy this quick snake sketch I did with some of your favorite colors. I haven’t drawn many snakes 😛 It’s always nice to see you around the blog and you seem like an absolutely awesome person. 🙂 Have a good new year!

~ Goldi”

To Bright/Minnowkit

“Happy holidays, Bright! 😀 I hope I got your purrsona right, I wasn’t quite sure about the flecks and have rarely drawn bangs, so hopefully those were captured alright! 🙂 Have a fantastic new year!

~ Goldi”

To Shimmerpaw/mist

“Happy holidays, Shimmer! 😀 I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and have a great new year! It’s great to have you on the blog and I’m always happy to see you. 🙂

~ Goldi”

To Wolfpaw

“Happy holidays, Wolf! 😀 I hope you had a fabulous holiday season! I hope I got your purrsona right, I made up the eye color since I couldn’t find what it was. 🙂 Have an amazing new year!

~ Goldi”

To Amberleaf

To Sandpaw/frost

To Goldenfawn




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